MMA200 MMA250 ZX7200D 250D 315D 400D IGBT Inverter MMA Welding Machine

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MMA250 IGBT Inverter MMA Welding Machine

Quick Details

· Condition: New

· Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name: OEM

· Model Number:ZX7200DL/250DL/315DL/400DL

· Arc Current: 30-200/250/315/400A

· Pulse Frequency: 50-60HZ

· Rated Duty Cycle: 60%

· Motor Type: DC Motor

· Dimensions: 280*125*195

· Usage: Equipment Installation of power plant,Construction and Steel Erection

· Certification: CE

· Warranty: 12months

· After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available

· Certificate: ISO9001:2008

· authentication: CCC

· Approved: CE

MMA200 MMA250 ZX7200D/250D/315D/400D IGBT Inverter MMA Welding Machine


1.The most advanced IGBT inverter technology and high-quality IGBT single-transistor, faster dynamic response, strong welding output current
2.Three preventions (waterproof, dustproof, anti-wind erosion) wind tunnel designed to improve the reliability of electronic components within the welding machine and duty cycle
3.Stable performance, with the function of voltage fluctuations automatic compensation
With thrust compensation, adjustable thermal arc current, digital display of welding current, machine control, remote current adjustment function
Widely used in petroleum pipelines, chemical, automotive, shipbuilding, boiler, electrical construction, nuclear power, aerospace, military, industrial installation, bridge construction and other industries and field working

Technical Parameter

product Type

ZX7200 DL


ZX7315 DL


Rated input voltage (V)





Input power frequency (HZ)





Welding current adjustment range (A)





Rated output voltage (V)





Thrust current





Rated duty cycle (%)





Power Factor





Efficiency (%)





Enclosure protection class





Insulation class





Dimension L × W × H (mm)





Weight (KG)





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Q:What is DC arc welding machine?
Also called arc welding arc welding transformer, is a kind of special transformer, the network voltage alternating current into low voltage alternating current suitable for welding, which is composed of the main transformer and the required adjustment part and indicating device etc.. Arc welding machine has three kinds of moving iron core, body type and moving coil type. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, easy fabrication, easy maintenance, low cost and high efficiency. But the current waveform is sine wave output, AC decline characteristics, arc stability, low power factor, but the magnetic blow phenomenon rarely, no load loss, generally used in manual arc welding, submerged arc welding and TIG welding method.
Q:How can argon welding be used to weld copper material? What do you need to have? Is the argon arc welding machine OK?
Because of its fast heat dissipation, it needs preheating before welding and filling with high current. It is better to weld with AC and DC welding machines, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminium, tin, copper and nickel, etc. the direct current welding of ferrous metals, that is, ordinary steel pipes, steel plates, etc., is not required.
Q:Reallink Christie and argon arc welding machine which is good, what are the advantages
The two are produced by a factory. Now called Christie.
Q:Can argon arc welding machine be used as DC welding machine?
That depends on what machine, general DC arc welding is negative, when the welding torch use, positive when the ground wire. You can use it in the opposite direction, but it doesn't work well.
Q:How is the direct connection and reverse connection of the direct current arc welding machine? On what occasions are they used?
By using the direct current connection method, the workpiece is connected to the anode. Because the temperature in the anode zone is higher than that in the cathode zone, the workpiece is deep melted and the welding rod melts slowly. It is suitable for welding the workpiece with thicker thickness.When the DC reverse connection is used, the welding rod meets the anode, and the welding rod melts faster, while the workpiece has a lower melting depth. This method of arc is relatively stable, and it is difficult to generate hydrogen pores. Suitable for welding thin steel plate, nonferrous metal, stainless steel, surfacing welding and welding of basic welding rod.
Q:Can argon arc welding machine be changed into two welding machine?
Tolerable。Argon arc welding machine can not be replaced by two welding, both of which are different from inner structure.Argon arc welding is a kind of welding technology using argon gas as protective gas. Also called argon gas shielded welding. That is, argon shielded gas is applied around the arc welding, and the air is separated from the welding zone to prevent the oxidation of the welding zone.Argon arc welding technology is based on the principle of arc welding on using argon protection for metal welding, the welding material in high current to be welded on the substrate is melted into liquid form of molten pool, the metal to be welded and welding welding technology to achieve a metallurgical combination, due to the high temperature melting on argon welding continuous feeding in the welding material can not contact with oxygen in the air, thereby preventing the material oxidation, therefore can welding stainless steel, iron metal hardware.Two welding process is suitable for low carbon steel and low alloy high strength steel of various large steel structure welding, the welding of high productivity, good crack resistance, small welding deformation, adapt to the deformation range, can be thin and medium thick plate welding.
Q:What do you mean by "ground arc" of argon arc welding machine? Is it because it doesn't arc or is it connected directly to the ground to prevent electric shock?
Some of the ground wires come from the positive electrode, some from the negative electrode, and the electrodes are marked or referenced. The electrodes are directly connected to the welded metal objects before welding.
Q:AC and DC pulse square wave argon arc welding machine operation method?
This problem can be formed in many ways1. the current is too small2. argon is insufficient or not opened3., the input power line is too small or too long, resulting in insufficient flow4. switch improper adjustment, according to the material needs spot welding, or to blow welding, tune 2T or 4T function [various welding machine function is different, look at several instructions]5., the main problem is more experience, practice there is a touch, and more advice to the bottom of the master6. uniform solder joint without welding wire welding conditions can keep gold. Blue. A word is passed to any white when mixed to 6000 to 1W.RMB per month.7., you choose this function of welding machine is still very wise, two words easy to use...
Q:The difference between AC argon arc welding machine and DC welder
The difference between AC argon arc welding machine and DC welder:1, DC TIG welding, the DC positive connection with argon gas protection, with between the electrode and the welding arc in certain requirements (welding current), heating and melting of the parent material, adding wire wire to melt into the molten pool, the formation of weld cooling.In addition, 2 pulse argon arc welding, DC TIG welding specification, can independently adjust the peak current, base current, pulse width, pulse period or frequency parameters, compared with DC argon arc welding has the following advantages:(1) increasing the depth to width ratio of the weld, the width of the weld can be increased to 2:1 when the stainless steel is welded(2) to prevent burning, in the thin plate welding or thick plate backing welding, with the peak current through the time, the weldment is welded through, before the pool obvious subsidence, go to the base value current, make the metal solidification. Also, there is a small current to maintain the arc until the next peak current is circulating.(3) reducing the heat affected zone and welding the heat sensitive material, reducing the pulse current through the time and the base current value can reduce the range of the heat affected zone to the minimum, so that the welding deformation is small.(4) increase the stirring of the molten pool, at the same average current value, current value than a constant current high current pulse peak, so the arc force, strong mixing effect, which helps to reduce joint at the bottom of the hole and may not fusion phenomenon. In small current welding, the higher pulse current peak current enhances the arc stiffness and eliminates the arc drift phenomenon.
Q:Panasonic argon arc welding machine VS Miller argon arc welding machine which is good?
In general, it must be Miller's good, Panasonic is a small Japanese things, favorite Jerry built, you look at the car to know, sheet iron is the thinnest in the country

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