DT607、DS607 series three-phase inductance type meters(long life technics)

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DT607、DS607 series three-phase inductance type meteres are used to measure active energy with reference frequency 50Hz. features: low power consumption, high stability, long life.

Type and meaning
Normal operation and installation conditions

1、Specified operation temperature range:-25℃~55℃;
2、Limit operation temperature range:-40℃~70℃;
3、Relative humidity : less than 85%(ambient temperature is 23℃);
4、No corrosive gas and dust-proof, no mildew, no insects.

Construction features

1、Rotating parts use long life technics:a、use oxidation-proof magnet bearing, no abrasion. b、fixed bearing on and under rotating axis(imported from german) c、use high strength and high rigidity material for up-down bearing pin; d、rotating axis and worm in a same axis to ensure long life operation(more than 25 years).
2、Electranagnetic system uses new construction: voltage and current coil are all fixed on a iron frame to ensure stability.
3、Braking components use new construction and high magnet-accumulating material( LNG37 permanent magnet alloy) to ensure stability;
4、Use excellent material for voltage coil(can withstand Uimp more than 6kV;
5、High accuracy of register to ensure long life.
6、Base and terminal block use high insulation and burning-proof material;
7、Use polycarbonate as cover to ensure good transparent effect and high strength.

Main technical parameters

1、Conform to GB/T 15283-1994 and IEC 521-1988 standards;
2、Class index:2;
3、Reference voltage:3×220V / 380V、3×380V、3×100V;
4、Ib and Imax:3×1.5(6)A、3×3(6)A、3×5(20)A、3×10(40)A、3×10(60)A、
5、Power consumption:less than 1.5W and 2VA under reference voltage,current and frequency;
6、Start-up: under the condition of the referenced pressure, referenced frequency and cosΦ=1,and the load circuit doesn't exceed the 0.5% of the basic circuit, the ammeter's rotor can be started up and constant turning.
7、Potential action: the ammeter's rotor turns without exceeding one cycle when its line has no electric current and the pressure is 80%~110%of the reference.
8、Dielectic properties conform to GB / T 15283-1994.

Fype and specifications
Outline and installation dimensions

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