Vermiculite Board used as Heat Shieds and Replacement Fire bricks for Wood Burners

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Product Description:

Product information of Vermiculite board for Stove Fire Bricks:

Heat resistant Vermiculite board for Stove fire bricks and registration plates, fireproof fireplace surrounds. Wood burning Stoves. Easy to cut , does not expand. Vermiculite is cheaper and more efficient than fire bricks.

Highly insulating refractory panels made from vermiculite containing no ceramic fibres

Vermiculite boards are easily to cut and shape to any size fire bricks with woodworking tools; as shown in picture on right. A multitude of design possibilities
High temperature resistance, low heat accumulation in lining materials, good thermal shock resistance
High mechanical strength
Good insulation capacity providing better combustion in wood burning stoves and cleaner waste gas.
No ceramic fibres, non-dusting surfaces , non-irritant, odourless

Fire Resistant vermiculite board offer excellent thermal insulation properties and minimal shrinkage at high temperatures. These products find application where fire protection is needed such as in replacement Fire Bricks, panels and bespoke applications where fire resistance or low electrical conductivity is required.
The Vermiculite boards are available in a number of different sizes

Vermiculite Board used as Heat Shieds and Replacement Fire bricks for Wood Burners

Vermiculite Board used as Heat Shieds and Replacement Fire bricks for Wood Burners

Features of Vermiculite board for Stove fire bricks:

A good idea which increases efficiency of your Wood burning Stove is to replace the grate or cover it with a piece of vermiculite board and allow a good layer of ash to form on the base of the stove.

This reduces the primary air flow and slows down the rate at which the wood burns.

Technical Data of Vermiculite board for Stove fire bricks:

Vermiculite Board used as Heat Shieds and Replacement Fire bricks for Wood Burners

Application of Vermiculite board for Stove fire bricks:


Exfoliated vermiculite is used in the friction brake linings market, high temperature insulation, loft insulation, various construction products, animal feeds, horticulture and many other industrial applications. With its layered structure and surface characteristics is utilised in products such as intumescent coatings and gaskets, the treatment of toxic waste and air-freight packaging of hazardous goods.

Vermiculite is inorganic
* No emission of toxic gasses
* No emission of smoke or odour
* Non-combustible
No known health hazards

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Vermiculite sticks to just about everything, so I don't recommend using it for anything other than an incubator substrate. Not even for a laybox. Coconut bedding is also not good for a leopard gecko, as leopard geckos are not tropical. If it's been sitting outside, you also don't know what kind of bugs, mold spores, or toxins are in it. For now, use paper towel instead if you don't have actual leopard gecko substrate and need to clean the cage.
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Your roof need vents right in the actual roof which should have been done when the new roof was installed. Now you should consult with a heating/ventilation company for more info. You can add blown in insulation to your attic floor.
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Generally the best way to keep vermiculite moist is by misting it. However, it is important not to over-mist the vermiculite because this can cause damage to the eggs through mold development. Sometimes though, mold forms anyway... use discretion - too much water can kill the fetus' inside of eggs.
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Q:Why does vermiculite have gold or silver on its surface?
Vermiculite can be according to the stages can be divided into vermiculite and expanded vermiculite, according to color classification can be divided into golden vermiculite, vermiculite, vermiculite milky white silver white.The selective absorption of minerals by visible light is the main reason for the color of objects. Different colors of light waves are typically represented in different wavelengths, in nanometers, 1nm=109m. The visible light wavelength between 390 - 760nm, the wavelength from long to short in order to show the red orange yellow green blue purple color. Their blend color is white.Minerals are varied in color. One of the reasons for color rendering is that the white light passes through minerals during the process of internal electron transition, resulting in selective absorption of different light colors. The other is caused by physical optical processes. The main cause of the internal electron transition in minerals is the existence of pigment ions, such as Fe3+, which makes hematite red and V3+ makes vanadium garnet green. It is the lattice defects that form "color centers", such as the purple of fluorite. In mineralogy, colors are generally divided into 3 categories: self color is the intrinsic color of minerals; color is the color caused by mixing; false colors are due to some physical optical process. Such as bornite fresh face is red copper oxide film due to surface oxidation, caused by the interference of light and blue purple tarnish. The inner mineral containing directional fine inclusions, when the mineral can occur when the color change colors, transparent minerals or cleavage fracture can sometimes cause the interference of light and appear like iridescent rainbow.
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the white stuff was probably perlite. It's some kind of processed lava stone. It helps keep the soil fast draining. go to a local garden store or lowes or home depot, and look at the potting mixes they have. shipping would be really expensive for potting soil. get something without a lot of peat moss which will tend to hold water.
Q:perlite or vermiculite?
exo thermic If it gives off more energy than was needed, it is exe
Q:What is the gold/bronze-colored stuff on top of plants in plug sheets?
perlite and vermiculite. Also the sand or rocks at the bottom would make good drainage.
Q:What can vermiculite be used instead of?
The principle of preparing nutritious soil is to suit measures to local conditions. Not all nutritious soil for growing flowers has vermiculite. As long as the soil does not harden, but also to maintain water and fertilizer is the best. Generally speaking, rotten leaves are the best. They are better than vermiculite. But the decaying soil will decay over time, and the volume of culture soil will decrease gradually.
Q:Can you put vermiculite in the fish tank?
Vermiculite has been widely used in construction, metallurgy, petroleum, shipbuilding, environmental protection, insulation, heat insulation, insulation, energy saving and other fields.

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