BX6-B Series AC ARC Welder

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Top type transformer, step current adjustment fan cooling, high efficiency and safety


Compact, light, portable suitable for 


Instruction of BX6-B Series AC Arc Welder


Top type transformer, step current adjustment fan cooling, high efficiency and safety

Compact, light, portable suitable for home and small factory

We have two kinds of welder, one is aluminium, one is copper


BX6-B Series AC Arc Welder

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Q:What's the difference between WSM argon arc welding machine and TIG argon arc welding machine?
WSM argon arc welding machine is a pulse type, and TIG is common argon arc welding
Q:What is the cause of the no ignition in the DC argon arc welding machine?
Check the control switch and the circuit is short, if not, then look inside a gap is too large surface is clean. No problem, according to the line has been checked. Some welding machines are set up without air flow and arc free. If the arc striking device is striking the arc, check the gun belt.
Q:What's the difference between stainless steel cold welding machine and argon arc welding machine?
There must be some differences, but they are all argon arc welding. But there are changes on the program board.
Q:Bx6315 type AC arc welding machine, how to connect three-phase?
Input line: rnBX1-200 and 200A welding machine, can be connected to a fire line, a zero line. You can also connect the 380V FireWire, any two of them. rn BX1-200 above welding machine, connect to any of the two phases in 380V. rn output line: rnBX series AC welding machine, the welding wire and the ground wire are not separated, anyway, at the output end, each of the two output ports is connected at any end
Q:Wsm-160 type DC pulse argon arc welding machine, welding function is normal, argon arc welding can not arc
Ignition can indicate that the welder is good. Replace the torch with the ground wire. It's ok.
Q:Which is good for mould argon arc welding machine Ws and TIG?
WS easy to useTIG refers to low-power tungsten arc welding such as TIG-160, TIG180, TIG-200 and so on. Civil small batch work can be used.WS refers to the power of non consumable (Wu Ji) inert gas shielded arc welding, argon can be used, you can also use other inert gas, power, multi-function, used for pipeline backing welding, pressure vessel welding backing, non-ferrous metal welding, or other important structures..
Q:How can the alternating current welding machine change the argon arc welding machine?
1, can be directly connected to the argon arc welding torch, of course, have to connect the gas road, the current to the desired position, the line of arc (that is, contact short circuit, arc), direct welding can be2, note: welding torch negative electrode
Q:Difference between inverter, pulse and Fang Bo argon arc welding machine
Just to be brief with you: WS ordinary argon arc welding, you welding is suitable. WSM: argon arc welding with many pulsed functions, which can be soldered to an automatic arm (pulse). Wsme: the argon arc welding of square wave function, using square wave welding aluminum oxide layer on the surface of the square wave (open aluminum oxide layer with high melting temperature, need to open the square wave, the internal aluminum low melting temperature)
Q:How much electricity does an argon arc welding machine use in a day?
Look, how do you use it?
Q:The difference between AC argon arc welding machine and DC welder
The difference lies in the use of different welding and argon arc welding machine with gas tank, and DC welder need only electrical and conventional electrodes. Argon arc welding of metal material processing is very thin, and DC welding processing thickness less than 3MM material processing inconvenience. TIG welding wire electrode is disc type electrode. The different DC welder.
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Location Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Year Established 1995
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America3%
.South America3%
.Eastern Europe5%
.Southeast Asia12%
Mid East30%
.Eastern Asia5%
.Western Europe5%
.Central America3%
.Northern Europe3%
Southern Europe2%
.South Asia8%
Company Certifications Certificate of Conformity;Certificate of Conformity

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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
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