NB-350 500 630 Inverter Semi-Automatic MAG CO2 Gas-shielded Welding machine

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Product Description:

NB-350/500/630 Inverter Semi-Automatic MAG/CO2 Gas-shielded Welding machine

Quick Details

· Condition: New

· Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

· Brand Name: OEM

· Model Number: NB-500

· Dimensions: 640*334*586MM

· Weight: 50KGS

· Usage: Shipbuilding,Stell construction,Pressure vessel, etc.

· Voltage: 3-380V+-10%

· Certification: CCC; ISO9001:2008

· color: Gray


1. Adopt advanced soft switch inverter technology, long service time.

2. Double IGBT module, high working reliability.

3. Key control components adopt "three proofings" treanment process, strengthen the moisture proof, salt spray proof and dust proof.

4. Multi-purpose machine, with CO2/MAG, MMA functions, higher machine usage rate.

5. Wipe off small curve weld ball when closing arc.

6. Welding cable length can upto 50m.

7. NB-630A equipted with dual drive wire feeder.  

Technical Parameters





Input Voltage(V)




Rated Input Capacity(KVA)





50 / 60HZ

50 / 60 HZ

50 / 60 HZ

Rate Input Current(A)




Output Current Range(A)




Output Voltage Range(V)




Rated Duty Cycle(%)




Power Factor








Wire Diameter(mm)




Shell Protection Class












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Q:What causes the DC argon arc welding machine to interfere with the automatic step motor?
DC tungsten arc welding machine, high frequency arc induced step motor interference.Tungsten arc welding can be turned off with high frequency arc starting, and contact arc ignition is adopted. With carbon or other conductive materials, placed between tungsten electrode and the workpiece, using resistance heat preheating tungsten, then quickly removed carbon, similar to scratch the arc welding arc ignition, normal welding can avoid the high frequency interference, the tungsten loss is smaller.
Q:Do you have argon arc welding machine without cylinders? I welded stainless steel pots and basins
The so-called argon arc welding, argon is used as a protective gas welding method, without argon, of course not. If you need to take it out to work regularly, you can have a small argon cylinder, which is available on the market, but the price is a bit expensive and hundreds of RMB.
Q:What's the difference between WSM argon arc welding machine and TIG argon arc welding machine?
WSM: TIG welding electrode arc welding welding machine.TIG: tungsten inert gas arc welding. Tungsten argon arc welding.W: the first letter of tungsten (tungsten), which represents tungsten arc welding.S: Manual (welding). No manual TIG welding arc welding.M: pulse, the initial letter of the word "pulse". Represents the welder to support pulse output.TIG:Tungsten, Ienrt, Gas English abbreviation.The difference is that WSM supports DC TIG welding TIG welding electrode arc welding. TIG is a single tungsten argon arc welding. The former has more functions than the latter.
Q:Which brand of AC arc welding machines is of the best quality?
First name: Miller good welding effect, concentrated arc, strong firepower. Especially the effect of welding of aluminum is the most outstanding. In addition to this brand welding machine especially durable. If an enterprise is allowed if economic conditions I strongly recommend this brand.Second place: Tangshan Panasonic: the advantages of welding function is all. Welding effect is very good, especially stainless steel small current arc success rate. Shortcomings: performance is not stable, repair rate is high. Service life is shorter than MillerThird: Shenzhen reallink quality, the biggest advantage of this card machine low price good. The average user is strongly recommended.Fourth: the general quality of the TIG welding machine the biggest drawback of Japan OTC the two Danish migatronic brand, high price. Strictly speaking migatronic a little better.Fifth: Shanghai Weiteli welding stainless steel has the advantages of good effect, good arc welding of aluminum arc. The shortcoming is too hard. The price is reallink much higher.
Q:Argon arc welding machine sometimes cannot cause arc, why?
1: high frequency plate aging, high frequency ignition ability is reduced. Continuous welding does not require repeated arc striking, and arcing is difficult when arc welding is broken. The problem can only be solved by replacing the new high frequency board.2: high frequency plate put point electrode gap is not, or burning serious, with fine sandpaper or gauze lightly grinding discharge electrode, re installed. Severe burning and replacement of new electrode when necessary.3: continuous high current welding, argon flow is smaller. Tungsten oxide oxidation. The oxidized tungsten electrode affects the electrical conductivity, and the arc breaking spot welding also affects the arc initiation performance. Continuous arc welding does not require repeated arcing, and no arcing phenomenon can occur. Increase argon flow according to welding process.
Q:Can the invert manual welder be argon arc welding machine?
I am a professional engaged in welding machine R & D. Tell you exactly: no!
Q:High frequency automatic discharge of argon arc welding machine?
Look at what you are saying, not just the high frequency automatic discharge, but finishing the welding machine in the working state, which is equivalent to press the gun switch. Try to switch the gun off the boat socket. If it is not good, check the boot part on the circuit board. Normally, the relay is switched on before it is activated. See if the relay is out of order. The gas output section depends on whether there is a voltage to the solenoid valve. Some words is that the solenoid valve is broken, there is no circuit board is broken.
Q:How much is the used argon arc welder now? How much is the cheapest argon arc welder? (welded stainless steel burglarproof window)
I am now using double use argon arc welding power with manual welding quality is also good, the price is not expensive suggest that you buy new or relatively new affordable
Q:Argon arc welding machine is used to weld 1.0mm stainless steel plate welding machine. What is the current and what is the argon gas?
Welding how long solder ah, there is no filler wire ah, if you point so, the gods can not point ah, welding through, you can, the current can be a little larger, argon flow enough, not to shoot
Q:What causes leakage when welding argon arc welding machine?
What do you see a machine, inverter or transformer, when welding leakage and no leakage, if it is necessary to consider the transformer transformer, inverter is a power to have, in general the check to know, this is just a direction, there is some high frequency induction machine Ma also strong hands, some are static inverter, is this is normal, do not know that you are not very serious leakage.

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