Canon Ef 50mm F/1.8 Ii

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Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II is Canon's lightest and cheapest lens, the aperture is large enough and easy to carry, although the color is compared with EF 50mm f/1.4 USM level, only 5 aperture blades, to mount only made of plastic,but the sharpness is surprising, many photographers used to take one for a rainy day, whether shooting portraits or realistic photos are quite suitable. This mirror is the most traditional five groups of six, from 0.45m to infinity focus. With a simple cam-focus mechanism, the focusing speed is satisfactory.


Angle of View (diagonal)


Lens Construction

6 elements in 5 groups

No. of Diaphragm Blades


Minimum Aperture


Closest Focusing Distance (m)


Maximum Magnification (X)


AF Actuator

DC Motor

Filter Diameter (mm)


Max. Length x Diameter (mm)

41x 68.2mm

Weight (g)






Magnification with
Extension Tube EF 12 II

0.39x - 0.24x

Magnification with
Extension Tube EF 25 II

0.68x - 0.53x

Lens Hood

ES-62 with Adapter Ring

Lens Cap


Gelatin Filter Holder III (Hood III)*


Gelatin Filter Holder IV (Hood IV)*




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Q:Why Casio digital camera will always show the lens error, and the lens can not shrink
The lens of the drive components are broken, there may be sand into, or the internal device is broken, repair it! The Telescopic lens prone to this problem!
Q:Why is the lens of the camera not square
1, in order to maximize the amount of light, so that light through the lens, to ensure a clear picture. Such as the design of the side, near the edge of the amount of light and the amount of light through the middle of inconsistent, both strong center, four corners weak, according to the central light exposure, corners of the lack of exposure; by the corners of the light exposure, the central exposure.
Q:Can the camera lens be wiped with a cotton pad? What is the best rub?
Is the lens dirty? Advise you not to rub, the more rub the more flowers, if only ordinary attachments, with the skin tiger blowing like, if it is fingerprint or oil, advised you not wiped after the lens damage will increase. Consumption models do not care to maintain too much, a very short time to change, if it is a professional machine with the lens, to persuade the landlord has been with UV, clean only need to clean UV
Q:How to configure the SLR camera lens
DX 55-200mm F4-5.6 no anti-shake, no big aperture, dark light is difficult to guarantee the clarity. 50mm f1.8 fixed focus large aperture, suitable for practice composition. DX 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 Oh, tell the truth, very easy to use Since the money 18-200mm, on this!
Q:Will my Canon 600d camera lens how automatic focus can not!
Canon all the cameras are no body motor, all the focus is to rely on the lens motor to complete the focus, if the landlord you can not focus on the words may wish to confirm that you have not set in the menu is not auto focus, if not, then your lens There is a problem with the motor.
Q:Camera lens points can be stretched what can not pull what is called what
Can not be stretched called "fixed focus lens", the focal length of the lens can not be changed, to change in the lens to see the object of the distance, it is necessary to rely on man step.
Q:Can digital camera lens and mechanical camera lens be interchangeable?
Second, different manufacturers, the lens interface is not the same, only the same interface, it is completely interchangeable.
Q:Digital camera lens marked "f = 6.3-18.9mm 1: 3.1-5.6", what does it mean ah, how this camera
This is the relatively large size of the DC drive it shows that the actual focal length is from 6.3MM (F3.5) -18.9MM (F5.6) but because of the size of the equivalent size of the focal length than this large (according to different photosensitive size Determine the conversion factor) do not know who is the head of the aperture you are wrong should be 1: 3.5-5.6 3x optical zoom
Q:Digital camera lens brush can brush lens it?
Lens brush can only brush the lens sticky floating ash, if the stubborn stains is best to use the lens pen to clean up, or with a special cleaning fluid with cleaning paper (not the lens paper) to rub. Domestic lens cloth is generally not reliable reliable lens.
Q:Double lens reflex camera can introduce
5. The lens interchangeability is limited. If you replace the camera lens, you must also replace the viewfinder lens. Today's TLR cameras typically provide interchangeable dual lens devices. 6. Imaging on the contrary.

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