CALCINED KAOLIN FOR CABLE (GB-CK90) National Standard Quality

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Q:Is the kaolin used in Longquan celadon?
Now the personal development of Longquan celadon think it should be a new peak in the history, many artists are celadon constantly exploring new ideas, new technologies, new materials, new technology, and used kaolin as material although not before in history, does not mean that now is not authentic. And kaolin can make the price close to the people the porcelain white porcelain, Bone China has such a sense of vision, it is not so bad. Now, pure handicraft Longquan celadon products usually use traditional cinnabar and iron tire.
Q:What are the colors of kaolin ore?
The color of kaolin is mainly related to its metal oxides or organic matter.
Q:Chin and forehead long piece of pox, in the use of kaolin cleansing mask after a lot less, continuous use for two days, the results are good, but this mask can be used every day?
The molecular structure of the kaolin mask is really good for adsorbing the facial oil and cleaning. It takes about two times a week. If you want to strengthen the cleaning effect, you can also increase the amount of use. If you're using dried soil, you can use it every day. If it is direct buy mud paste type, if there is no adverse reaction to the preservative, you can also use it every day. The mud paste will dry powder type preservative content, also some big stimulus.
Q:What is the solid content in kaolin index?
Refers to the content of kaolin will not be issued, the method of detection is not very clear.
Q:The difference between kaolin and high white mud
It has good acid resistance, solubility, low cation exchange capacity, good fire resistance and other physical and chemical properties. Therefore, kaolin has become the necessary mineral material for dozens of industries, such as paper making, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coatings, pharmaceuticals and national defense.
Q:Kaolin, calcium carbonate, talc, which does not affect the ink gloss?
Kaolin, calcium carbonate and talc powder as a kind of inorganic filler will affect the ink gloss, the most important influence is reflected in the kaolin, calcium carbonate and talc powder in water content, too much water, the influence of ink concentration, which will affect the use of ink printing effect, so the detection of moisture content it is necessary to.
Q:Barium calcium carbonate kaolin which zhegaili better
The ink consists of major and auxiliary components, which are evenly mixed and rolled repeatedly to form a viscous, gelatinous fluid. It consists of binder (resin), pigments, fillers, additives and solvents. The fingerprint brush ink surface gloss after drying in the light, the ability to the same concentration of reflected light. Ink with high gloss shows great brightness on printed matter. The glossiness mainly depends on the kind and property of the ink in the ink, the treatment of the refining process in ink making and the smoothness of the ink film after drying. In addition, the ink gloss by nature pigment ink composition, particle size and shape effect of dispersion; ink penetration, leveling, drying properties of the substrate material and so on.
Q:What is the role of kaolin in plastics? What's the role of kaolin in plastic formulations?
The role of calcined kaolin is filler, not the color of paint, hiding force plays an obvious role, but only increase the solid componentIncrease weight.
Q:Process characteristics of kaolin
Whiteness is one of the main parameters of kaolin's technological properties. Kaolin with high purity is white. Kaolin whiteness, natural whiteness, and whiteness after calcination. For ceramic raw materials, the whiteness of calcined is more important, the higher the whiteness of calcined, the better the quality. The ceramic process stipulates that the drying temperature is 105 degrees centigrade and the classification standard is the natural whiteness. The calcined 1300 DEG C is the grading standard for the whiteness of the calcined products. Whiteness can be measured by a whiteness meter. Whiteness meter is a measure of a 3800 - 7000 (i.e., 1 =0.1 nm) wavelength of light reflectivity of the device. In the whiteness meter, the reflectivity of the sample to be measured is compared with the reflectance of the standard sample (such as BaSO4, MgO, etc.), i.e., the whiteness value (such as whiteness 90, which represents 90% of the standard sample reflectivity).
Q:What are the uses of calcined kaolin?
At present, the global total output of about 40 million tons of kaolin (the data belonging to the simple country and production together, in which no statistical ore trade volume, including more repeat calculation), which is about 23 million 500 thousand tons of refined soil. Paper making is the largest consumption Department of refined kaolin, accounting for about 60% of total consumption of kaolin. According to data provided by Temanex consulting Canada, the total output of paper and paperboard in the world was about 319 million tons in 2000, and the total amount of kaolin used in the world's paper coating was about 13 million 600 thousand tons. For general cultural paper, the amount of filling accounts for 10-20% of the weight of the paper. For coated paper and paperboard (mainly light weight coated paper, coated paper and coated paperboard), in addition to filling, pigments are required, and the proportion of kaolin used to fill the pigment is 20-35% of the weight of the paper. Kaolin used in paper making, the paper can give good coverage performance and good gloss coating performance, but also increase the paper whiteness, opacity, smoothness and printability, greatly improve the quality of the paper.

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