Ipx7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker China Supplier Shenzhen Factory With Best Price 2014

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$10.90 - 13.20 / pc
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100 Pieces pc
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30000 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month

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IPX7 waterproof bluetooth speaker china supplier shenzhen factory with best price 2014     



Bluetooth Version








Loudspeaker Output


RF Range



Built in li-on battery



Charging Voltage


Working Voltage



Built in

Hands-free function


Charging Time


Playback Time


Housing Material





USB cable, ,User Manual


*Portable delicate design

*Bluetooth 3.0 wireless audio transmission

*Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

*Built in Microphone

*With phone hand free calling 

*Charging by USB

*IP Grade: IPX7

*Very suitable for the gifts for promotion

*Accessory for tablet pc/laptop/computer/mobilephone and other bluetooth device


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Q:The more speakers I have the louder?
Placement does indeed make it louder. Your ear can hear from almost every direction, not just the one it is facing. Having a speaker closer to you makes it louder as 1. The Sound waves are closer together since they don't travel as far and 2. It's going right in your ear So adding more speakers causes more sound waves to reach your ear, and as long as you don't just put them in the exact same position as where the others are, it will be louder.
Q:Speakers will not connect?
Are you talking about the main out (the white and red ones)? These are meant to connect to a mixer and not to speakers. It's an unbalanced audio (RCA) signal. You can connect speakers to the 1/4 main out (balanced) jacks. However, you will need active speakers (speaker cabs with built in power amps). Or you can connect to a dedicated amp and hook speakers up to the amp. Remember, these are meant for live application and you won't get any sound by connecting regular passive speakers to any output on these unit - it has no built in power amp I suspect this is fully explained in the manual :-)
Q:5.1 surround sound speaker volume?
Rear speaker volume is rarely loud. Mainly background sounds and noise is channeled there. They will not have nearly the volume of the main front speakers. Not only because they are usually smaller, but because less sound is sent there.
Q:how do u hook up stereo speakers up to a guitar amp?
If you mean your home stereo speakers, don't do it! There is a reason that home stereos and professional guitar amps have different types of connectors. The two types of speakers are vastly different in their power handling and frequency ratings. They are two different systems for two entirely different purposes. Guitar amps are overpowered for delicate stereo speakers. Even if you use a small guitar amp at low volume, the impedance mismatch is dangerous. Yes, it is possible to play guitar through a typical home stereo, but unless you know all about impedance, resistance, power handling and all the other technical variables, it is a bad idea. You could very likely destroy both your amp and the speakers. It will not sound good anyway. Please, save yourself the heartache and expense. Trust me. I know!
Q:Whats the difference in speakers?
For $500 here are a few options you may really enjoy. These are all active speakers that could be connected directly to your iPod, Computer, or TV etc. No external Amp necessary. For your iPhone/iPod I would pair one of these speakers with an Airport Express to be able to stream your music to your speakers wirelessly. You can usually get an AirportExpress for about $50 refurbished. AudioEngine A5+ Speakers ($399-$469 per pair). NHT SuperPower Speakers ($199 per speaker) NHT SuperZero 2.0 ($99 per speaker) The other option is passive speakers with a simple 2-channel amp, or a receiver that could eventually be used for home theater. 2 Channel Amps. Dayton Audio APA $150. AudioSource Amp100 $100 AudioEngine N22 $199 Receivers, pretty much anything from a name brand (Denon, Pioneer, Onkyo etc). A simple 5.1 should run $150-$250. Here are a few passive speaks, and or brands that have good reviews. Pioneer SP-FS52 Cambridge Audio S30 and S70 AudioEngine P4 NHT PSB Lastly if you like bass you may also want a subwoofer. Which is a whole different conversation. I personally would put most of your money into really good speakers, then add the subwoofer later. The best thing to do is to find a local audio shop that caries good brands in your area and go take a listen to some of the offerings in your price range. If there aren't any good shops in your area, you will need to rely on speaker reviews on the net.
Q:rockford fosgate speakers?
Most likely that's not the speakers but the deck. Speakers only mimic the signal being fed. If the signal has noise, the speakers will produce it. HOWEVER, if the speakers or speaker grills are loose and vibrate, they will be the culprit.
Q:Jeep Cherokee Laredo 1995 speakers?
Speakers of same sises resistance and watts. Would have the actual ones tested before replacements.
Q:Car speaker questions?
Peak is exactly that - the speakers can handle brief spikes of that power but are not rated to handle it continually. Good rule of thumb - get speakers rated at TWICE the output of your stereo - so for your 4x45, get 4 100W speakers - make sure the speakers and stereo are using the same rating system, as there are around 3 ways to measure power output in stereo systems.
Q:RV's and outdoor speakers?
Goto a rv dealer and order a pair of speakers they will mount on the wall and run the wires thru the cabinets to the radio there is room for additional speakers
Q:if you got a new Monitor for your computer would you have to get new speakers?
Why would you want new speakers? If it is built into the monitor, you'd need new speakers on replacement, otherwise no. Audio and video are two different things and identified by two different drivers.

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