China NEMA 17 NEMA 23 NEMA 34 Stepper Motor

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Product Description:

China NEMA 17 NEMA 23 NEMA 34 Stepper Motor

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:17HS


Application:CNC Machine, Printer, Lighting, Camara

Speed:Constant Speed


Number of Stator:Two-Phase

Excitation Mode:HB-Hybrid






Brand:Leison Motor


Step Angle:1.8

Hold Torque:up to 52n.C, M


Phase:2 Phase



Motor Body Length:28mm, 34mm, 40mm, 4mm

Shaft:D-Cut or Round, Customized Shaft Length


Connectors:Can with Connectors, 4 or 6 Lead Wires

Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Papers Carton Outside, 60PCS/Ctns Carton Size Is 3

Standard:CE, ROHS



HS Code:8501109990


Production Capacity:100, 000PCS/Year

Product Description

Stepper Motor:

1.Step Angle Accuracy: ± 5% full step, no load
Ambient Temperature: -20° - +50°
Insulation Resitance: 100M Ω Min 500V DC
Dielectric Srength: 500V AC for one mintue
Resistance Accuracy: ± 10%
Temperature Rise: 80° Max.

2. Packaging Detail: Foam inner, Papers Carton Outside, 60PCS/CTNS Carton size is 37*31*22cm

3. Note:Motor's current,holding toruqe, shaft can be customzied, Please let me know your requirement, Also we proudce  stepper motor nema 08 ,nema 11,nema 14, nema 16, nema 17, nema 23, nema 24, nema 34 and nema 42, It can be equipped with gearbox and with lead screw, suitable driver and so on, Please contact with me if have any questions!

Series ModelStep Angle (° )Motor Length (mm)Rated Current (A)Phase Resistance ( Ω )Phase Inductance (mH)Holding Torque (N. cm Min)Detent Torque (N. cm Max)Rotor Inertia (g. cm 2 )Lead Wire (No. )Motor Weight (g)

China NEMA 17 NEMA 23 NEMA 34 Stepper Motor

China NEMA 17 NEMA 23 NEMA 34 Stepper Motor

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Q:How does the step motor reset
Sensor method. The method to install at zero hall switch, photoelectric diode, such as position sensor, when the stepper motor back to zero, the sensor signal is given, the control circuit detects the signal, the motor stops in the zero position. This method is accurate and reliable, but increases the complexity of the circuit and has certain requirements for installation.
Q:How do you change the direction of the step motor
The step electrical and electrical machinery is controlled by the pulse frequency. There are two modes of control, single pulse mode. This is the high and low level control, high level control in one direction, low level control in the other direction. This is also the current way of controlling stepping motors.
Q:Who USES the step motor closed loop controller
The "location table" is used for the movement control program of the main controller's digital input and output signals. You can operate the motor directly by sending a digital table, starting/stopping, the origin looking for or from other input values of a PLC. PLC can be monitored from the driver's location to complete the signal, the origin search, move/stop, servo and other digital output signals. The driver can be up to 256 locations.
Q:What is the linkage and difference of the step motor?
Bad repair, for example, when you draw a circle is, if a shaft moving picture another shaft does not follow a time or have the delay so circle do not circle, so bad patch is to solve this problem, when I was a shaft appear problem, the system will give a compensation signal to correct mistakes
Q:How does the step motor equivalent set
First, we know the screw, the screw is 5mm, the spacing of the two wires is 5mm. 2, the step motor is 1.8 degrees 200 steps, and the walk is 200 by 1.8 = 360 degrees
Q:Is the stepping motor fast?
The step motor speed is not very fast, but the gearbox can be carried out. Its greatest feature is the ability to pinpoint control. The high speed can choose brushless dc motor, tens of thousands of revolutions per minute is fine.
Q:How to control the angular displacement speed and rotation direction of the step motor
Give the corresponding signal according to your needs.I hope my answer will help you
Q:Do you have to use the drive in the step motor
Do you want to step into the drive depends on two aspects: 1, the size of the step motor, if the step of working voltage and current is large, the special driver to drive; The effect of 2, depends on the operation, such as to obtain low vibration, low noise, high stability and other characteristics, is involved in more complex control algorithm, requires special drive. If it's just a matter of turning around and knowing the basics of how it works, it doesn't matter if it's a drive.
Q:How do you learn to step motor and step motor drive
On a treasure site, search L298N stepper motor driver, or ULN2003 stepper motor driver, these are two different forms of drive, and sell the most online learning portal type drive, and then find the owner ask, form a complete set together to buy a motor. If you have money, buy a single chip board, usually a single-chip learning board, with a step into the motor drive module, and then you have a routine...
Q:The number of impulses needed to step into the motor is to include the acceleration and deceleration phase
According to your if: total number of 1000 pulse is pulse, including the acceleration, uniform, slow, low speed four stages, that is, if the setting of the output pulse is 1000, so acceleration, uniform, slow, low speed four stages of pulse number is 1000

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