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CB series battery charger 

1.modren design and high performance

2.simple operations and maintenance 


CB series battery charger


1.modren design and high performance


2.simple operations and maintenance with selector for normal or quick(boost) charge


4.compact ,light and portable .


5,provide with complete kits ,equipped with ammeter



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Q:(reallink authentic) inverter DC TIG / arc welder WS-300A how to use the reallink dual-purpose welding?
The red knob is a current size adjustment, is a function of manual welding when thrust regulation (welding current welding at large strengthening efforts) switch alone know how to use it?
Q:How can the alternating current welding machine change the argon arc welding machine?
1, can be directly connected to the argon arc welding torch, of course, have to connect the gas road, the current to the desired position, the line of arc (that is, contact short circuit, arc), direct welding can be2, note: welding torch negative electrode
Q:What are the differences between invert DC hand arc welding machine ZX7-200T and ZX7-200?
There's no particular difference between this, ZX7-200T and ZX7-200 just say the names of each manufacturer, or the structure of the device is different.
Q:That kind of argon arc welding machine can weld copper and solder aluminium. What brand is good, and what's the price?
You can choose WSE-400-1, this machine is ok. You can search it online!
Q:Used welding machine welder, argon arc welding machine for sale
You can register on the home of the welding website and publish the second-hand information, which is very convenient and quick!
Q:Can TIG series argon arc welding machine weld aluminum and can weld more thick aluminum?
TIG series DC TIG welding of aluminum can be divided into two kinds, split type welding torch can be converted is then can reverse welding welding of aluminum, one cannot convert and the welding torch can not welding of aluminum.Because the aluminum strong affinity for oxygen, the welding process of liquid aluminum can easily be oxidized to form alumina film on the surface of the molten pool, the melting point of aluminum is only 660 DEG C, and the melting point of aluminum oxide film at more than 2000 degrees Celsius, alumina higher melting hindered the mobility of liquid aluminum, must try to break the alumina film can be welded. AC output of AC welding machine has good "cathode breaking" function, so AC arc welding is suitable for welding aluminum.Tungsten argon arc welding with DCRP (welding torch is connected with the anode wire clamp is connected with the negative pole +, -), also has a "broken cathode" function. But the disadvantage is that the tungsten burning too fast to frequent grinding of tungsten electrode, welding arc stability is far better than AC TIG welding effect, in the absence of AC TIG welding machine under the condition of using DCRP welding aluminum as AC TIG welder substitute.
Q:What is DC arc welding machine?
Also called arc welding arc welding transformer, is a kind of special transformer, the network voltage alternating current into low voltage alternating current suitable for welding, which is composed of the main transformer and the required adjustment part and indicating device etc.. Arc welding machine has three kinds of moving iron core, body type and moving coil type. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, easy fabrication, easy maintenance, low cost and high efficiency. But the current waveform is sine wave output, AC decline characteristics, arc stability, low power factor, but the magnetic blow phenomenon rarely, no load loss, generally used in manual arc welding, submerged arc welding and TIG welding method.
Q:I bought an argon arc welding machine. How do I adjust it?
The current is according to what you want to use the welding materials, general material is thin, you need a smaller current; the frequency is not the duty ratio is? If it is to have a product object welding flaps only need the extension; gas is you press the torch switch, the gun will the "gas" as one sound, you open more, when you continue to end things after welding gun argon on longer, I personally think it is not recommended to switch too, is a waste, one is not too easy to play. Flint fire easily after the injury is not blowing material. You know there is no arc current machine, gas testing switch
Q:Argon arc welding machine with how many square meters of power line about 10 meters
If the use of argon arc welding 2.5 square is enough, manual welding is also used, then use 4 square lines is enough, and the maximum input current is about 25A.
Q:What is the earth wire for the argon arc welding machine?
The ground wire of an argon arc welding machine is an important tool to ensure the safety of the staff in case of accidental voltage on the equipment and lines that have been cut off. According to the regulations, the grounding wire must be made of bare copper flexible wire above 25mm 2.
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.Eastern Europe5%
.Southeast Asia12%
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.Eastern Asia5%
.Western Europe5%
.Central America3%
.Northern Europe3%
Southern Europe2%
.South Asia8%
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