Bluetooth Speaker ABS Steel 3W iHB08T

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$8.07 / pc
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300pcs pc
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20000 Pcs Per Month pc/month

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Bluetooth Speaker ABS Steel 3W iHB08T1,360 degree rotation volume adjustment
2, with a speakerphone, echo processing
3, high-quality audio processing A2DP V1.2 4, stereo output, built-in bass cone, bass good 5, 6 or more transmission distance 10M, support LINE IN function
7, support TF card to play music

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Q:Home theatre speakers in car?
yes possible. but they are not made for cars they will sound lame i think
Q:Hooking up Speakers?
Home speakers are generally 8ohms if you look at the back of the stereo system it should say next to the speaker connector the ohms load required. If not check users manual/online manual. Similarly check the ohms rating on speakers to see if they match. If they match be sure to connect the polarity correctly and it should work fine. You may notice the new speakers may have a different volume than the old speakers at a given setting on the stereo. this is because speakers have different sensitivity and responsiveness. This is normal. Finally to connect to TV look on the back of stereo of auxiliary input also tape or CD input will work phono will not work. Connect RCA's from your stereo to your TV output you may need a 1/8 headphone adapter.
Q:soundbar or speaker system?
just get a speaker/reciever, you can upgrade when you move out (assuming if you live eith your parents) I get the speaker system first soundbar second if its for a non-main area (system: living room / soundbar: bedroom) or get a bluetooth soundbar and wait till you move for a system also dont get samsung
Q:Speakers wont work in my truck?
Truck Speakers
Q:sony wireless rear speakers?
I would agree with the other answer. Wireless speakers don't sound very good.
Q:6.5 inch midrange speakers?
Try a salvage yard for direct replacement. Wow! I think I've just experienced deja vue!!
Q:Micro letter speaker how to do small sound?
5: microphone problems, which can be reflected in 3, you can also use other recording software to try
Q:Car Speaker Amplifier Question?
Google it?? funny. Speakers can only have one power source per inputif the amp is powering the speakerthen the radio cannot. Perhaps the radio can provide a signal by way of the previous speaker connections.which is usually done with RCA connection insteadbut that is about all those connection are good for since you have the amp powering the speakers now!!! Unless this is a serious installationseveral thousands of dollars. the trick is to try and reuse as much of the factory speaker wiring as possiblewhereever the best points may be. I have software to tell me these points and each car is differentso maybe you should stick with the back of the stereo where you know all the speaker wires are instead of tearing apart several body panels.
Q:Laptop speakers sound fuzzy and distorted ?
One thing about speakers is they have magnets in them. I had a laptop that all of a sudden started sounding terrible. I bought replacement speakers and when I took it apart to replace them there was a used staple sitting on the cone attracted by the magnet. It did trash the speaker on mine but yours might still be good by just removing the debris.
Q:Question about speakers?
first, what are you playing these speaker with?a computer?amplifier?and are these speakers in individual box?what ohms are these speakers?More info. I know speakers have different ohms independence,and when you hook them up in series it increases the ohms .If you hook them up in parallel you decrease the speaker ohms.This might be your problem since you have to match the speaker ohms equal or more to the device that you are using to play the speakers.
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China; Mid East;Western Europe
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