Hybrid Stepper Motor (MTB86 Series)

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Product Description:

Hybrid Stepper Motor (MTB86 Series)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:MTB86 Series



Speed:Constant Speed


Number of Stator:Two-Phase

Excitation Mode:HB-Hybrid



Number of Poles:4


Operate Mode:Three Phase Double Beat



Certification:ISO9001, CCC




Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Standard Export Case Package

Standard:CCC / CE



HS Code:85015100


Production Capacity:8500sets/Month

Product Description

Simple introduction of our stepper motor:
1. All our stepper motors is bybrid stepper motor with 2-phase & 3-phase;
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Step Angle(° )1.8
Length L(mm)6580118150
Holding torque(N. m)
Resistance(Ω )
Rotor inertia(g. cm² )1000140027004000
Shaft diameter(mm)9.512.712.712.7
Shaft extension(mm)leveling block 1× 25leveling block 1× 25feather key 5× 25feather key
5× 25

Hybrid Stepper Motor (MTB86 Series)

Hybrid Stepper Motor (MTB86 Series)

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Q:What is the phase number of the step drive motor, and how does the user select several phases of step motor?
The phase number of the step motor is the number of coils within the motor, and the two phase, three phases, four phases and five phase stepping motors are commonly used. The number of the motor is different, the Angle of the step is different, the Angle of the step distance of the second phase motor is 1.8 degrees, the third phase is 1.5 degrees, and the fifth phase is 0.72 degrees. In the absence of a breakdown driver, the user mainly selects the steps of different phases to meet the requirement of the step Angle. If you use a subdivision drive, the number of phases becomes meaningless, and the user simply changes the score on the drive to change the step Angle.
Q:What is the meaning of step 1, 1204, 1605,1610?
What you're talking about is not the type of the step motor, but the type of the screw. For example, 16 is the diameter of the screw in 1605, 16mm. 05 is the lead, which is the distance of the screw to move the weight around 5mm. This means that the 16mm diameter screw will drive the load along the 5mm
Q:I just want to know, how many pulses does it take to get into the motor?
according to the four macro motor naming of the stepper motor basic interval Angle is 1.2 °, that is to say, a pulse to 1.2 °, 300 pulse signal to make one revolution of the motor. The steps of the so-called, is to tell you how much one revolution of the pulse, the stepper motor is shown on the drive in step 1.8 ° of the pitch Angle, the calculated You choose is three-phase motor, can not use this drive, but look at the picture you chosen this motor, do not need to purchase another driver, the driver is integrated, you only need to provide pulse, can make the motor work.
Q:What is a step motor?
Stepper motor is a kind of can in open loop control condition, achieve precise position control of the motor, has the characteristics of high cost performance, and is mainly used in low speed high torque in the situation. But it requires a professional drive controller to run, control mode, such as resai M542, and full digital control, such as innast EZM552.
Q:What is the difference between the two phase step motor series and the parallel
The motor you're using is the eight-line step motor. This makes up four pairs of lines. The two pairs of winding series can work under high voltage and low current, while the torque is large When connected, the work can be stable in low voltage, high current environment and high speed.
Q:What is the control of the frequency converter
The controller (control card) sends the pulse to the driver, which drives the step motor.
Q:What is the step motor? What is it used for?
The operation of the stepping motor to have a electronic device drivers, the device is stepper motor drives, it is the control system of the pulse signal into angular displacement of stepper motor, or: each send a pulse signal control system, through the drive actuator makes a step away from the Angle of stepping motor rotation. That is, the speed of the step motor is proportional to the frequency of the pulse. The speed of the motor is controlled by the frequency of the pulse signals. The precise positioning of the motor can be obtained by controlling the number of step pulses.
Q:What is called the brake step motor?
Brake stepper motors, also known as the brakes, brake, brake average power stepping motor not self-locking, electricity self-locking, in order to realize power since the lock, need to add at the end of the step motor (brake), a brake device and parallel circuit in stepping device, when the motor is powered on, the brake is on electricity, brake from the stepper motor output shaft, the motor running, when power outages, brake release clasped the motor shaft.
Q:This paper summarizes the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of the stepper motor motor
Step Angle: corresponding to a pulse signal, the angular displacement of the rotor of the motor is expressed in theta. Theta = 360 degree (the number of rotors), in the case of the normal two and four phases, the rotor teeth are 50 teeth motor. Four run time interval Angle is theta = 360 degrees/(50 * 4) = 1.8 degrees (commonly known as a whole step), eight beats runtime interval Angle is theta = 360 degrees/(50 * 8) = 0.9 degrees (commonly known as half step). These two concepts clearly, after we again to calculate the rotational speed, with basic steps within 1.8 ° Angle of stepping motor as an example (now in the market of conventional two, four basic steps from the Angle of the hybrid stepping motor is 1.8 °), four phase eight running mode, each receives a pulse signal, around 0.9 °, if receive 400 pulses every second, so speed is 400 megabits per second x0. = 9 ° 360 °, equivalent to turn every second, every minute 60. Other things can be calculated.
Q:The step motor only rings
There are four lines and eight lines in the step motor, and there are pulse +, pulse -, direction +, direction - and 8 lines are two and four groups to connect, pulse and direction.

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