Instrumentation and Signal Control Cable 300/500V, 450/750V

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Product Description:

1. Product Description

Copper Conductor, XLPE Insulated, Braiding Shielded, PVC Sheathed Flexible Control Cable 

GB9330-1988,IEC,DIN,BS,450/750V AC

2.450/750V Copper Coductor PVC Insulated and sheathed Flexible Control Cable
Detailed Product Description

3. The control cable can be produced according to the standard GB9330-1988, IEC, DIN, BS, and the factory can also manufacture the cables in accordance with other standards.

4.The control cable are suitable for the wiring of electrical controlling equipments and instrument, monitoring and controlling return circuit, electrical protection and measurement in power distribution unit under the circumstance that the rated voltage is up to 450/750V AC.

2. Product Characteristic

Maximum operation voltage: 600 V.

 2, Maximum operation temperature in the conductor: 

90°C In a dry environment.
75°C in a wet environment.

3. Soft drawn concentric lay stranded copper conductor class B (7 wires).

4 Manufactured in sizes from 0,823 5 to 5,26 mm2 (18 to 10 AWG).

5, No-flame propagation characteristics

3. Product Specification

Voltage  Rate

300/500V, 450/750V


Twisted Pair 1~50 pairs or Triple 1~20

Range of Nominal cross section:

0.50 mm2 ~2.5 mm2


It is applicable to inspection instruments connection and the signal transmission of electronic computer system, monitoring loop, automatic control system.


IEC60092, BS5308, TICW6-2009


Conductor: Class 1/2 annealed bare copper solid or strands or Class 5 fine annealed copper wire

Insulation: PVC, XLPE, PE

Sheath: PVC

Max. Operating Temperature

70℃, can be 90℃ as per requirement

4. Reference Picture


Instrumentation and Signal Control Cable 300/500V, 450/750V

Instrumentation and Signal Control Cable 300/500V, 450/750V

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