Transcoder Cluster DTV-Hardware Transcoding Cluster System

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Transcoder Cluster  DTV-Hardware Transcoding Cluster System

SUMAVISION transcoding cluster system is divided into File stranscoding system and Real-time streams transcoding system. SUMAVISION Multi-screen File transcoding cluster system provides the current main stream encoding format and packaging format plus flexible subtitle insertion function, cantranscode from any suitable video files into the required file format. Adopting self-developedcodec algorithm to ensure the high quality picture, and also effectively reduce the transmission bandwidth and storage space.

multi-screen real time streams encoding and transcoding cluster system can realize the live stream video and audio encoding transcoding, packaging, publishing, support for multi-terminal playing plus the flexible subtitle insertion functions;satisfy various operators with diversified requirements, not only help operators to save bandwidth resources, but also provideusers with a better quality viewing experience.

File transcoding system

Encoding&Transcoding Format
• Encoding: H.264, WMV, MPEG-2/4
• Decoding: MPEG-2/4, H.264, H.263, WMV
• Support ultra-HD(4096 * 2160),1080P, 720P, D1, CIF, QCIF, QVG A resolution and other user-defined resolution
• Encoding: AAC-LC, HE-AAC, AC3, E-AC3, MP1/MP2/MP3
• Decoding: AAC-LC, HE-AAC, AC3, E-AC3, MP1/MP2/MP3, DTS, Dolby TrueHD
Performance and Interface
• Concurrency 8 SD files with double speed transcoding or 3 HD files with 1.2 speed transcoding.
• Support from same one source transcode to different transcoding parameters and encapsulation format output
• Gigabit IP port: 2(Up to 6)
• TS,MPG,MP4,3GP,FLV,AVI,WMV,MKV,M2TS,MOV,VOB,RMVB,MP3,WMA,MXF, MXP, etc. Video file package format
• 3D Input sources, Blu-ray DVD input
• multiple video tracks, multi-input audio tracks
• File acquisition supports FTP, UNC, etc.
• 3GP, MP4, FLV, TS, HLS, WMV, MPG, etc. video files package format, support 3D output
• Support multiple vide otracks and multiple audio track selection
• Support pure video, audio-only output
• Support FTP, UNC uploadfrom a remote destination address

Real-time streams transcoding cluster system

Encoding&Transcoding Format
• Encoding:H.264,WMV,MPEG-2,AVS,AVS+,MVC-3D
• Decoding:MPEG-2/4,H.264,H.263,WMV, MVC-3D
• Encoding:AAC-LC,HE-AAC,AC3,E-AC3,MP1/MP2/MP3
• Decoding:AAC-LC,HE-AAC,AC3,E-AC3, MP1/MP2/MP3
Performance and Interface
• 1U device supports 12 SD (720 * 576), 3 HD (1080P) programs real-time stream transcoding output
• 2U device Supports up to 48 SD(720 * 576), 12 HD (1080P) programs real-time stream transcoding output.
• Support homologous multi-rate, multi- package format output
• Support 1080P, 720P, D1, CIF, QCIF, QVGA, and other user-defined resolution
• Optional SDI / HDSDI / ASI Input: 4 or 8 channels;
• Gigabit IP network port:2(Up to 6)
• Live Streaming: TS Over IP,TS Over RTP,MMS
• support unicast, multicast,support IPv6,IGMP v3
• IP Output: TS Over IP, TS Over RTP, HLS, RTMP / FLV, RTSP/3GP, ASF, HTTP FLV, Smooth Streaming .etc mainstream streaming protocols


