Portable Rich Bass Headphone Speakers

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Product Description:

Product Description

Unique Product Features:

1. portable rich bass headphone speaker

2. produces crystal clear, stereo sound with ultimate bass

3. self-adjutable and flexible headband and cushioned ear pads for wearing comfort

4. it can both work as a wired headphone and a wired speaker

5. with switches to adjust the sound volume: Volume Up or Volume Down

6. with built in battery case for power supply

7. designed with In-Use indicating LED light

8. tangle-free cable for use convenience

9. 3.5mm, stereo jack for MP3, IPods, CD, DVD, TV, Radio, Home Theater Systems and so on


Product Specifications:

1. Out Speaker :40hm,2.0W, Φ36×14mm,110+/-3dB

2. Inner Speaker:32 ohm,0.5W,Φ40mm ,110+/-5dB

3. Jack:3.5mm Stereo

4. Frequ Range :20Hz-20KHz

5. Max Input Power For Inner Driver Units:10mw

6. Max Output Power For the Outter Driver Units:3w

7. 3.7V Lithium Battery,680mA

8. Power Charge:DC ,5V

9. Charging Hours :3 Hours

10. Working Hours For Outter Speaker:2.5 Hours

11. Audio Cord Length :55 Inches

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Q:1990 Toyota Supra Speakers?
i've got no longer seen many head-gaskets circulate out except somebody has boosted the swifter with the help of messing with the waste-gate. while it is going out it is going to initiate overheating and in undesirable circumstances, steaming out of tailpipe. in case you will enhance the swifter i might circulate with upgraded steel overall performance head-gaskets. to initiate out circulate to a Toyota broker that sells TRD (Toyota Racing progression) factors and check out what bolt-on upload-ons are made extremely for the Supra. The supply many recommendations like chilly air consumption, low restrict air filters and cat-returned exhaust. those products will greater healthful and carry out plenty greater acceptable than aftermarket.
Q:Car Speakers Help (Beginner)?
Do not buy your speakers at Walmart. Those Boss speakers along with the others they sell there will not sound better than your stock speakers. To install its not that difficult, just be careful you do not break any clips that hold the door panels onto the doors. Also you will have to figure out which wires in the front doors are + and - and which wires in the rear doors are + and -. I would take it to a professional reliable car audio shop in your area to get an opinion/prices so that you do not ruin your brand new car.
Q:Can blown TV speakers be fixed?
Blown speakers cannot be repaired. They must be replaced. Otherwise, connect the audio OUT ports on your TV to your stereo, and use its speakers. You may need to use the TV remote to disable the TV speakers to enable the audio-out feature.
Q:Car Speaker Not Working?
It could be anything from bad connections behind the dash to blown speakers. In most cases, it is better to upgrade the speakers from the stock ones, especially as the car ages as the speakers are worn. I would suggest taking it back to where you had it installed and see if they will diagnose the problem for free since it is a recent install. I personally would likely go ahead and get the speakers as well either way. If they will not help you out by diagnosing the problem, tack that up to a shop to not visit in the future. Plenty of places out there that will take care of you as a customer.
Q:Good cheap ipod speakers?
examine places like Wal-mart and objective. Ipod speaker docks are everywhere now. you could in a lot of situations discover one for below $20. only undergo in options that the more advantageous intense priced that is, the more advantageous effective the sound will be.
Q:speaker help. need help with instilling speaker.?
speakers usually only require 2 wires to hook up. find the 2 that supply it and hook those up. i have never seen so many wires on a speaker
Q:How many speakers can I have?
The syntax, grammar are precisely the comparable. i'd learn the two to Italian and Spanish, very comparable to a minimum of one yet another. If a Mandarin speaker strikes to stay in a position the place each and every person speaks Cantonese, the guy would be waiting to appreciate the easy Cantonese in approximately 3-6 months, and would have a on a daily basis verbal substitute in some twelve months if he study the dialect.
Q:Car Speakers on a Computer?
you like a receiver to potential the audio gadget, and to course the wanted indicators to the place you like. desktops would not have any audio amplifiers with which tocontinual audio gadget, that is why small notebook notebook audio gadget have a tiny amp progressed into one among them. yet, to run audio gadget resembling what you describe, a variety of tiny and susceptible amp can no longer return virtually doing it. So, purchase a receiver, run the speaker wires to that's speaker outputs, and use a cable with a three.5 stereo male plug on one end and twin RCA male jacks on the different. placed the three.5 plug interior the speaker out of the notebook, and the twin RCA jacks into an audio in on the receiver. that's how my workstation is plugged into the abode theater audio setup I extremely have in my place of employer. a stable commonplace receiver could value approximately $2 hundred, like a Pioneer 521K at Amaz*n.
Q:someone help with my speakers :(?
Usually speakers are plug and play, so without disassembling the speakers (to make sure the wires are all connected), you cannot fix them.
Q:RV's and outdoor speakers?
I have not seen any outdoor type speaker for vehicles like home audion. Car audio speaker are normally 4 OHM and home speakers in the 8 OHM (requires more power to drive). You can purchase a set of car speakers and build your own box to hold them and install to the side of your rv. Make your that you do not overload the power amp by adding another set of speakers, you can put a plug on one set of speaker from the rv and unplug it when using the outside speaker. This is the most inexpensive way, try name brand speakers like JBL, Infinity, MTX, JL for quality sound and dependability. Hope this helps and good luck.

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