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HDMI cable, DVI cable, VGA cable, Optical fiber cable, USB Cable; Rca cable 


The main products of our company are as following:

HDMI cable, DVI cable, VGA cable, Optical fiber cable, USB Cable; Rca cable

Computer Cable, Hdmi Cable, Hdtv Cable, VGA cable, DVI cable

Audio/Video Cable, Video Cable, Pc Cable,

Data Transfer Cable, Data Cable, Digital Device Cable,

Hdmi Cable, Hdmi, Dvi Cable, Hdmi To Hdmi Cable, Hdmi-Hdmi Cable, Hdmi-Dvi Cable 



HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) provides an interface between any HDMI-enabled audio/video source, such as HDTV, PS3, Blue Ray DVD players, XBox360 Elite, Home Theater, projector, Dish receivers and all other device with HDMI input. It transmits all ATSC HDTV standards and supports 8-channel digital audio, with bandwidth to spare to accommodate future enhancements and requirements.



HDMI 19 PIN male to HDMI 19 PIN male cable.

Double-color PVC moulding shell.

Certified HDMI 1.3b, back compliant with all previous HDMI versions, Support All HDMI Devices, transfers at 10.2 Gigabytes per second.

Supports 1080p Full HD picture quality and Supports up to 1600p (future proofed).

24K Gold plated connector for the best conductivity.

Use Oxygen free copper conductor to maximum signal transfer and minimize interference.

With Triple layer copper braided shielding to ensure lossless data transmission.


Buyer Selection 

1. Gauge of cable: 30AWG, 28AWG, 26AWG or 24AWG. 

2. Cable OD: 8.2MM, 7.3MM, 6.0MM, 5.5MM.

3. Cable length: 0.1M, 1M, 2M....20M

4. Ferrite rings for resisting EMI.

7. Shell Material: single-color PVC moulding, Double-color PVC moulding, Zinc alloy , Aluminum alloy.

8. Connector: Golden plated or Nickle plated 


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We can offer you various of Computer Connection Cable, including

Network RJ45 Cat5e, Cat6

Printer Cable (Convensional, IEEE1284)

Monitor Cable ( HDMI, DVI, SVGA, RCA, 3.5mm)

USB Cable (USB A / B, USB A M / F, USB A / Mini 5P)

Firewire IEEE1394 (4P, 6P)

Keyboard/Mouse Cable (DIN6, DIN8)

Modem Cable (DB9, DB15, DB25)


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Q:What's the use of a heat-resistant sponge for electric irons?
Electric iron in heating to the highest temperature, the electric iron coated with flux to stick on the tin coated flux is non stick tin, copper contact there is in you also to apply welding welding, and then use your electric iron to poke the copper contact to welding. And quite strong, if not prefluxing copper contact even if welding is forced up weld, is not very firm. Then the effect of heat-resistant sponge: electric iron head is copper, copper oxide black copper oxide in the heating state for a long time, there is a small amount of tin oxide, so the tip surface covered with a layer of copper oxide film and tin oxide, tin to prevent adhesion, heat resistant sponge come in handy here, you use the electric iron heating in the sponge grinding back and forth a few will be able to get rid of the oxide layer and tin oxide, then you can directly apply flux can be used, it is best not to pay attention to scrape the iron head with a knife in the film, easy to damage the iron head, or a lot, but said quite clear, that is, not what esoteric, heating type electric iron is easy to learn.
Q:Brazing? Soldering with soldering iron + soldering tin + solder paste is relatively easy, but I want to solder galvanized wire, but there is no feasible way to weld?
Before welding with 10% hydrochloric acid coated galvanized layer, wait a few seconds, not directly with the solder paste, you can, don't outside the wise remark of an experienced person, ah! (huochu to 10 points)High efficiency equipment can be used in large quantities can be manufactured, the basic principle is that using the fixture with a line (or row), move to the upper part of the tank after hydrochloric acid decreased, sticky about hydrochloric acid, lift, move to the welding position of Pu solder wire, clamp, automatic heating for several seconds, loosen the clamp and remove. You can make a device like this.
Q:The utility model relates to a temperature controlled electric iron, which belongs to measuring instruments How to measure the temperature control electric iron? Does the country have relevant procedures and standards?
Not counting equipment. A temperature measuring instrument is used to measure the temperature of the time, and then the temperature is adjusted by using the temperature calibration function inside the machine.The temperature measuring instrument belongs to metering equipment and is calibrated annually
Q:What is the function of rosin in the use of electric irons?I didn't use any rosin when I used it. I didn't know how to use it
The soldering flux has been painted on the circuit board.
Q:Soldering electronic components on a circuit board, what is the head of an electric iron?
The pad of the pan is very big, besides, it is not necessary to do the exercises. It can use a few pieces of copper tilted head iron. Suggest a 20W and a 35W. The former is used to weld small components, and 35W is used to weld devices with greater heat dissipation. The two won't add up to ten dollars.With the proposed things to use public incense, do not recommend the use of solder paste, because it contains acidic substances, especially the SCM crystal oscillator is easy, and therefore can not start vibration, I have had this situation.To prevent overheating, there should also be a pointed forceps.Conditional word can also prepare the following things: with working lamp, magnifying glass or tin, tin suctioner with anhydrous alcohol (remove excess rosin).
Q:What's the difference between an electric iron and an outside heat? Which one is better?
The outer heat type is better, it is better to buy a temperature adjustable, 60 watt, with grounding wire.I have been using this, Nanjing meihua,But now I don't use the soldering iron and switch to the soldering pad
Q:Can I use an electric iron to seal an ordinary plastic bag?
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Q:When the new electric iron is heated for a period of time, the tip cannot melt the solder. What is the reason that the solder can be melted on the edge of the iron head?
The new electric iron needs at the beginning, is prepared with rosin solder, use sandpaper to polish the tip of the soldering iron head Rui oxide layer, and then the electric heating, raise temperature slightly after the furnace head into the rosin, heating to melt out to solder temperature, solder to melt quickly the iron head, the head of all melting tin, again into the rosin, which completely fused out good, cool, use next time will normally use,
Q:How do you make 12V electric irons for direct current?
Buy an external hot 220 volt electric iron, remove the top of the electric wire, and then find a 3000W 220 volt electric furnace wire, a few parallel, (for example, you want 50W) measure to 4.1 ou, cut off, winding to the original removal of the electric wire just fine
Q:What brand is desk electric iron best?
Innovative high brand digital constant temperature welding table, CXG-80 quality is very good, it is very convenient to use
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