BX6-B Series AC ARC Welder

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Top type transformer, step current adjustment fan cooling, high efficiency and safety


Compact, light, portable suitable for 


Instruction of BX6-B Series AC Arc Welder


Top type transformer, step current adjustment fan cooling, high efficiency and safety

Compact, light, portable suitable for home and small factory

We have two kinds of welder, one is aluminium, one is copper


BX6-B Series AC Arc Welder

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Q:Can argon arc welding machine be welded directly with electrode?
Tolerable。There are some machines that are not available, that is, some lines are not connected.What is the difference between argon arc welding machine and electric welding machine?. Argon arc welding machine, after starting, press the gun to switch, there is high frequency and output voltage. The electric welding machine is that the output voltage is not high frequency after the switch on. If the argon arc welding machine is used as an electric welding machine, the high frequency arc starting part is switched off and the short starting switch is switched on.
Q:When argon arc welding, the old arc is what causes the current to be smaller, so the arc begins when the gear is turned up!
Broken arc welding voltage is too low to maintain arc.The current is small, the voltage is high, and the arc can be maintained. When the current is high, the voltage drops, and the arc is broken when it is too low.Generally speaking, the power shortage of the welder.
Q:How to use the arc welding machine?
Aluminum can focus on argon arc welding argon arc welding of Odin Wei, Wei Odin have special customer service and debugging
Q:What is the power of the BX1-315 AC arc welder?
BX1-315 AC arc welding machineBX1-315 adopts movable winding type high leakage reactance transformerAC arc welding machine adjusts the position of iron core by rotating handle, and stepless regulation currentWelding materials for hand welding machine: low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, low alloy steel, welding slag, butt welding, vertical weldingThe ambient temperature of BX1-315 is between -10 degrees C and 40 degrees CAC arc welding works at an altitude of not more than 1000MThe AC power supply voltage fluctuations in manual welding between the rated value + 10%The BX1-315 workplace wind below 1.5 meters / secProduct model:BX1-315Rated output current (A):Three hundred and fifteenInput input voltage (V):Three hundred and eightyFrequency (HZ):50/60Rated input capacity (KVA):Twenty-two point fiveNo load voltage (V):Seventy-sixRated load duration%:Thirty-fiveRated load voltage (V):Thirty-threeCurrent regulation range (A):60-315Use electrode diameter (MM):2.5-4Insulation level:FDifferent brands have some differences!!
Q:Does the inverter welder belong to argon arc welding?
The inverter and rectifier are two opposite concepts, rectifier is the AC transform into DC, and the inverter is the DC current change process, welding power inverter technique called inverter welder. The inverter process requires high power electronic switching devices, and the inverter with an insulated gate bipolar transistor IGBT as the switching device is called the IGBT inverter welder. The inverter welding and cutting equipment is composed of inverter power supply and external equipment. Inverter power supply is the main equipment of inverter welding and cutting equipment. Its operation is as follows: power frequency AC - DC - high frequency AC - DC - DC
Q:I can not ask TIG welding soldering iron?
Argon arc welding is argon shielded welding, mainly for the easy oxidation of metal welding.Not only welded stainless steel, but also steel, iron, aluminum and other good welding.
Q:What brand of argon arc welding machine is of good quality?
Salesman to answer, are deceptive, the market share of the most is the best.
Q:How much electricity does an argon arc welding machine use in a day?
Look, how do you use it?
Q:The difference and characteristics of AC arc welding machine and DC arc welding machine
Inverter DC argon arc welding machine is a non welding gas shielded welding machine. It uses argon as protective gas and tungsten needle as electrode welding machine. It mainly welds stainless steel, copper, magnesium and other insoluble metals. Inverter DC arc welding machine, welding machine DC welding by manual welding machine, it is not an ordinary DC welding machine AC arc welding machine. The price is more expensive.
Q:Argon arc welding machine does not arc, protection lamp is bright
When the machine is turned on, protect the light, or press the gun to protect the light. Boot protection light, MOS pipe may be broken. Just above the board. Turn on the gun and protect it. Maybe the rectifier diode is out of order. It is also possible that the transient diode is out of order. There is also the protection caused by leakage of high frequency. Take the place where the welder is repaired. It's not expensive to fix it in a small machine
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.Southeast Asia12%
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.Eastern Asia5%
.Western Europe5%
.Central America3%
.Northern Europe3%
Southern Europe2%
.South Asia8%
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