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Q:Is kaolin poisonous? What is kaolin?
Add: kaolin composition is very complex, the chemical composition contains a large number of AL2O3, SiO2 and a small amount of Fe2O3, TiO2, as well as trace amounts of K2O, Na2O, CaO and MgO.
Q:Who knows kaolin? Please, great God!
Most of them are crystalline, dispersed, powder and loose. White or light gray, light green, yellow, red and other colors, white streak, earthy luster. Mohs hardness of 2-2.5, the proportion of 2.6-2.63. Strong water absorption and water has plasticity, sticky tongue, dry lumps with rough feeling. Kaolinite is the main mineral of kaolin and is often found in the weathering crust of magmatic rocks and metamorphic rocks. China's famous kaolin producing areas are Jiangxi, Jingdezhen, Jiangsu, Suzhou, Hebei, Tangshan, Hunan, Liling and so on.
Q:Will surface treated kaolin be more insulated than untreated?
The original peak soil has a certain insulation, if you have to deal with, and then compare, it depends on how to deal with.
Q:Hard kaolin in the ceramic piece, which is used in which? What's the difference between washed kaolin and washed kaolin?
Different uses. Depending on the calcination temperature, kaolin can be used as a papermaking additive and as a refractory aggregate. Washed kaolin is generally used as a filler for paper making.Moreover, calcined kaolin mainly refers to the hard kaolin (kaolinite), the original soil without adhesion, cannot be directly used as paper or refractory materials, after application of calcination; soil washed kaolin having adhesion, can be directly refractory adhesive or filler.
Q:Kaolin with magnetic separator, how about iron?
This is a permanent magnet product, characterized by low energy consumption and stable performance. It has certain advantages in the production of ceramic raw materials for iron removal. This equipment used in our side a lot of good results, with electromagnetic products, the use of better results.
Q:How can kaolin be removed from iron?
In addition to iron, the high gradient iron removal machine can remove most of the weak magnetic iron, which is very effective for some kaolin, and is also the most environmentally friendly and ideal process at present
Q:What are the surface modification technologies of calcined kaolin and the matters needing attention?
During the surface modification of calcined kaolin, it is necessary to react at a certain temperature. So, first of all to the calcined kaolin dynamic heating to a certain temperature (100 DEG C), in the high dynamic condition, adding after hydrolysis of silane coupling agent or compound modifier, adding to the best atomization. During the reaction between the coupling agent and kaolin, the temperature should be kept within 120 degrees, and at high speed, the time should be about 3-5 minutes.In addition, surface modification of kaolin and the reaction process, often produce false knot particles, the impact on the quality of the products is given, so the need for effective classification, only in this way can we fully guarantee the quality of products.
Q:What are the functions of kaolin? What areas of industry are you using?
Kaolin has a wide range of uses, mainly due to its plasticity, cohesiveness, certain drying strength, sintering properties and whiteness after burning, and so on, making it the main raw material for ceramic production;
Q:Where are the main differences between kaolin and kaolinite?
The English name for kaolinite is kaolinite and the oxide form is 2Al2O3.4SiO2.4H2O. A product of natural alteration of feldspar and other silicate minerals; an hydrous silicate. Kaolinite is a dense or loose mass, usually white. If it contains impurities, it is beige.
Q:Can kaolin be used for cosmetics?
Kaolin is mainly composed of two oxygen silicon and three aluminum oxide two. Do high-end cosmetics, kaolin requirements of pure white, fine granularity (1250 mesh).

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