Bluetooth Speaker ABS Ceramic 3W iHBT08

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Bluetooth Speaker ABS Ceramic 3W iHBT081, With a speakerphone, echo processing
2, High-quality audio processing A2DP V1.2 3, Stereo output, built-in subwoofer diaphragm, good bass 4, The transmission distance 10M over 5, Support LINE IN function
6, Support TF card to play music

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Q:how much energy is wasted in computer Speakers?
well there are wastes and energy usages during production, but if you're considering when they are connected to your computer then it's different. All electronics are inefficient and produce some waste heat but it would be less than a larger stereo, which also has its own chip which uses power to process inputs and produce sound. while your speakers are not in use they also draw electricity if they are left on because while the power is on they still make a slight vibration, even if you don't have anything playing. so turn them off when not in use. Also the power adapter which converts ac to dc will always use some power while plugged in.
Q:Can i connect any speakers to a home theater?
The speakers need to have the proper power rating and impedance. Also, for proper sound in your home theater, the speakers should be acoustically matched, especially the 3 front speakers.
Q:Outdoor Speakers?
There are outdoor wireless speakers you can buy.
Q:What are studio monitor speakers?
Studio okorder
Q:What is the difference between all the different types of DJ speakers?
Monitor Speakers are the speakers that give a singer sound on stage or a dj sound when he is not using headphones because they are behind the main speakers. Loudspeakers PA Speakers are words for the exact same thing. A two way speaker means that the high frequencies and the low frequencies are separated into two different channels; hence the name. Basically to get started djing, you need a music source, a mixer, a amp, and a pair of speakers at the very least. What you get should also depend on what type of djing you are goin to be doing, ie. Scratching, or just mixing music. Consult your local music store for most people at reputible stores are pretty knowledgable.
Yea, I have to agree with Mia about the speakers, the only instance I can think of where they use extra signal wire (other than red and black or black and white depending on the brand) would be for a system where the speakers and amp have to work together (like small stereo systems where the wire is attached to the speaker) or if the speakers are bi-amplified or bi-wired, for example, one set of wires is for the tweeter or high end and the other is for woofer or low end. I would be careful or try other speakers that only use red/black combinations. There are different ways of wiring speakers but at this point just getting it set up right should get you where you want to go.
Q:The more speakers I have the louder?
If all the speakers are connected to one amplifier, adding speakers does not make it louder because the power will be divided between the speakers evenly. If the added speakers are connected to their own amp, then the system would be louder. This question is like opening a can of worms because there are so many unknowns. In general: more speakers WITH more amplification louder more speakers WITHOUT additional amplification same volume
Q:Changing Speakers on 1LT 2010 Camaro?
it can. i'd suggest upgrading it though.
Q:Alpine Car Speakers? OR WHAT?
e bay sells 6x8 and you wont have to mod,,,,and kicker and rockford fosgate,pionner anr all great
Q:How do you attach component speakers to your computer?
That type of speaker cannot connect directly to the computer. Those speakers need an amplifier. Your best bet is to go out and buy some cheap computer speakers - computer speakers have an amplifier built in.
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China; Mid East;Western Europe
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