LGK8-40 63 100 160 Air Plasma Cutting Machine

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LGK8-40/63/100/160 Air Plasma Cutting Machine

Quick Details

· Condition: New

· Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name: OEM

· Model Number: LGK8-40

· Input Voltage: 3-380V+/-10%

· Rated Current: 40

· Dimensions: 70KGS

· Usage: Suitable for various rough pieces cutting, esp. for non-ferrous metal

· Certification: ISO9001:2008; CCC

· Color: Gray


1 A new cutting technology for metal materials

2 Melt and cut the materials with high temperature and high speed air plasma

3 Only compressed air and 3 Phases power supply, no need expensive gas to cut Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Aluminum, Copper, Nickel and Titanium, etc.

4 Cutting speed fast, cutting narrow, deformation less, materials saving and cost effective

Technical Parameter






Rated Input Voltage(V)





Rated Input Power(kV/A)





Rated Welding Voltage (V)





Rated Cutting Current(A)





Cutting thickness(mm)





Air Pressure (MPa)





Rated Duty Cycle (%)










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Q:What is the principle of using gas in argon arc welding machine fast?
First of all, your gas cylinder does not change too much. Whether the gas discharge welding machine controls or not depends on the size of the gas bottle. When welding, the argon gas transmission does not need to be too large, and a little bit of air will do;Check each section of the trachea is broken, the general welding torch of the two joints, as well as the middle often bent, or often foot of the place, easy to break, leak;If there is a delay gas switch, to extend the air. Had a little effect on the air.There's nothing else to look for!!!
Q:What kind of welding machine is better for argon arc welding stainless steel?
Model WS argon arc welding machine is very easy to use
Q:Two can welding machine be used as argon arc welding machine?
CO2 welding: two, welding, carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding.Argon arc welding is divided into two kinds: TIG tungsten argon arc welding, MIG melting argon arc welding.TIG welding is a welding process which uses non melting pole (tungsten electrode) as electrode, uses the arc heat energy between tungsten electrode and ground wire to heat the base metal and welding wire, melts welding wire and parent material to form welding seam. Two, welding can not be replaced.MIG welding: argon is used as protective gas and the wire type is selected according to the base metal. A welding process in which the electrode is electrically conductive and fused to fill the weld. Similar to two solder protection. The difference is that only the jet transition form is adopted. (two welding is suitable for short circuit transition, also suitable for jet transition). In general, two welding machines support the function of TIG welding.
Q:What does the base current and the peak current mean on an argon arc welding machine? How to adjust?
The range of the maximum no-load voltage is not good. The machine itself is set up
Q:How about wsme270 inverter square wave AC DC argon arc welding machine?
1. minimum welding current, from 5A, stable arc performance, welding thin, medium and thick plates;2. DC pulse argon arc welding is suitable for welding stainless steel, copper, titanium, carbon steel and other materials;3. AC can obtain the characteristics of vertical drop, the welding current waveform is a rapid zero square wave, is conducive to welding current and arc stability;4. AC argon arc welding is suitable for welding aluminum, aluminum alloy and other materials;5., by adjusting the pulse base time, the adjustment of the spray zone, the gas lag, turn off time are stepless adjustment, especially to meet the higher requirements of welding process;6. it has the functions of AC and DC argon arc welding, AC and DC pulsed argon arc welding, AC and DC manual general welding, AC and DC spot welding;7. welding current slow rise and decay functions to fill the crater arc, avoid cracks of weld.
Q:What is the power of the BX1-315 AC arc welder?
No more than 15Kw
Q:The argon arc welding machine ground wire will leak, what's the matter, looking for a long time can not find the reason, have been it several times
Your earth is not grounded, instructions should have positive ground requirements, if the ground, to see whether the welding poor insulation, ignition by high voltage pulse breakdown voltage protection gas ignition, about three thousand, is the General Electric will be pitted, not life-threatening
Q:Argon arc welding machine does not arc, ground wire, welding torch is normal, what's the matter?
Scratch, arc, can normal welding?Not repairCan increase the discharge gap.
Q:What is the earth wire for the argon arc welding machine?
Avoid electric shock. You should use a DC welder for bias arc. Because of the magnetic field, will certainly affect the molten iron and arc. No arc, please check the cleanliness of the workpiece. It is estimated that you are using a high pressure arc, it is possible that the tungsten level is too far away from the workpiece. It is possible that the arc striking part of the welding machine is not adjusted properly and that the adjustment is far away, but not too far so that it does not discharge
Q:Panasonic argon arc welding machine VS Miller argon arc welding machine which is good?
If you had used Mega Nick's machine, you would know what a good thing is

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