Mini Bluetooth Speaker For Mobile Phone

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Product Description:

Blue Cube Bluetooth speaker with usb


Product Description



1.Delicate, fashionable and portable.
2.No need to connect additional power. Very convenient that USB is Plug and Play.
3.Clear, natural and loud sound quality.
4. Small volume with large power, environmental-protecting and energy-saving.
5. Dustproof, shockproof, anti-magnetic and with high reliability.
6. Availible in iphone ,samsung, blackbarry and other tablet pc.
7. 360 ° surrounding sound effect allows you to experience the infinite charm of music.
8. 1 pcs Standard USB charging cable.


Technical Data:

1.Speaker: 4Ω/3W
2.Bluetooth version: V2.1
3.1 pcs USB charger cable
4.300mAh Li-ion battery
6.Frequent response:100HZ-18KHZ
8.RF Range:10m


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Q:4 speakers 200 watts @8 ohm?
Wire two speakers in parallel for each channel. This will give you a 4 ohm load for each channel. Speaker 1 and speaker 2 put the + wires together and plug them in channel 1 + (red) speaker post then twist the - negatives together and put them in channel 1 - negative or Black speaker post Repeat above for speaker 3 and 4 in Channel 2
Q:Help with fixing speakers?
Buy new speakers. or in the bottom right corner of your computer click the picture of a speaker and ajust it you could have just blew your speaker
Q:stock radio with speakers?
Yup. It is a couple of screws and 2 wires.
Q:The difference between loudspeakers and loudspeakers
But the loudspeakers generally have their own speakers.
Q:Speakers and subwoofers?
It depends a bitare you wanting to use the old speakers with the new subs? Since your old speakers are USB does your computer have a normal sound card output on it? If it does then yes you can connect it and it should work fine, if not then you will need to get a soundcard for the pc. Now your old speakers will not directly connect to the logitech speakers if that is what you are asking, so your USB speakers will be one connection and the subs another connection.
Q:car speaker rattle? ?
Check Your Connections, And see If it may Be a Loose Screw. If Not Then Sorry To Say Your Speaker Cracked Or Blew. Best Thing To Do After That Is Invest In A Better System Go To Sonic Electronix They Have Replacment Door Speakers For $10. NEVER EVER USE SILICONE AROUND SUBWOOFERS OR SPEAKERS YOU USE IT IN THE ENCLOSURE BUT NEVER FOR THE SPEAKERS!!!
Q:Why Amp Car Speakers?
because if your speakers are lets say 150watts RMS total all 4, and our radio is 50watts output, thats about 14watts rms each, 1/3 the wattage the speakers need to be fully powered. also, the amp gives you cleared more indept sound. you cant compair the quality of an amped speaker set to a non amped speaker set.
Q:Help in buying speakers?
I am not big on gaming speakers to speak of here, however a good speaker is a good speaker. Consider Boston Acoustics, Pioneers least expensive Andrew Jones series and Dayton Audio's B652 speakers. Enjoy
Q:Are my speakers too old?
I still have some massive Boston Acoustic tower speakers from the late eighties and they still sound great. Although I have replace some of the individual speakers within the box as they wore out. I have some Jensen tower speakers from the early nineties which have never needed work. I also have a Sony surround sound system and Bose Wave radio from the mid to late 90 s and they still sound great. I suppose they lose some fidelity over time. But there is no reason to replace a speaker until it has blown or you want something better. When the speaker blows it sounds like s**t. Also when a speaker wears out. It s usually the foam around the edge is falling apart or the speaker gets really stiff compared to a new one. Unless you are really cranking them up all the time. 5 years is practically new for stereo components including speakers.
Q:monitor or just active speakers?
Active speakers have a built in amplifier. Monitor speakers can be active or not. Monitor speakers are used to monitor sound as it's being recorded. Any speakers can actually be used to monitor. It's the name of the function speakers can be used for, not a type of speaker.

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