MIG200 250 250F Inverter Gas-Shielded Welding Machine

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Product Description:

MIG200/250/250F Inverter Gas-Shielded Welding Machine

· Condition: New

· Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

· Brand Name: OEM

· Model Number: MIG200/270/250F

· Dimensions:500*263*430/510*273*440/505*203*375MM

· Weight: 25/26.5/18KGS

· Usage: Auto Repair, Machining, Steel Doors & Windows, Steel Furniture, etc

· Certification: CE; ISO9001:2008; CCC

· Color: orange


· 1. IGBT inverter technology, up to 30KHZ, uniquely controlled, high reliability, light weight;

· 2. Closed loop feedback, output constant voltage, electric reactance controlled, welding steady;

· 3. MMA/TIG function can be added;

· 4. Switching frequency is out of audio frequency, which almost eliminate noise;

· 5. MIG250FL wire feeder is separated, operation range is wider.

Technical Parameters

· Model




Rated Input Voltage(V)




Rated Input Capacity(KVA)MMA/TIG




Rated Output Current(A)




Rated Output Voltage(V)




No-load Voltage(V)




Duty Cycle(%)




Welding Wire Diameter(MM)




Wire Feeder Style




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Q:What is the straight line mark on an argon arc welding machine?
A straight line is an ordinary DC output gear. The the Great Wall icon is the AC square pulse output chart. 2T is the switch on the welding torch, manual control welding machine switch. 4T is automatic welding without welding gun switch control.
Q:Wsm-160 type DC pulse argon arc welding machine, welding function is normal, argon arc welding can not arc
The problem is one of several 12V relays on the circuit board. After the power is switched on, the switch of the gun is pressed, and it is known by the multimeter.
Q:Excuse me: how about the power of 315 DC arc welding machine?
It depends on how much current work you use, the 315 welding machine in general election 100A--250A, work voltage of 38V, three welders work at the same time the maximum power: 250*38*3=31 kW, select 35 kilowatts of generators enough.
Q:How can argon arc welding machine weld aluminum?
DC argon arc welding machine is not welding aluminum, with DC argon arc welder, welding of aluminum can, to communicate with, if you need to pass beautiful with DC argon arc welder with pulse welding sheet, do not fill the thick aluminum wire, you need to fill in the aluminum wire.
Q:What brand of argon arc welding machine is of good quality?
To solder aluminum, the general welding machine or model is difficult to achieve good welding effect, technical requirements are higher. Still, this time choose Aotai welding quality and relatively high visibility. As for those small cards do not suggest that you buy, generally difficult to effect, but also delay the construction period. Our factory has encountered such a situation, then buy the okuta welding machine, the welding quality and reliability are also good.
Q:What are the welding electrodes and argon arc welding machines used for welding machines?
Can if DC welder welding, welding rod is better, the minimum diameter of 2mm, can choose the austenitic stainless steel electrode, or ferritic stainless steel electrode, electrode size: 2, 2.5, 3.2, 4, 5; length: 200250300350400. current according to the size of the component selection.
Q:What kind of antifreeze is used in water-cooled argon arc welding machine in winter?
Anti freezing cooling fluid for automobile, it can be used in water cooled arc welding gun in winter.
Q:Can TIG series argon arc welding machine weld aluminum and can weld more thick aluminum?
Of course, welding aluminum, AC power is generally used, of course, if the welding amount is small, but also can use DC reverse method, the effect will be better, but tungsten is easy to burn, easy to spend. The direct current connection method is generally used in automatic TIG welding of aluminum. How thick can welding theory, in theory, manual welding using open gap multi-layer welding, can be welded about 12 millimeters maximum, single-layer welding about 4 mm.
Q:What's wrong with argon arc welding machines without high voltage output?
In the machine there is a high pressure spark, but the output is only low pressure, no high pressure, as long as the welding needle does not touch the iron, it will not flame. The ground wire and the welding torch line are all good, the screw will not loose, the argon gas is also normal.
Q:Argon arc welding machine is used to weld 1.0mm stainless steel plate welding machine. What is the current and what is the argon gas?
You can adjust the use of welding needle is the problem, to sharpen, flat welding, face to face, welding needle and porcelain mouth flat or concave into a little,When the welding angle is included, the welding needle protrudes 1 millimeters of the porcelain mouth, grasps the degree, and also releases the stuck gas before releasing the welding by pressing the hand switchWelding the workpiece again, the current can be a little bit bigger, 160A, a little bit, you will do it

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