Tact Switch

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Tact Switch ,Push button Switch ,Pressure Switch ,tactile switch






we are producing Push button Switch, Push Switch


Tact Switch, Power Switch ,Micro Switch

Power Tool Switch, Pressure Switch




TSY3420 TS3625B1T TS3625B TSTPHM


TS4406 TS44H TSTP4515 TSTP45H TS62H

TS66J4 TS11M WSTP050 TSB303 TSG1175

TSG1125 MD1050 TS1131 TS1243X1 TS11T TS1273G2

WSX6543 TSTPJ1212 WSX6543W WS77HS

KFC-A02-01 TDHn KFC-A02-02 Hn KFC-A03-01 THn

KFC-A03-02 Hn KFC-A03-03 THn

KFC-A04-01 Hn KFC-A04-02 Hn KFC-A07-F7.3/D

KFC-A07-10/D TS405 DS-1120A

DS-1120 TSD66 PBS-19C PBS-32B PBS-17A

SW-2-20M SW-3-20M SW-3-20T SW-3-25T

KDC-A04-1-20M KDC-A06 KDC-A10-20T KDC-A11

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Q:Electric soldering iron why ma hand, is not all electric iron leakage?
The wires might be damaged and not covered, are they?.
Q:Electric iron red
Normal, you have used a period of time after welding a larger thing, want such a high temperature is impossible, because the resistance wire slowly oxidized, resistance increases, power down.
Q:Electric soldering iron, mainly welding some TV, audio, amplifier power?
These boards are single panel, if you use it to buy a good point, then you can buy a constant temperature soldering iron is generally tens of dollars, if you do not often use the words, welding a single panel not too high temperature, buy a 40W to 50W on the line, that is seven or eight yuan
Q:How much is the temperature of the electric iron? How much watts is good? I use 25W pointed electric soldering iron solder on the graphics capacitor, half a day can not solder down, but also for a long time, the video card to
Circuit board, integrated circuit this is best to use DC iron belt, reliable grounding.25W is still pointed, and the 60W is too small. I use 500W constant temperature DC soldering iron.The iron temperature is not enough temperature to 380-410 degrees, because the iron head is small, the heat transfer is slow, that is to say in unit time passes in the heat of melting solder is not a long time, the local temperature will rise so high power short iron.If it were me, I would use 1.25mm's iron head 450 degrees, solder a small amount of soldering iron, and then go to the capacitor solder joints; a small amount of solder to increase the contact area with solder joints to speed up heat transfer.
Q:What kind of electric iron is it?
Welding electric components with electric iron. It's just a day's training. What kind of job are you asking? Electronic (welding) worker. But this type of welding will probably be replaced by machines in the future. Such as wave soldering, reflow soldering and so on. I think if you are interested in electronic products, you can learn a little more about the principle of fault analysis and maintenance. There will be more opportunities for employment at that time.
Q:What's the soldering of the 50 Watt electric iron?
There's nothing wrong with welding! But does your soldering iron have temperature control? If not, solder the phone chip to see if the temperature is higher than the chip's temperature
Q:How much is an electric soldering iron in internal heating?
Internal electric irons generally 10 yuan or so. The hot core is one and is wound by the factory. It is about two or three yuan. Currently, most people use an external hot iron with a high performance iron head. Because the iron head is more suitable for welding precise position. It will also prepare hot air welding equipment, and it is not very expensive.
Q:Can the electric iron bring the plane?
Can take, when I travel, but also a lot of tools, it is best to use checked, do not carry.
Q:What safety issues should we pay attention to when using electric irons?
Shut up when you've finished
Q:How do you get the tin on the new electric iron?
Buy a new electric iron can take a knife hanging iron head (because of oxide) then insert power plug power be hot temperature is very highAs the temperature up to soldering iron head point point rosin solderPlace the solder on the point where the solder needs to be solderedThen welding in the welding components, attention to speed, or the temperature is too high, easy to burn componentsWhen the electric iron without the iron head above the point (to prevent dry burning solder iron) flux as far as possible the use of rosin solder paste will have little because of corrosion
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