RDH1200 Welding Machine

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RDH1200 Welding Machine 

1. welding range : from 800mm~ 1200mm 

2.application: water,gas,irrigation,drainage



Suitable for welding of plastic pipes and fittings made of PE,PP,PVDF and can be operated in any complex working condition. 




1. The machine body is equipped with four main clamps with the third clamp axially moved and adjusted.                                                              


2. Removable PTFE coated heating plate with separate temperature control system.                                                        


3. Electric milling cutter with reversible double cutting edge blades.                    


4. Hydraulic unit provides welding machine with compressing power.          


5. Be made of lightweight and high strength material; simple structure and easy to operate.                                                         


6. Low starting pressure ensures reliable welding quality of small pipes.             


7. Separate two-channel timer shows time in soaking and cooling phases.    


8. High-accurate and shockproof pressure meter indicates clearer readings.       

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Q:Technical operation of welding machine
Manual butt welding machine or pneumatic butt welding machine? Shanghai new welding machine, if it is near, we can talk about ah.
Q:Consult the model of the flash butt welding machine for prawns, and the types of welding machines that can be welded in various types
UN series of flash butt welding machine, in fact, you don't have to ask, if you want to look for a welding machine, you can go to a professional welding equipment company they will according to your requirements for what type of machine is not important you choose a suitable flash, it is important to meet your product requirements.
Q:Is the spot welding machine good or DC?
All the same, the convenient point of communication
Q:What welding machine is used for butt welding of stainless steel pipe?
Zhongbang welding flash butt welding machine, without welding wire.
Q:How to choose welding leakage current
The working principle of the welding machine is different, and the requirements of the leakage protection are different.On the choice of welding leakage action current, we must first determine the working current, the working current can be calculated according to current / voltage = power calculation, calculate the working current of the welding machine, taking into account the characteristics of the welding work (a short time, the current instantaneous impact of large) choice, leakage current than the normal work some current. According to the calculated work current, select the appropriate leakage protector.Butt welding machine is also called current welder or resistance touch welder. By using the resistance between the two workpieces' contact surfaces, the contact surfaces of two mutually butted metal can be instantly heated, melted and fused instantaneously through a low voltage and high current.Simple to use welding machine and welding machine with similar method, welding transformer power supply special features, when the special transformer is in butt welding working resistance is very small, the amount of current limit, to ensure the normal welding current.Silicon controlled rectifier has been applied to the welding machine. New control methods have been produced, mainly for the more accurate current control and more reliable welding quality, but the basic principle and the calculation method of current are the same.
Q:When welding, the machine needs water to cool it
No water has been found at present, and butt welds belong to resistance welding.
Q:CNC butt welding machine, welding is not solid, no sparks, but check the power supply voltage and wiring are all right
Check that the power connection is virtual
Q:What's the butt welding machine? What's the difference between it and welding?
Generally, the welding machine does not use electrodes, and the two parts of the metal are welded togetherCommonly used resistance welding - the use of high contact resistance, in the case of electricity, so that the contact material temperature increased to the point near the melting point, and then pressurized to make it togetherThere is also friction welding, which uses two contact ends to rotate at high speed. The high temperature produced by friction causes the materials at the contact temperature to rise near the melting point and then press them together
Q:Do you need the ground wire for the welding machine?
The welding machine shell needs the earthing protection, in order to avoid welding operator to get an electric shock, cause danger.
Q:KW how many UN1-100 pairs of welding machines?
Less than 30, but this is the time has been used, and the relationship with you in the current steel butt welding thick, UN-100 to 28 bar more, when welding when there is the rest of the time, the middle of the power consumption is small, is empty
Our factory has a senior technical team engaged in plastic pipe welding equipment research and design. The guideline of our enterprise is "user's need is our pursuit; the product quality is the lifeline of our enterprise". Our aim is to be a world-famous factory. Our products include TGH multi-angle welding machines, DQJ multi-angle cutting machines and RDH hot-melt welding machines.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangsu,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2001
Annual Output Value
Main Markets 40.00% Domestic Market
15.00% Mid East
10.00% South Asia
10.00% Southeast Asia
10.00% South America
5.00% Eastern Asia
5.00% Africa
5.00% North America
Company Certifications ISO9001

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port
Export Percentage 41% - 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 1,000-3,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 5
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
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