Tin Can Body Welding Machine

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tin can body welding machine


1) High quality Best service


2) Lower price


3) One year warranty


4) For square round can making




Precision Pneumatic single-run Spot Welding Machine is designed to wield the body of round tanks to its handles.


2.Main technical index


Production capability (cans per minute) ----------------------------- 25


Thickness of iron plate(mm)----------------------------------------- ≤0.5


Rated power(kw)--------------------------------------------------------- 25


Measurement(mm)--------------------------------------- 500×700×1350


Weight(kg)--------------------------------------------------------------- 300

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Q:What is the danger of hanging type spot welding (resistance welding) radiation to the human body? The power supply is 380V after the voltage change is below 36V and produces about 10000 Amperes
Arc welding in the frequency range of the infrared to the ultraviolet band, the photon energy in the range of 1 ~ 10eV (unit electron volts), photon energy directly determines the degree of damage effect of radiation on the human body, the photon frequency not ionizing radiation injury is very small, small enough to not specifically calculate it, but for a long time the contact is not good
Q:What is the cause of no welding current in AC spot welder?
The problem is various, should first check whether pressure in place, then check whether the transformer output voltage, and from the point of transformer is good contact welding, welding point and arm fever will generally spot bad contact, and the fixed splint arm is aluminum, the place will be bad.
Q:How to do spot welding circulating water tank?
In order to guarantee the service life of welding electrode and the stability of welding quality, the resistance spot welder can not make the circulating water tank of itself.Resistance spot welding voltage using low (only a few volts), the welding time is short (millisecond), greater welding current (3000 amperes minimum to tens of thousands of Amperes), the motor pressure makes the electrode crushing local formation of a resistance welding welding process.Resistance spot welder must use special circulating water tank and water pump to ensure proper water delivery pressure and water flow. In order to better cool the electrode, not to the electrode because of poor cooling, excessive non long-term wear and tear. Or adhesion between the electrode and the workpiece.
Q:What is the difference between gas point welding machine and gas point welding machine?
It is the same for welders, but the welding process of the products you weld is different
Q:How does the ring iron core wound around a spot welder or an electric welder?
Whether it is an electric welder or a spot welder, its power is relatively large, at least 3 to 5KW power!The power is mainly related to the sectional area of the core of the transformer and the number of turns of the winding!But your core cross section is only 40*50 = 200mm2, so it is too small to be a common welder! Only do other power transformers, such as power amplifier transformer!
Q:Can I use a battery as a spot welder? How to do it
Yes, in theory, but it is illegal. It may cause a short battery, a fire or a splash of metal.
Q:What should be done with welding and welding of suspension type spot welding machine?
The welding current can be adjusted properly and the welding time will be reduced. Your plate feels a little thin, so think of setting it up. It is not possible to consider the gold chelate spot welding machine, DC welding, very small splash, the sheet is not splashing, it is good for people's health. Hope to help you. Baidu can call me in Chengdu or the Southwest
Q:Function and price of spot welder
Send some work. I'll try the welding below
Q:How is the secondary current of spot welding (resistance welding) measured?
General machine comes with current monitoring function, if you feel the current monitoring is not accurate, you can test the external welding monitor, the more Miki company is the production of MM-370B, MM-380A, MM-122A and several, can choose according to their own needs to.The measuring principle and current transformer, the secondary circuit let through a coil, the secondary loop through the current will be induced in the circle, through the reduction of monitor control loop, current can get a secondary value.
Q:Precision welding machine, why welding in the touch when the stainless steel surface will be a little black? This affects process requirements very much.
Generally speaking, black is the power is not enough, welding time is too long, resulting in, if the debugging well, welding stainless steel can do the surface does not change color, traceless effect. If you have any questions, please call us.
We specialize in designing and manufacturing series of fully automatic and semiautomatic can making machines, toilet soap production equipment, capacitor equipment, filter equipment and other machines. Our product lines are suitable for many sectors, such as food cans, chemicals, and petroleum industry. Our company has owned many honors and recognitions from customers because of our excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service. We warmly welcome all customers to visit our factory and test our products.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangxi, China
Year Established 2000
Annual Output Value Above US$100 Million
Main Markets Southeast Asia1.33%
.Mid East0.38%
.Eastern Asia0.63%
.South Asia0.79%
.Domestic Market95.09%
Company Certifications Honesty and High Quality Enterprise;

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Validity Period  

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Nearest Port Jiujiang port,Shanghai port,Guangzhou port
Export Percentage 41% - 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range Average