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RO water purifier system is raw water through precision filter, granular activated carbon filters, activated carbon filters, compression, and then through the pump pressure, the use of reverse osmosis membrane pore size 1/10000μm make a higher concentration of water into low concentration of water, while the industrial pollutants, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other impurities in the water mixed with a large number of full isolation, to achieve the required physical and chemical indicators for drinking and hygiene standards, outputs to clean pure water is the best choice of body replenish water quality. It is key equipment of pure water plant.

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1.We can send you the video of the running machine.


2.You are welcome to come to visit our company,and see the machine running in our factory,we can pick you up from the station near our city.


3.If we get the permission of the customer who has brought the machines from us,we can tell you our customers' contact imformation,you can go to vist their factory.


4.We can design the machines according your requirements(materil,power,filling type,the kinds of the bottles,and so on),at the same time we will give you our professional suggestion,as you know,we have been in this industry for many years.


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Q:The tap water filter is fitted directly to the faucet,
I think it is better to use a filter water dispenser, although it is not installed directly on the faucet, it is convenient to use, but the cost performance is still relatively high, and it is not easy to damage
Q:What is the meaning of the purifier being in the water production state?
In this way, the water has been in the state of water leakage
Q:Water purifier bottom leakage is what is the reason?
There may be two, and the other is the crack in the filter barrel. Generally speaking, this situation is rare.
Q:Is groundwater purifier useful?
3, your family can use such things is very important. Water needs a certain amount of pressure to filter it. Ask the local sales staff for details and they will help you.
Q:What certification does water purifier need to be certified?
All products labeled with "CE" mark can be sold in the EU member countries, and do not meet the requirements of each member country, thus realizing the free circulation of goods within the EU member countries.
Q:How about the water circulation in the air purifier?
The humidifying function leads to the mildew and moisture regain of the activated carbon filter screen.Instead, it affects the overall cleansing effect.
Q:What is the drainage of the filtrate pump of the ceramic filter?
The filtrate pump is not drained. I hope my answer will help you. The possible reasons are as follows:Filtrate pump failure or connection pipe damage.
Q:Articles: gauze, cobblestone, pebble, quartz sand, activated carbon, expanded cotton, empty plastic bottle, single hole rubber plug with catheter. Made a simple water purifier, and write out his purifying effect
Give you some car information - quartz sand filter structure: the upper anthracite (activated carbon), middle layer (quartz sand, pebbles of large size quartz sand) has a supporting role: micro flocculation to remove suspended solids, water particles, colloids, algae, microbes and some colloidal substances, quartz sand filter to reduce water turbidity
Q:Does the water purifier really work? Is it good for you to drink for a long time?
Friends sell tap water function type purifier, called "ceramic water machine", also known as microcrystalline magnetic energy machine
Q:Does the purified water belong to pure water?
But most water purifiers are based on drinking water, rather than using direct drinking water as standard

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