WSE-400-1 Thyristor Control AC DC Pulse TIG Welder

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Product Description:

WSE-400-1 Thyristor Control AC/DC Pulse TIG Welder

Quick Details

· Condition: New

· Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name:  OEM

· Model Number: TIG 400-1

· Dimensions: 663*463*859mm

· Weight: 168KGS

· Usage: boiler fabrication, pipeline installation, stainless steel, aluminium

· Voltage: 3-380V+-10%

· Certification: CCC

· color: Gray


1. Suitable for welding Al, Mg, Cu, alloy, stainless steel, Ti alloy, steel etc.

2. Pulse welding function accomplish excellent welding quality. It has great power in welding dissimilar metals, different thickness and clearance and it is easy to weld sheet metals’ Edge joint and lap joint and it has great welding performance in overhead welding and vertical weld.

3. Adopt AC TIG welding, which can balance the “+,- half-wave” by adjusting clearing width.

4. Suitable for welding Al, Mg, Cu, and the other alloy material with best welding performance.

5. It has crater filling function. With this function, it can fill the crater after start welding and end welding in the top.  

6. Convenient for adjusting argon arc spot welding time.

7. Excellent performance in pulse and end arc together.

8. Overheat protection and water pressure deficit protection, higher reliability.

Technical Parameter




Rated Input Voltage(V)



Rated Input Power(kV/A)



No-Load Voltage(V)







Output Current Range(A)







Rated Duty Cycle (%)



External Size L*W*H (mm)



Weight (kg)



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Q:Used welding machine welder, argon arc welding machine for sale
What type? How much do you want to sell? If the price is right, I'll consider purchasing
Q:That type of inverter, pulse argon arc welding machine is easy to use
The end of all domestic calf, you can learn to understand the unit pulse argon arc welding machine
Q:What gas does argon arc welding machine use?
Argon gas arc welding machine, the most commonly used inert gas is argon. It is colorless and odorless. The air content is 0.935% (by volume), the boiling point of argon 186 C between boiling point between oxygen and helium. Argon is a by-product of oxygen production by liquid oxygen from an oxygen plant.Bottled argon is used for welding in China and the filling pressure is 15MPa at room temperature. The cylinder is painted with gray paint and marked "argon". The chemical composition of pure argon requirements: Ar = 99.99%; He = 0.01%; O2 = 0.0015%; H2 = 0.0005%; the total amount of carbon less than 0.001%; the water is less than or equal to 30mg/m3.Argon is an ideal protective gas density than air in 25%, is conducive to the protection of welding arc welding, reduce the consumption of protective gas. Argon is a chemically inert gas that does not react with metals even at high temperatures, without alloy oxidation, burning, and a range of problems. Argon is also insoluble in liquid metals and hence does not cause pores. Argon is a monatomic gas that exists in an atomic state and has no molecular decomposition or atomic absorption at high temperature. The specific heat and heat conduction capacity of argon are small, that is to say, the amount of absorption is small, the heat to the outside is less, the heat in the arc is not easy to dissipate, the welding arc is stable and the heat concentration is concentrated, which is beneficial to the welding.The disadvantage of argon is that the ionization potential is higher. When the arc space is full of argon, the arc ignition is difficult, but once the arc is ignited, it is very stable.
Q:Can argon arc welding machine be used as cutting machine?
May not。Argon arc welding can not be used as plasma cutting machine. It is also impossible to weld the parent metal with tungsten.
Q:What are the differences between an electric welder and an arc welder?
Lies in an AC dc. Arc welding can protect oxygen from inert gas. It can weld thinner construction.
Q:Can the inverter DC argon arc welding machine weld aluminum?
It's better to buy an AC argon arc welding machine
Q:When argon arc welding, the old arc is what causes the current to be smaller, so the arc begins when the gear is turned up!
Did you open or adjust the pulse switch, and try several times, you will know
Q:Making stainless steel burglarproof window, what argon arc welding machine is used?
Inverter type, small size, light weight, easy to start arc, thrust control, easy to operate
Q:How can common argon arc welding machine weld aluminum?
If there is no requirement for the welding seam, it is better to use AC argon arc welding machine instead of direct current reverse welding.
Q:Inverter type argon arc welding machine can not be welded without squeaking sound
The gun line of positive and negative power supply is broken.

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