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Q:whats wrong with my guitar amp?
The tip connector of the jack is commonly spring loaded - but that means the spring looses tension, it won't contact your cable properly. Replacing the jack is the very best solution, however you may be able to dig into the jack with a really small srewdriver and rebend the tip connector to make better contact.
Q:What are the common electrical components of your everyday residential A/C system? i.e. switch, relay, etc.?
There are two sides to the average home A/C unit. You have the evaporator side or indoor blower and the condenser side outdoor unit. On a close of the thermostat 24v from r to y (G) the indoor fan relay closes(24v GC). Allowing 110v to the indoor blower. The 24v signal also travels to the condensing unit (YC). If equipped with low and/or high pressure switches and they are closed 24v will be supplied to the cooling contactor. When the cooling contactor coil is powered 220v will pass through the contactor to the compressor and condenser fan (Condenser fan sometimes have fan cycling controls). Both compressor and condenser fans have capacitors. Indoor blower motor typically 110v supplied to indoor unit through breaker Outdoor unit typically 220v supplied through separate breaker. Indoor unit transformer takes 110v and down steps to 24v for control power. (Sometimes internally fused) Typical 24v wiring C- Common leg of 24v R- Red supply side of 24v W- Heat Y- Cooling G- Indoor Fan
Q:My Car wont start! Help Me please?
Try putting the keys in the ignition.
Q:1996 Cadillac Eldorado ETC, No power to Fuel Pump - Filter, Fuse, Connections & Relay all good, what can it be?
Put a voltmeter or test lamp between the pump power connection and ground. Switch on the ignition, and see whether the voltage is there. If not, and you reckon the fuse and relay are definitely OK, you have a problem with the power wire or connections, or the earthing of the pump. If the voltage IS there, your pump is stuck or burned out or bad earth.
Q:sony projection kp46xbr35 pic is shaped like a bowl?
If it had bad fuses the cross would be misaligned. If you move the red and blue up and down and the whole picture moves (the red and blue part) then I suspect a vertical deflection problem. This could be the output ic, the jungle ic, or associated component and connections. The only way to find out is with an 0-scope in a shop.
Q:Shortage with my airsoft gun?
Yes, a blown fuse is always caused by a short (uhnot shortage, but short;-) A quick fix is to throw it away and get a new one, another is take it in to a repair shop, but there is no inexpensive 'quick fix' for a short, usually ever in anything. Electrical shorts or short circuits occur because there is a very low or no resistance connection between the terminals of the power source, i.e. the battery, adapter terminals, wires from the wall. This can be caused by: Two uninsulated conductors touching. A burned out component that failed by shorting. Foreign object that is conductive (pin, paperclip, bread sack tie, screw, etc.) contacting two conductors. Solder bridge on a PC (Printed Circuit) board. Internal short in a multi-cell battery or battery pack. Exposure of a PC board to non-distilled water or other liquids, even after the board is dried. Wire with metal terminal end coming loose and touching another wire or a PC board trace. And I'm sure that I've not listed all the potential causes for a short. (Oh, yeah, forgot PBJ(peanut butter jelly sandwich) in a VCR. Sorry, but there isn't a quick fix. Using a larger fuse may be tempting, but it would only worsen the problem should it NOT blow. Fuses blow to protect the equipment they are used in from permanent damage from shorts. Fuses that DON'T blow DONT protect equipment from shorts. They can, in some cases, do a great job of starting a camp fire;-) Best advice, take it to a repair shop and get it fixed.
Q:What are FIVE circuit components.?
A switch has an analog or digital gate that opens and closes the circuit. A fuse is usually an enclosed, thin, conductive filament which melts and opens the circuit when there is an over-current. Connecting wires are wire conductors (e.g., copper wire) that allow for electrical continuity between circuit element. Bulb (load) is a device which your circuit causes to function. It is always measurable resistive. Power supply (source) is the source of sustained electrical potential and therefore electrical power used to operate the circuit.
Q:corrolla 2000 fuse blown up15 ampere and its related to EFI or F-HTR.?
Q:I have a 2006 chevy impala in the ac fuse keep blowing what should I do?
It sounds like the ac compressor clutch is bad. How to troubleshoot: Unplug the A/C compressor clutch wire and replace fuse and turn on A/C. If it does not blow, it is not anything in the wiring to the compressor. If it blows without the compressor plugged in you are going to have to check wiring and components from the compressor back.
Q:Why does my inverter keep blowing fuses?
Either you wired the inverter incorrectly, or the inverter has an internal fault. In the second case, it isn't worth repairing. Replacing the inverter costs less than FINDING the fault.

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