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1. Benefits and Application

GB-CK88B is an anhydrous aluminum silicate produced by a controlled,high-temperature heating of a water-fractionated kaolin.GB-CK88B is specifically designed for use as a filler in automobile electrophoresis prime coat.As a calcined kaolin pigment,with the property of high brightness,excellent light scattering,fine particle,is an extender that can replace titanium dioxide partly to improve the efficiency and reduce production costs,and can help paint to form easily the close-grained and smooth paint film.

It is stable and hard to sedimentate in electrophoresis tank.With low impurity and good inertia, it can improve paint film's stability against corrosion and moisture-proof property. The particle has micro platy shape.The series has advantages of low oil absorbency and easy dispersion.

GB-CK88B, which is applied in automobile ecectrophoresis prime coat,supplies excellent deposition stability,paint film flattening,corrosion resistance,rim angle spreadability and uniformity. Calcined kaolin's excellent opacity and adhesion make paint film flatter and denser and get much better stone striking resistance property.

2. Typical Physical Properties

3. Typical Chemical Properties

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Q:Can the water containing kaolin be drinkable?
The general soil are kaolin containing ingredients, pure kaolin is acidic soil, pH value of about 4-6, the more pure kaolin more acid, general plants to grow, if plants can grow, the water can drink;
Q:How do porcelain mud distinguish good or bad?
Compared with the international standard of the kaolinite content Chinese, southern Suzhou and Fujian Longyan kaolin soil Si was significantly more than the commonly used North Datong soil, iron content and mix the raw is significantly larger, but the north and south to kaolin aluminum content than the British standard used for EPK, which also makes the general China porcelain to temperature higher than 1310 degrees, or even close to 1350 degrees, but the mineral composition of kaolin is different, around the mining kaolin component is so different, so that a lot of kaolin with today's porcelain stone in the data has been very close to the standardized production and the western industrialization under the background of different kaolin most of the China, or in the production of kaolin ore deposit by the way.
Q:Can calcined kaolin be used in PVC tubing?
At present, calcined kaolin has been widely used in ceramics, rubber, plastics, artificial leather, cement, refractory materials, chemical industry and agriculture.
Q:Are kaolin and bentonite mineral materials?
Mineral material, if it's kaolin ore, it's mineral resources.
Q:Method for separating kaolin
In order to prepare coating grade kaolin products, stripping of thicker layered kaolin must be made into thin sheets. Stripping methods include wet grinding, extrusion and chemical soaking. The wet grinding method will be made about 40% gas solid kaolin slurry, adding dispersant, adding grinding medium (such as quartz sand, porcelain beads, glass beads, nylon polyethylene beads) grinding machine, grinding and sieving after a certain period of time, the precipitation is. Extrusion method will be kaolin pulp sent to the high-pressure pulp mixer, the high-pressure paste pressure to 20 ~ 35Mpa, and then sprayed by the nozzle, due to sudden pressure drop, so that kaolin crystal laminated loose". High speed slurry ejected into the impeller, suddenly change the direction of movement, so that loose crystal lamination peeling. The chemical immersion method using urea solution soaked kaolin powder, and heated to 30 to 80 DEG C, adding a small amount of dispersant, the kaolin fully dispersed, high-speed stirring, so that the crystal layer peeling. Benzidine and acetamide can also be used instead of urea. The neutral water solution of AlCl3 is mixed with Na2SiO3 according to the ratio of 1 to 0.75 to 1 to 5 to produce precipitation.
Q:High silica kaolin is?
Silica is our country begin to realize and a new non metallic mineral found in early 80s. It is a relatively high degree of diagenesis, fine particles, containing siliceous argillaceous rock, a certain amount of calcium magnesium, after weathering and leaching, leaching of calcium magnesium is, very fine quartz and clay minerals are preserved down, thus forming a large porous siliceous rocks. It is in alpha, microcrystalline cryptocrystalline quartz, clay minerals as powder or lump, porous siliceous industrial mineral aggregates.
Q:How to remove the kaolin from the stone?
Kaolin has strong acid resistance, but its alkali resistance is poor. Try using this nature!
Q:Should kaolin be used in polyester production?
Polyester fiber is also called polyester fiber (PET), the basic component is polyethylene terephthalate two ester, molecular formula [-OC-Ph-COOCH2CH2O-]n, so simply do not use kaolin when producing polyester.
Q:How to distinguish kaolin?
Pure kaolin with high whiteness, soft, easy to disperse in water, suspended in plasticity and good adhesion, high excellent electrical insulation properties; has good acid soluble cationic, low resistance and other physical and chemical properties, better exchange.
Q:Does kaolin ore hazard do harm to human body?
Kaolin is a major component of clay minerals. It is rich in silicon, zinc, magnesium, aluminum and other minerals. The chemical elements are simple: AL4 (Si4O10) OH6, in addition to alumina, silica is also included.

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