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Q:What's the difference between kaolin and white mud?
Is a mixture of scientific name kaolin ore, belonging to non-metallic minerals. The main chemical composition is about: SiO2Al2O3Fe2O3 kaolin ore price difference, for example: Suzhou Chinese kaolin ore price of 230 yuan / T, the Fujian company of Longyan kaolin ore price of 90 yuan / T, Wuxian Qingshan white mud ore price is 203.5 yuan / T, the price effect of mining method and mining technology selection. Guangdong Maoming kaolin is sandy kaolin, water production and water transportation, mainly producing paper coating grade kaolin
Q:The difference between kaolin and high white mud
It has good acid resistance, solubility, low cation exchange capacity, good fire resistance and other physical and chemical properties. Therefore, kaolin has become the necessary mineral material for dozens of industries, such as paper making, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coatings, pharmaceuticals and national defense.
Q:What are the differences between kaolin and kaolin? What are the chemical constituents?
Clay resources are mainly distributed in the Hengshan area. The main ore bearing horizon is the upper Cretaceous silty clay, the third century, eluvial slope area, Pleistocene Qi mouth group silty clay. The Quaternary deposits (points) sampling analysis: silica containing 65.18-71.86%, three 15.02-17.99% 3.27-6.61% two aluminum oxide, ferric oxide, calcium oxide 0.75-1.68%, Magnesium Oxide 0.89-2.07%, LOI 4.19-6.20%.
Q:Barium calcium carbonate kaolin which zhegaili better
Kaolin, calcium carbonate and talc powder as a kind of inorganic filler will affect the ink gloss, the most important influence is reflected in the kaolin, calcium carbonate and talc powder in water content, too much water, the influence of ink concentration, which will affect the use of ink printing effect, so the detection of moisture content it is necessary to.
Q:Is kaolin soluble in water?The dispersion of kaolin in water is very unstable,At least stable 5-6 hours
Pure kaolin with high whiteness, soft, easy to disperse in water, suspended in plasticity and good adhesion, high excellent electrical insulation properties; has good acid soluble cationic, low resistance and other physical and chemical properties, better exchange. Therefore, kaolin has become the necessary mineral material for dozens of industries, such as paper making, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coatings, pharmaceuticals and national defense. There are reports that Japan has also used kaolin instead of steel, cutting tools, lathes, drills, and internal combustion engines. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of modern science and technology, the application of kaolin is more extensive, began extensive use of kaolin as new materials in some high-tech fields, and even nuclear reactor space aircraft and spacecraft components with high temperature porcelain, made of kaolin.
Q:What does wet sieving of kaolin vibrating screen mean?
Not all are suitable for kaolin slurry grade sieving shaker, vibration sieve is only suitable for the screening of kaolin kaolin slurry particle size is large, if the particle size of the ore pulp is small, the equipment used for Hydrocyclone or centrifuge.Specific, you can also go to Xinxiang, big use to understand.
Q:What kind of soil can be used as a ceramic?
Clay is used mainly for firing exterior walls, floor tiles, pottery, etc.. The pottery is made of pottery clay ware, with porcelain clay fire ware called porcelain, ceramic is pottery, stoneware and porcelain. Those who use clay and clay the two kinds of clay as raw material, after ingredients, molding, drying, roasting process made of ceramic artifacts can be called.
Q:Heroes, help me see if this is quartz sand or kaolin? Is it valuable?
The iron content is a little high, but everything else is good. Besides the iron, the glass material can be made, and the man-made stone can be made
Q:High silica can be converted into kaolin? Add or remove some of the substances, specific operations! Thank you
High silica containing SiO2 pure natural particulate quartz powder. It is brittle, without plasticity, powder is not hydrophilic, acid resistance is strong, differential thermal analysis has typical quartz differential thermal curve, the refractoriness is 1750~1832 degrees.. More than 90% silicon dioxide, a small amount of ferric oxide, three small two aluminum oxide.
Q:How to improve the viscosity of kaolin
Medium stone Hengda teaches you how to improve the viscosity of the product: adding plastic clay to improve fineness, so as to improve the viscosity and thixotropy of the product.

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