LTU1200 asphalt paver

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  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:LTU1200


XRMC optimally select the advantage of international famous pavers, continuously improve and test the design of LTU1200 asphalt


With the experiment in R&D and manufacturing for scores of years, XRMC optimally select the advantage of international famous pavers, continuously improve and test the design of LTU1200 asphalt pavers. Now LTU1200 asphalt pavers have become one of the mature products of XRMC.
Because the main fittings are all imported with the original packaging, the features of the high reliability, high cost performance, high technologies, high efficiency, excellent smoothness and compactness etc can be ensured. The available materials of LTU1200 are asphalt and soil cement, so these machines can work in the extreme operating condition. They are the unfrequent machines with high performance and low price in China.
The main design indexes have reached the international advanced level. The main functions of LTU1200, including the constant speed control, ultrasonic material control, central lubrication, automatic control with microcomputer, automatic fault diagnosis, purifier of diesel oil, double vibrating and plating devices etc. make them the ideal machines for constructing the high grade highway.


1.The technologies are advanced. The imported hydraulic and electric control systems make the performance perfect.
The hydraulic and electric control systems are all imported with the original packaging. The traveling, screw and vibrating system are all closed hydraulic circuit which ensures some key functions such as the constant speed control, material level control and intelligent fault diagnosis etc. The independently driven double-bump and double-motor are adopted in driving system to ensure the stability.
2.Digital automatic leveling system: The electric crossover type leveling system or the ultrasonic contact-less leveling system can be selected.
The automatic leveling system is imported with the original packaging. Operation system is in Chinese whose precision is high and smoothness is good enough. At the same time, the crossover type leveling system can be added to 18 meters and various imported ultrasonic contact-less leveling systems such as MBA or TOPCON can be chosen to satisfy the requirement of construction.
3.Multifunctional configuration: can pave many kinds of pavement materials including bituminous mixture, cement concrete and so on.
Maximal paving thick is 300mm which can meet the paving requirements of various materials and every layers of high-grade highway. Paving thick can be adjusted with electric control system and driven by hydraulic system, which make it very reliable.
4.Fully hydraulic driving system: can steplessly adjust the paving speed, running speed, screw speed and tamping frequency etc.
5.Vibrating tampers can ensure the good tamping effect.
Screed is equipped with double vibrating tampers and vibrating equipments, with which the suitable tamping frequency can be selected to obtain the ideal tamping degree according to the different materials. Tamping, vibrating and traveling can be automatically controlled together.
6.Operation is convenient: View field of the sliding-type centralized control console is wide. Human engineering is applied thoroughly and the two-seat sliding-type centralized control console make operation be convenient and view field be wide.
7.The power reserve is large and the complete machine is reliable.
The BF6M1013C motor is imported with the original packaging. The main hydraulic elements and speed reducer are imported. The system is designed rationally. The power reserve is large enough to ensure the reliability of complete machine.

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Q:ABD525 asphalt paver power and other related technical parameters, there are information to help ah!
It should be ABG525. The landlord has a wrong model
Q:Asphalt paver is how much money
See what you do with it, as the foundation can rent almost, and that price will be 5-6. If it is the high-speed
Q:Paver deviation of the law, how to solve?
Its reason and solving method of paver walking deviation can be roughly divided into to the side of the deviation and irregular (huzuohuyou) deviation of 2, this paper analyzed the reasons, and puts forward the solving method. (1) to the side of the deviation of mechanical transmission in the left and right motor running speed (pulse) consistent with the premise, from the analysis of mechanical transmission, paver to cause deviation of the main side there are 3: one is the left and right track tensioner are not the same. At this point, you can adjust the track to tighten the degree of elimination of deviation. Two is left, right track is not parallel. At this point, by adjusting the track guide wheel positioning bolts, or adjust the controller deviation parameters to eliminate deviation. Three is the track beam because of poor rigidity or stress release and other reasons deformation. At this time, the track beam can be eliminated by adjusting or replacing the track beam. Hydraulic transmission from the hydraulic transmission analysis, paver to one side of the deviation mainly because there are 2: first, the gear is not correct. The main reason for the hydraulic system, which does not take into account the electrical system, is that the motor shift is switched abnormally. The speed of the left and right running motors is detected by the test equipment. If there is a difference in speed, it is likely that one side is a working block and the other side is a running gear. At this time, adjust or replace the walking motor, so that the left and right gear to maintain the same, the phenomenon of deviation can be eliminated. Two is the running motor in the open-loop state, or the left and right sides of the motor speed difference is too much.
Q:Asphalt paver work according to the per unit price?
9 meters above the ABG paving machine, monthly rent of 120 thousand classes, a total of under you.
Q:What is the model and price of asphalt concrete paver for paving width 4 and 5 meters?
Paver model and introduction (for reference only): 1. TITAN423 paver paving materials: all kinds of asphalt materials; stable materials; graded aggregate; sand; stone; roller compacted concrete; rail ballast.
Q:SANY Sany DTU95C paver manual
The driving, feeding and distributing systems are all hydraulically driven independently and controlled by microcomputer;• DTU95C/75C screed adopts mechanical assembly form, double vibration, eccentric vibration and gas heating;DTU90SC/75SC ironing plate adopts hydraulic telescopic form, single vibration, eccentric vibration and electric heating;
Q:In road construction, when asphalt mixture is paving, why does it stop easily when the paver changes halfway?
Paving speed and hammer and vibration, pay attention to a speed ratio, in the construction process, there is always a speed ratio, so that the paving effect to a better state.
Q:What's the difference between the ABG8820 paver and the 8620?
8620, Shaanxi construction assembly,ABG8820 is imported.Therefore, the difference between imports and domestic, quality aspects of the domestic current is not good.Paver is a kind of construction equipment which is mainly used for paving material on the base and surface of highway.It is composed of various systems to cooperate with each other, including walking system, hydraulic system, transportation and distribution system, and so on.
Q:Which hero has the style of VAT invoice (scanning or photocopy)?
You search in Baidu pictures, value-added tax invoices, there are many samples of invoices.You this paver, not many people know, no more points, and no one knows.
Q:What is the standard setting rate of asphalt pavement?
According to "technical specification for construction of highway asphalt pavement" (JTG F40-2004) Regulations: in hot mix paving machine for asphalt mixture layer construction, paver must be slow, uniform and continuous uninterrupted paver, not free to change the speed or stops, in order to improve the smoothness, reduce segregation of mixture, paving speed should be controlled in the range of 2~6m/min, the modified asphalt mixture and SMA mixture should slow down to 1~3m/min. When the mixture shows obvious segregation, wave, crack and drag mark, the reason should be analyzed and eliminated.

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