Instant Heat Soldering Gun BG511

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100000 Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

BG511 Instant Heat Soldering Gun 

Voltage: 110V or 220V 

Power: 100W

Cord: GB or A plug

Packed in printed box

Durable, Dependable 


We are a direct manufacturer of electrical tools with experience of more than 25+ years.  With our well experience and the stricted quality control, our company has become famous in many markets over the world.


Agents or distributors wanted. OEM is welcome!!


Our annual production quantity is two millions pieces for assorted models.

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Q:With a soldering iron tin is easy to use it with a separate tin suctioner good or 2 so that electric iron with electric iron
Tin absorption electric iron is not very good, only with iron tin suctioner effect is not good, I suggest you buy an electric suction gun, MT-993 type of yellow is very good, I have used for nearly three years, very easy to use. If the economy permits, it is recommended to buy Japanese white light, better quality. Electric iron dozens of dollars, you can buy a good.
Q:The role of thermistor electric iron
The relative electric iron tin furnace, the temperature is slightly lower, and the electric iron when soldering the thermistor thermistor placed in a relatively short time, little effect on the electrical properties of the thermistor. Electric iron is best to use controllable temperature, the temperature is more stable!
Q:I welded the motor coil joint with electric iron. Why couldn't it be welded?
The joint of the motor winding, generally adopts carbon resistance welding, you can use 1# batteries inside carbon, power 12-24V voltage, end end connected to the winding to paint on the other end of the wire with pliers and is clamped together with winding end up wire contact end the head with carbon, the arc, can quickly melt copper wire, forming a small copper ball, the windings connected together. Hope to be helpful to you, please adopt.
Q:Where does Taiyuan sell electric irons and commonly used electronic components?
Look at it online. It's cheaper
Q:How do you use electric irons to remove the tin from the pad?
Yes, but not too much rosin
Q:What's the temperature of the electric iron?
The size of the W number also determines its temperature220V20W 400 DEG C25W 450 DEG C30W 500 DEG C40W 530 DEG C50W 580 DEG C60W 600 DEG CAppliance maintenance in general around 30W, it is appropriate20W, OK
Q:What is it? Buy electric iron when buy together, how should use?
Look and feel is rosin (after burning smoke, immediately turn black), with the help.
Q:The utility model relates to a temperature controlled electric iron, which belongs to measuring instruments How to measure the temperature control electric iron? Does the country have relevant procedures and standards?
Not counting equipment. A temperature measuring instrument is used to measure the temperature of the time, and then the temperature is adjusted by using the temperature calibration function inside the machine.The temperature measuring instrument belongs to metering equipment and is calibrated annually
Q:Electric irons have internal heat and external heat What is the difference between them and how to distinguish them?
The internal heating element is inside the copper head, and its heat efficiency is relatively high. The outside heat type electric heating wire is outside the copper head, and the power of the iron is related to the metal area to be welded. Small power electric soldering iron, suitable for welding small parts. Such as welding semiconductor device and integrated circuit power is not greater than 30W. High power iron welding larger.The greater the metal area, the greater the power of the iron used. The internal heating type heater, a large head, short service life, are usually small capacity; external heat slowly, small head, long service life, can be used for large capacity, such as: 300W1.Difference between internal heating and external heating electric irons:1, mainly in the different heating methods.2, they use the shape of the iron head, the former is hollow cylinder, and the latter is solid rod.3, the former warm-up time is shorter, but the temperature is slightly greater, especially small power type; relatively, the latter warm-up time is longer.4, the former leakage is slightly smaller than the latter.
Q:Electric irons, hot melt guns and electronic components can be checked through the high-speed rail station?
Article fifty-second of the railway transportation regulations: the following items shall not be brought into the vehicle:1. countries prohibit or restrict the transport of goods; 2. provisions of the laws and regulations of dangerous goods, ammunition and the carrier can not identify the nature of the chemical products; 3. animal level prevent public health (including odor smell) of the goods; 4. vehicles can be damaged or contaminated items
We have been a specialist in the manufacturing of electrical appliances, tools and printer cartridges. Most of our products have been test-certified and proved to comply with renowned safety standards, such as UL and CE. With a labour force of more than 100 workers and our excellent production facility, our success is reflected by our sales volume of HKD50 million every year. We have a wide variety of products: Handy Steamers,Glue Guns, Soldering Tools ,BRIFLON Heat Resistance Adhesive Tapes ,Printer Toner Cartridges

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