Car Charger

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Car charger 

1.power voltage 220/230V

2.CE Certification

3.modern design

4.reasonable price 


Battery charger




Modern design and high performance.


Simple operations and maintenance.


Equipment with selector for normal or quick (boost) charge.


Compact, light and portable.


Provide with complete kits, equipped with ammeter.


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Q:There are several kinds of arc welding machine, argon arc welding machine and several kinds. What are their occupational hazards?
Answer: We specialize in the production of electric welding machine: this should be a detailed classification, very complicated. I'll give you a brief description of several types of fusion welding:Manual arc weldingArgon tungsten arc weldingCarbon dioxide gas shielded arc weldingsubmerged arc weldingmetal inert-gas weldingThe common characteristics of occupational hazards are:1. smoke and harmful gases produced by welding2. arc damage to human skin3. electromagnetic field harm to human body4. noise effects on hearing, etc..
Q:What are the causes of arcing in argon arc welding machines without arcing?
The torch cable breaking is not completely broken, the high-frequency pathway is a high voltage low current, but the welding current is larger than the high-frequency current and the arc voltage is much lower when the welding voltage, welding torch cable problems when welding arc voltage is too low, so not arc.
Q:How does argon arc welding gas?
1, argon arc welding machine itself quality2. Welding temperature3, the most important is master welding level
Q:Beacon TIG-160 argon arc welding machine is difficult to cause arc, all other normal, who can help me point out?
High frequency plate pressing
Q:What brand of argon arc welding machine is better?
Lincoln's argon arc welding is the best in the world. The model is based on the material and thickness of the material to be welded, as well as the size of the welding and the quality requirements of the welding.If you can tell me exactly what you weld, I can recommend the right model to you.
Q:Bx6315 type AC arc welding machine, how to connect three-phase?
Input line: rnBX1-200 and 200A welding machine, can be connected to a fire line, a zero line. You can also connect the 380V FireWire, any two of them. rn BX1-200 above welding machine, connect to any of the two phases in 380V. rn output line: rnBX series AC welding machine, the welding wire and the ground wire are not separated, anyway, at the output end, each of the two output ports is connected at any end
Q:What about Panasonic argon arc welding machine in Tangshan? Detailed point! Thank you
Sorry, I am neither a teacher nor a maintenance worker. I used Panasonic in Tangshan. The utility model has the advantages that 1. can provide various welding methods. 2. can preset 3 different welding current, can also preset 1 files to 2 files or 2 files to 3 files current conversion time. 3. thick thin plate welding can also choose plus and without pulse. It's very convenient to use. The drawback is not much; only the arc is broken by alternating current. By the way, the way; Tangshan Matsushita and Matsushita I have used, that can not be mentioned in the same breath, it is not a grade.
Q:What does the 315 argon arc welder cool with water?
Argon arc welding is a kind of welding technology using argon gas as protective gas. Also called argon gas shielded welding. That is, argon shielded gas is applied around the arc welding, and the air is separated from the welding zone to prevent the oxidation of the welding zone.
Q:How to use argon arc welding machine
1. connection of input power supplyThe input power of the welder is 380V. Note: before the A. connection, switch the switch of the switch box on the broken position, and connect the grounding cable to the ground at the bottom of the welder. The voltage of power supply network in B. welding machine is single-phase 380V, and the voltage fluctuation of power grid should be in the range of +10%.2. argon arc welding1.) close the power switch, and the power indicator light is on. 2.) switch the function switch to the position of argon arc welding. 3.) welding torch and workpiece. 4.) when welding aluminum, turn the switch down to AC argon arc welding, and then apply welding according to process requirements. When welding the stainless steel, switch the switch to "direct current argon arc welding", and then apply the welding process. 5.) open argon valve, according to process requirements, adjust to a certain flow. 6.) adjust the current knob to the required value according to the process parameters. 7.) the gas delay knob to the required time, welding can be achieved and the requirements of post flow ventilation in advance.3. procedures for argon arc welding1.) switch and check whether the dial knob machine to the correct position; 2.) mobile welding torch, the 2 3mm away from the workpiece position and press the torch switch; 3.) welding process; 4.) loosen the torch switch, welding end valves are closed; 5.) argon, turn off the power switch;4. manual arc welding1.) switch the selection switch to the "general weld" position. 2.) for welding of low carbon steel, the output (+) cathode connected to the base metal, the electrode holder connected to the welder (-) cathode. 3.) with low argon welding stainless steel electrode, the positive electrode (+) electrode holder, the (-) athode metal.
Q:How can argon arc welding welding aluminum plate?
Argon arc welding, that is, arc welding plus argon gas protection.
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Location Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Year Established 1995
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America3%
.South America3%
.Eastern Europe5%
.Southeast Asia12%
Mid East30%
.Eastern Asia5%
.Western Europe5%
.Central America3%
.Northern Europe3%
Southern Europe2%
.South Asia8%
Company Certifications Certificate of Conformity;Certificate of Conformity

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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
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