CDB7LE Series Residual Current Circuit Breakers

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Q:How to fix electric central heater?
find out what kw the heat strip is. there should only be about four screws holding it in and a plug for the wiring. not hard to replace if you can buy one.
Q:Peugeot 306: What electrical component is failing?
get new terminals fitted .and as suggested charge battery ,car will start ok with that done .rem to tighten battery terminals well .you said you wiggle them and lights come on . that suggests not tight enough ok .all the best .
Q:My fuel pump on my 1992 Saab will not get any power to it/not work.Any suggestions?
Check fuses and relays, you need the wiring diagram and component locator. The wiring diagram will help you trace the circuit. The ECM usually provides the relay ground circuit and the relay provides the power to the pump.
Q:96 Chrysler Concord fuse?
I know you said that you checked the fuses ,but did you check both fuse boxes .You should have one under the dash and another one under the hood. It sure sound like you have a blown fuse to me.
Q:What do you use for surge protection for Component LEDs?
No surge protection is required, and as for fusing, use a normal-blow fuse rated about 20% higher than the current normally drawn by the lights.
Q:I have a 97 ford explorer. Niether the AC or fan are working at all. Will coolant work?
I would start with electrical components, beginning with fuses and relays (remove and inspect). I would then look at the low pressure switch tied into the A/C line (jump terminals in cable harness plug while A/C is on to see if compressor kicks in). If you know lots of refrigerant is present and jumping that plug makes the compressor turn, get a new switch. If the coolant has leaked out, don't let the compressor run on empty for more than a few seconds. If the compressor never comes on after all this, try jumping 12V to it directly to see it a bad clutch coil (still won't come on) or bad wiring or control circuit. The next step is to pull a hard vacuum on the system: -29.5 Hg is what you want, and see if the vacuum is stable with the pump off and valve shut. If the vacuum leaks out find out why and get it fixed before buying R134a. If you think it might be a very slow leak you could now take a gamble and get it charged and add leak dye. This can tell you how slow the leak is and where, in the meantime you might have some A/C for a little while. EDIT: The blower motor in the dash might just be broken, which isn't affected by the level of freon in the sealed system. Have this blower problem resolved before digging into the A/C system itself, because it might be just fine.
Q:Car audio question need advice?
For more bass get a more powerful amp and use a smaller gauge wire like 4 or 0 gauge and a mono block amp is good for bass. But if you turn them facing inside the car and let the rear seat down you will achieve your goal.
Q:During the formation of a star, two reactions take place.?
The mass you use in Emc^2 is the difference in mass between the fused atom and it's components. For example in (A) your mass (that is converted to energy) is 3.01550 - (2.01355+1.00728) 0 If you want to know why then look up mass defect
Q:Climate control panel buttons not working?
check fuse #3 drivers side under-dash fuse/relay box. check fuse #13 pass side under-dash fuse/relay box. might need to go to a shop as there is a climate control unit, air mix control motor and a mode control motor for this vehicle. there is no vacuum to this unit if it is automatic temp system.
Q:Electronic component code reference?
May be this will help you: •A: Assemblies •B: Transducers / Sensors / Detectors •C: Capacitors •D: Storage devices •E: Miscellaneous •F: Fuses •G: Generator, battery pack •H: Indicators, signaling devices •J: Connector / connector pin Joining another connector (P) •K: Relays •L: Inductors and filters •M: Motors •N: Analogue devices •P: Measuring / test point / connector plug •Q: Transistors •R: Resistors •S: Switches, push buttons, emergency stops and limit switches •T: Transformers •U: Integrated circuits, Power converters, DC power supplies •V: Electron vacuum tubes tubes •W: Wires, conductors, power, neutral and earthing busses •X: Terminal strips, terminations, joins •Y: Solenoids, electrical actuators •Z: Filters

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