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CB series battery charger 

1.modren design and high performance

2.simple operations and maintenance 


CB series battery charger


1.modren design and high performance


2.simple operations and maintenance with selector for normal or quick(boost) charge


4.compact ,light and portable .


5,provide with complete kits ,equipped with ammeter



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Q:What causes the DC argon arc welding machine to interfere with the automatic step motor?
DC tungsten arc welding machine, high frequency arc induced step motor interference.Tungsten arc welding can be turned off with high frequency arc starting, and contact arc ignition is adopted. With carbon or other conductive materials, placed between tungsten electrode and the workpiece, using resistance heat preheating tungsten, then quickly removed carbon, similar to scratch the arc welding arc ignition, normal welding can avoid the high frequency interference, the tungsten loss is smaller.
Q:When argon welding machine welding aluminum, how to set?
Welding aluminum must be exchanged unless the edges are polished by direct current welding
Q:That type of inverter, pulse argon arc welding machine is easy to use
The end of all domestic calf, you can learn to understand the unit pulse argon arc welding machine
Q:What is DC arc welding machine?
Also called arc welding arc welding transformer, is a kind of special transformer, the network voltage alternating current into low voltage alternating current suitable for welding, which is composed of the main transformer and the required adjustment part and indicating device etc.. Arc welding machine has three kinds of moving iron core, body type and moving coil type. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, easy fabrication, easy maintenance, low cost and high efficiency. But the current waveform is sine wave output, AC decline characteristics, arc stability, low power factor, but the magnetic blow phenomenon rarely, no load loss, generally used in manual arc welding, submerged arc welding and TIG welding method.
Q:Can argon arc welding machine be directly welded with nitrogen gas?
Argon is an inert gas that blocks air and protects the workpiece from oxidation at high temperatures. The nitrogen reacts with the air after the arc is electrically shocked, producing nitric oxide and starting to act as a protective agent.
Q:Reallink 200 argon arc welding machine, can long time continuous welding
No, you should pay attention to it when you use it:1, tungsten polar series have a trace of radioactivity, under normal circumstances, the impact on the human body is not large, but in the container welding or use of high current welding, should strengthen ventilation and use of special masks. When grinding tungsten, you must have a ventilation and vacuum cleaner, wear gloves and masks, and wash hands after work.2, to prevent ultraviolet damage, TIG welder should wear leather gloves, wear white or light colored clothing, buttons. When welding, wear a good visor mask.3, if the use of high-frequency oscillator arc ignition argon arc welding machine, can only be used in arc starting, and arc after the special device to cut off high frequency, in order to reduce high-frequency damage to the human body.4, argon arc welding work site should have good natural ventilation, in the container welding must have local ventilation device, to prevent ozone and metal welding dust hazards.5. Welders who use argon arc welding machines should undergo regular physical examinations.
Q:What are the causes of arcing in argon arc welding machines without arcing?
The torch cable breaking is not completely broken, the high-frequency pathway is a high voltage low current, but the welding current is larger than the high-frequency current and the arc voltage is much lower when the welding voltage, welding torch cable problems when welding arc voltage is too low, so not arc.
Q:How to use the reallink argon arc welder WS200S gas delay switch?
2.5S and 5S conversion, how long will it take to use?
Q:Circuit diagram of WS-160 DC argon arc welding machine
Performance characteristics: welding current minimum, from 10A (except WSE-180), stable arc performance, welding thin, medium and thick plates. DC pulse argon arc welding is suitable for welding stainless steel, copper, titanium, carbon steel and other materials. Besides, the characteristics of sag and descent can be obtained, and the welding current waveform is a square wave with fast zero crossing, which is beneficial to welding current and arc stability. AC argon arc welding is suitable for welding aluminum, magnesium alloy and other materials. By adjusting the pulse current and pulse frequency, the weld width, penetration depth and the number of weld ripples are controlled, and the weld seam is even and beautiful. Pulse time, pulse base time, atomizing zone regulation, gas lag and turn off time are all regulated without polarity, which can meet the requirement of higher welding process. It has the functions of AC and DC argon arc welding, AC and DC pulsed argon arc welding, AC and DC manual general welding, AC and DC spot welding. With welding current slow rise and decay functions are conducive to the current arc attenuation to fill the crater, avoid cracks.
Q:The argon arc welding machine doesn't adjust the current. Is there a problem?
Or adjustment switch is a problem, and then either 380 of the welding machine connected to 220 of the power supply, and the last case, high voltage package problems.
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