Fluorine Plastic Chemical Centrifugal Pump IHF Series

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Product Description:

Introduction of Fluorine Plastic Chemical Centrifugal Pump IHF Series
IHF series fluorine plastic pump is single stage single suction centrifugal pumps, it adopts metal shell lining with fluorine plastic impeller, pump cover ,using metal embedded parts outsourcing fluorine plastic pressure molding. According to international standard ISO2858 design. The product structure is reasonable and reliable performance. Widely used in automobile manufacturing pickling process, acid and alkali manufacturing, painting process, non-ferrous metal smelting, the electrolyte transport project of chlorine ion membrane water and wastewater treatment, electroplating, pesticide industries.

Feature of Fluorine Plastic Chemical Centrifugal Pump IHF Series
---Designed in accordance with ISO2858
---International Standard.
---Cast iron lined with Teflon (F46), ready for corrosive liquids.
---Bellow mechanical seal for shaft sealing.
---Flexible spacer coupling.

Mode Meaning of Fluorine Plastic Chemical Centrifugal Pump IHF Series

E. G. IHF80-65-160A
IH - Single Stage End Suction Chemical Centrifugal Pump
F - Teflon Lined Pump
80 - Suction Dia. (mm)
65 - Discharge Dia. (mm)
160 - Impeller Dia. DN (mm)
Variations: A - Impeller

Material of Fluorine Plastic Chemical Centrifugal Pump IHF Series

1. Pump Casing/Cover: Cast Iron
2. Impeller Frame: Carbon Steel
3. Impeller: TEFLON (F46)
4. Casing/Cover Liner: Teflon
5. Gland of Mechanical Seal :ICr18Ni9Ti
6. Stationary Ring: Alumina Ceramic (99.9%)
7. Rotating Ring: Saturated TEFLON
8. Pump Shaft: 3Cr13
9. Bearing Housing: Cast Iron

Performance of Fluorine Plastic Chemical Centrifugal Pump IHF Series

Flow Range: 6.3 ~ 400m3/hr
Head Range: 5 ~ 125m
Suction Dia.: 50 ~ 200 mm
Pump Speed: 1450/2900 rpm
Fluid Temp.: -20ºC120ºC

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