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Q:What is the role of kaolin in plastics? What's the role of kaolin in plastic formulations?
The role of calcined kaolin is filler, not the color of paint, hiding force plays an obvious role, but only increase the solid componentIncrease weight.
Q:What is the difference between diatomite and kaolin? Thank you
The main component of kaolin is 2Si02 2H20 Al203, is the most dense or loose soil. Easily dispersed in water or other liquids, soapy, earthy. Having plasticity; wet soil can be molded into various shapes without breaking, and can remain unchanged for a long time. Is a kind of non metallic minerals is ubiquitous in nature, are used to produce ceramic, refractory materials and a small amount of mixed plastics, rubber filler in law. It is widely used in ceramics, rubber, plastics, artificial leather, cement, refractory materials, chemical industry and agriculture.
Q:Application of kaolin
Because the calcined clay oil absorption value is relatively high, so the cosmetics industry recommends the use of ultrafine and high pure water wash soil, strict attention purity and heavy metal content of kaolin, these two aspects report report analysis and detection of heavy metals and chemical products, through the data report and compare its cosmetic requirements can be judged. Pharmaceutical industry bigger user base for butyl rubber plug industry, can use 1250 or so of calcined soil, this is more commonly used, usually as long as the heavy metal test qualified can use. The above two industries use kaolin price difference is quite big, the cosmetics class import product approximately RMB6 yuan /kg, the medicine class RMB2.2 yuan /kg.
Q:What does wet sieving of kaolin vibrating screen mean?
The kaolin has easy dispersion characteristics suspended in water, so the screening process of vibration sieve for kaolin wet sieving, the kaolin ore micron or less units made of mud particles, and adding dispersant, the minerals in the water dissociation, such kaolin in stone and high impurity minerals will be divided into small, medium and roughly three different levels, and through the screening level effect of vibration sieve, the pure kaolin mine screening out.
Q:Where are the main differences between kaolin and kaolinite?
Kaolin pure white, because of impurities can be dyed other colors. Aggregate dull or waxy. Extremely cleavage, hardness 2.0~3.5, relative density 2.60~2.63. Dense block with a rough sense, dry with water absorption, wet state of plasticity, but water does not expand.
Q:Is kaolin a soil or a rock?
The main chemical constituents of alumina, silicon oxide, containing a small amount of iron oxide, calcium oxide, Magnesium Oxide, potassium oxide and sodium oxide and manganese oxide. Kaolin is white, impurity yellow, gray, gray and other colors, especially three containing two aluminum oxide is very high, the sintering temperature of porcelain stone and porcelain is much higher, up to 1400 degrees Celsius is still not sintering. The ancient burning temperature made it impossible to make porcelain and burned to white.
Q:In the paint, paint, ink, imported washed kaolin can replace part of titanium dioxide?
Can replace part of titanium dioxide, specifically the imported kaolin is high mesh products, and close to the fineness of titanium dioxide. Can help disperse titanium dioxide. In actual use, no wet zhegaili, easily dispersed, can be used as a physical fitness pigment, reduce the cost.
Q:What kind of kaolin can burn glazed tiles?
Kaolin is a kind of mineral material of better purity. It is not necessary to fire glass tile and kaolin, because glazed tile belongs to coarse pottery, and the quality requirement of clay is not fine
Q:What is the best composition of kaolin?
Some trace metal elements which may be a different color, the specific color and the metal or metal oxide flame color color
Q:How to distinguish between light calcium carbonate and calcined kaolin?
Hello landlord! Light calcium carbonate (Light Calcium Carbonate), also known as precipitated calcium carbonate (Precipitated, Calcium, Carbonate, referred to as PCC). Light calcium carbonate is prepared by chemical process. Because its settling volume (2.4-2.8mL/g) is larger than that of heavy calcium carbonate produced by mechanical methods (1.1-1.9mL/g), it is called light calcium carbonate.

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