High Class Quality Brand Mp3 Pc Led Touch Screen Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Nfc

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Product Description of Bluetooth Speaker                                                                                                                                             

   High Class Quality Brand MP3 PC LED Touch Screen Portable Bluetooth Speaker with NFC 



1, Bluetooth 3.0 touch block, using chip CSR, its advantages are as follows:

     Bluetooth compatibility, good quality  Disadvantages: expensive
     3.0 version of the mainstream version, mature and stable.

     3ms ultra high-speed start, start-up time of less than 3ms Bluetooth 3.0 Bluetooth version previously criticized places on the starting speed, Bluetooth 2.1 version of the start-up speed takes 6 seconds, while the 4.0 version only requires 3 milliseconds to complete, almost instantaneous connection.

 more secure encryption, a wider range of radiation, Bluetooth 3.0 enabled 128-bit AES encryption completely, providing strong encryption and authentication of data packets degrees.

2, low distortion amplifier using Class D digital amplifier (FT-2011M), the advantages of digital amplifier: distortion, small size, high efficiency power amplifier, high reliability, anti-EMI, jamming.

3, 16 speakers with high-grade inner magnetic core 3W4Ω speaker, clear treble, bass deeper sounding, it is more comfortable hearing.

4, built-in rechargeable battery using polymer batteries + independent protection board (Polytechnic IC). Reached double protection circuit, more secure and reliable. Full power available for 5-8 hours of continuous music playback, low voltage automatic protection shutdown.

5, built-in microphone, high quality microphone, ultra-low noise through the filter, echo suppression technology to support many simultaneous calls, conference calls, etc.

6, support to cable phone, answer the phone function, double buttons can also be achieved previously re-dial the last pull a phone, convenient and less radiation.

7, multi-touch implementation: on / off, pause / play, pick / reject / re-dial telephone, etc.

8, a 3.5mm jack connection can achieve vintage radios, computers, MP3, etc., and can be used for charging jack, a hole dual-use, simple and convenient. All 5V USB charger and PC computers with Bluetooth stereo can be charged.

9, NFC capabilities, NFC advantages are: rapid induction that pairing with other Bluetooth devices, unlimited fast life. Specific operation, Bluetooth speakers in the off state, the Bluetooth speaker phone indicates "NFC" area 2 cm range, moving back and forth to your phone. When prompted to connect the phone to the Bluetooth device, please click "OK" to achieve connectivity.

Note: Make sure your phone supports NFC feature, simply move back and forth in your phone's NFC Bluetooth speaker sensing area, the connection can be realized



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