Wireless Mini Waterproof Solar Speaker

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$1.00 - 20.00 / pc
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1 Piece pc
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200,000 Piece/Pieces per Month solar speaker pc/month

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Product Description:

Solar Speaker

Wireless Mini Waterproof Solar Speaker 


Product Description






soplar panle 

1w,17% high efficiency 

5 years 

Li-ion battery 


500 cycles



50,000 hours 

lighting mode 

6Hrs automatically

with timer 




solar charging time 



lighting time 

20 hours 

full charged 






How to install?

Fix the product with a right angle and make sure no shelter on the surface of solar panel.

How to use?

The product is off before delivery in order to avoid discharging during transportation. You can activate it by using the pin or related button or tearing off the film. This is depend on different item, the activate way may differ.

What to do with the rainy day or Cloudy day?

The outdoor solar light is waterproof. You don’t need to worry about it. After fully charged, the capacity of battery can keep the LED working in several rainy/ cloudy days.

If you found the light brightness is down or total off, how to handle?

It prove the power of solar light battery is not enough to support normal lighting, so you need have 2-3 goods sunlight charged, especially in Winter season, the sunlight intensity is much below the standard sunlight (1000kw/m2), it may need more longer time to charge.

Why the charging efficiency is low in winter or cloudy day?

Generally the sunlight standard is 1000kw/m2, in the winter or cloudy day, the sunlight intensity are much lower than standard so the charging efficiency is lower accordingly. 



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A very popular setup is Component Front and Coax Rear. Reason is Cost Efficiency. In a car, 70% of the sound quality comes from the front speakers, 30% from the rear. So 70% of your budget should be spent there. If you have $300 and you purchased $150 speaker on the front and $150 for the back. And your getting 70% of the sound from the front, you have lost sound quality potential. But if you get a $220 Speaker for the front, something real nice, and some ok speakers in the rear. Thats a better use of you money. If I had a car with a $200 speaker in the rear, another car with $150 speaker rear, and a third car with a $75 speaker in the rear, all 3 cars would sound similar (as far as the rear goes) So spend as much money in the front speakers as you dare. Like $200 Pioneer 720 C series, or Boston Accoustics S60 $220, or a Boston Accoustics SL60 (really nice set). Your polk audio is ok, but most installers laugh to themselves a little when they see polks. They aren't bad, but there are a lot of better choices, like at least Infiniti's The best component I have heard in the 200 $ range is the Pioneer 720 C series. It has a lot of surface area on the mid and a fantastic silk dome tweeter. At our shop, our best selling tweeter is a 500$ 720D series component. That thing rocks but the C series is 80% of the sound at the $200 price range.
Q:low volume from one speaker?
The speaker could be on it's way out, but usually you'll hear distortion. You could have an issue with the wires going to the speaker, but it's most likely a loose rca cable or a bad channel on the amp or head-unit. The most cost efficient move here is to remove the door panel and inspect the speaker and connectors. Good luck.
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now and lower back this might paintings ok yet often what happens is that the audio equipment will conflict with one yet another at particular frequencies.this might muddy the sound at those frequencies and additionally reason intermodulation distortion at different frequencies the value and output of the countless drivers in contact will fluctuate and is uncontroled this is why pass-overs are used and why audio equipment that have better crossovers often sound betterthere are various aspects that result speaker sound or perhaps speaker manufactures that make extreme high quality audio equipment are no longer waiting to restoration or perhaps evaluate each and all of the themes in contact jointly as designing a crossover and audio equipmentit would sound happy with some song like including a small quantity of reverb or echo might and upload a desirable result however the words interior the songs could be harder to comprehend this will additionally be actual for living house theater the place the communicate interior the action picture would be much less intelligible.
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I have never heard of them and I have been in the industry for 6+ years. If you like them great! But it sounds to me like they are an offshoot of Theater Research, which is a scam.
Q:Suggestions for computer speakers?
I just plug audio out from my 'puter to an auxiliary input on my stereo amp.

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