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Q:Cable TV set-top boxes have paid, but show no authorization, how should I do?
Simple, make a phone call to customer service, you open the set-top box, he authorized you to accept, estimated that the last licensing time, you power off. It might also be smart for you, and plug in once, at boot.
Q:How do you change the original digital TV set-top box remote control to a new one?
According to the learning button, and so on, the red light from weak to long bright, and then by learning the remote control need to learn the key, generally as long as learning power, TV/AV conversion key, volume add and subtract can be. Wait for the red light to go off three.
Q:After the TV set top box is restored, the factory can not see the live broadcast. How can I do that? Thank you
1, network set-top boxes need to install third party live broadcast software to watch live, such as VST aggregate polymerization, film and television fast search, TV cat, when shellfish, dragon live broadcast and so on;2, installation method: use U disk in the computer Baidu search download live software apk. Then insert the U disk into the set-top box USB interface, read the software APK, click and install, and then open the app to use.
Q:There are set-top boxes, AV, TV switch, how do?
Attached: the function of the "AV/TV" key is as follows:1, the current TV in analog TV status, then press the "TV/AV" button, it will switch to the status of set-top boxes.2, the current TV set top box status, then press the "TV/AV" button, it will switch to analog TV status.Because TV is the default analog TV, usually after setting up set-top boxes, press the button to make TV digital tv.
Q:What does the color of the set-top box TV connection mean?
Colors are easy to distinguish. The average yellow represents the video line, the red white insert the left and right audio.
Q:Is not owed, or cards have problems, pull out the card, re insert, try
You go to the system settings, the remote control type to all, and then click OK, the system settings password is 4321, nothing, do not go to the system settings inside chaos.
Q:How to get set-top box remote control learning
First, press the setting button on the top of the set-top box remote control for 3 seconds, the indicator light turns green (different brand, indicator light color is not the same). Put the remote control of the set-top box, remote control and TV set on front end 3-5mm.Then press the power button on the original TV remote control, now the new set-top box remote control indicator lights red, and then press the power button on the set-top box remote control, the indicator light turns green. Other sound keys, AV keys, are set in one-to-one correspondence with the same method.Finally, after setting all the buttons, do not take any action, and then the green indicator on the remote control will be set off successfully..I'm using ZTE's set-top box. Other brands operate roughly the same.Hope to help you
Q:How can I adjust the TV for the set-top box remote control?
You need to connect the remote control of the set-top box with the remote control of the TV set before you can control the TV set. The remote general set-top box has the television area, said the remote controller with learning function, remote control, TV and docking can learn, you can use the remote docking set-top box and set-top box and TV control. General docking method is as follows:1 press the settings button of the set-top box remote control for about 2 seconds. Wait until the red light is long and then release the settings button. At this time the remote control is on standby.2, the infrared emitter TV remote controller and a set-top box remote controller, TV remote control, press the standby button, the set-top box remote indicator will flash, then press the set-top box remote learning area of the standby button, the indicating lamp will become constant light, said the top the box has completed the standby button TV remote learning;3, and then you can install the above method of operation, learning TV remote control on other keys, such as volume keys, channel keys, etc..4, all keys to learn successfully, press the set-top box remote control settings button, you can quit the learning state;5, then the user can use the set-top box remote control on the TV button to control the TV, such as press the standby button to enable the TV to enter the standby state, press the volume key to adjust the volume of the TV, etc..
Q:Beijing Gehua cable set-top box size allotted?
There are many kinds of set-top boxes. There are two kinds that are widely used: 1, standard length, 25cm width, 20cm height, 5cm2, HD long 40cm, wide 25cm, high 5cm
Q:Modern TV set-top boxes to remind the upgrade announcement
Recently, SARFT's "despot" clause banned television applications, causing public indignation netizens counter attack. The bottom of the article is attached to the solution:San November 16th news, there have been user feedback, its box live software can not be used. Tmall's box responded that, in order to strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the State Administration of radio, and other relevant departments decided to upgrade the system in November 15, 2015. After the upgrade, the State Administration of radio, film and television announced the first 81 illegal applications of third parties will be screened. Including China Unicom's bundled box, including the original in order to lure users to install boxes, under the name of a variety of official, and even some areas prohibit users install other boxes, and now is the same, banned by radio and television. Each brand box also issued "stop service upgrade announcement"",

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