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We supply different types of pliers & cutters: 

Mini Plastic Nippers / Cutters

Diagonal / Long Nose

Bent Nose Nippers


We are a direct manufacturer of electrical tools with experience of more than 25+ years.  With our well experience and the stricted quality control, our company has become famous in many markets over the world.  Our annual production quantity is two millions pieces for assorted models.


Agents or distributors wanted. OEM is welcome!!


We supply different types of pliers & cutters: 

Mini Plastic Nippers / Cutters, 115mm


Plastic Nipper, 125mm  / 150mm


Diagonal Nippers, 115mm


Long Nose Nipper, 150mm / 200mm


Bent Nose Nipper, 150mm


Neddle Nose Nipper, 150mm


Fishing Plier, 160mm


Bent Fishing Plier, 160mm


Big-Head End Cutter, 163mm


Flat Nose Plier, 115mm / 125mm / 160mm


Micro-cutter, 125mm


Electric Heat Nipper


.... etc.


Other products from us:


Electric Soldering Irons / Guns


Hot Melt Glue Guns & Glue Sticks


Travel Steamers


Briflon PTFE Adhesive Tape


NeoTech Printer Cartridges

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Q:What is the reason that soldering iron can not be welded sometimes? Given your help, thank you!
It's possible that the solder does not match the parent material.
Q:How the LED lamp patch welded to the PCB plug-in board (except the ordinary electric iron is too slow and I mass) with what method or welding tool
Solder patch components, ready to solder paste, buy a box of solder paste. Then buy a 5 ml syringe and add the solder paste. Change into a 0.8-1.2MM needle. Now, point the solder joints on the solder paste. After the point is good, place the patch element on the solder joint. It doesn't need to be neatly placed. When welding, it will be automatically aligned because of the tension of the solder. All right, with off, up to 255 degrees, each blow welding components. Don't think too fast, include a baking time! Practice first and learn quickly
Q:How big is the electric iron?
I haven't used an electric iron before! Welding electronic components with small power, less than 35W, welding big pieces of iron, of course.The electric iron can melt the solder wire, but the use of electric iron to have a learning process, to see how the new soldering iron head with iron core heat transfer effect is good, is plugged in to feel the heat from the iron can be the tip of the soldering iron head, the new first dip tin, hot dipping on the flux, then the solder melting in the iron head on the iron head with solder.Soldering tin is divided into many kinds, usually have a block (lead high, used in a large amount of solder), solder wire with flux (electronic hobby are commonly used). The appearance of the solder wire is similar to that of the fuse. Do not mix it with the fuse.If soldering is made of electronic components, please connect the soldering iron with the ground wire to prevent damage to the components. There is also a long time to stop the soldering iron in the welding, will burn out components or circuit boards!
Q:Can I use an electric iron to seal an ordinary plastic bag?
Can not! Just use the flame of the candle
Q:What's the use of a small clip on an adjustable thermostat iron?
Agree upstairs anti-static, you can clamp in the heating, metal windows, metal table legs and other places
Q:How to put the tin welding electric iron?
1. Choose an electric iron with proper power. Attention should be paid to the design of a protective circuit to reduce the oxidation of the copper head when the welding gap (when the electric iron is in heating but not used) should be designed.2, choose a good solder, such as hollow (containing rosin), buy when to look good, whether there is impurities, in addition, solder should be placed in a dry place, to prevent oxidation.3, the choice of flux, you can choose HCL low concentration solution (but volatile HCL gas harmful to human body), dissolved in Rosin alcohol solution (better than the effect of rosin alone).4, you can also learn about the principle of electroplating, first some solder dissolved in the low concentration of HCL solution, and then use the principle of electroplating, the weldment to be plated with a layer of solder, and then to the circuit board welding, the effect is good.5, note: when welding, as far as possible to keep yourself away from volatile gas; careful burns the skin and desktop.
Q:How can IC remove the electric iron on the circuit board (two panel)?
A thin copper wire is used to penetrate the IC pin. After the tin is melted, the copper wire is pulled out from under the pin
Q:Brazing? Soldering with soldering iron + soldering tin + solder paste is relatively easy, but I want to solder galvanized wire, but there is no feasible way to weld?
Soldering copper with solder paste or rosin can be done. Galvanized iron wire shall be made of zinc acetate solution as soldering flux,Method of preparing hydrochloric acid solution of zinc is lost a few pieces of galvanized iron down in dilute hydrochloric acid solution, for zinc in hydrochloric acid solution foaming foaming explanation.
Q:What brand of electric iron is better?
Day lily, Gao Jie, right-hand man, Paul bor
Q:An electric iron marked "220v45w", how much heat is produced per minute at rated voltage?
The electric power of electric iron can be regarded as heating power basically, electric energy is transformed into heat energy, efficiency is very high. Then, with the power of 45W heating, the heat generated in 1 minutes is Q=Pt=45 * 60=2700JThe electric iron is pure resistive load, the power factor is 1, so I=P/U=45 / 220 = 0.205A
We have been a specialist in the manufacturing of electrical appliances, tools and printer cartridges. Most of our products have been test-certified and proved to comply with renowned safety standards, such as UL and CE. With a labour force of more than 100 workers and our excellent production facility, our success is reflected by our sales volume of HKD50 million every year. We have a wide variety of products: Handy Steamers,Glue Guns, Soldering Tools ,BRIFLON Heat Resistance Adhesive Tapes ,Printer Toner Cartridges

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