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Q:What is the role of kaolin in plastics? What's the role of kaolin in plastic formulations?
The role of calcined kaolin is filler, not the color of paint, hiding force plays an obvious role, but only increase the solid componentIncrease weight.
Q:What is the solid content in kaolin index?
The specific value of free silica is very difficult to detect, can now to some of the testing counseling, testing agencies can usually according to some detection methods of the data obtained or issued by the "free" phenomenon or less... Report.
Q:Application of kaolin
Because the calcined clay oil absorption value is relatively high, so the cosmetics industry recommends the use of ultrafine and high pure water wash soil, strict attention purity and heavy metal content of kaolin, these two aspects report report analysis and detection of heavy metals and chemical products, through the data report and compare its cosmetic requirements can be judged. Pharmaceutical industry bigger user base for butyl rubber plug industry, can use 1250 or so of calcined soil, this is more commonly used, usually as long as the heavy metal test qualified can use. The above two industries use kaolin price difference is quite big, the cosmetics class import product approximately RMB6 yuan /kg, the medicine class RMB2.2 yuan /kg.
Q:What are the functions of kaolin? What areas of industry are you using?
White, soft, high dispersibility, adsorption and chemical compatibility, which make it widely used in the paper industry. In addition, kaolin in rubber, plastics, refractory materials, petroleum refining and other industrial sectors, as well as agricultural and national defense, cutting-edge technology also has a wide range of uses.
Q:The cosmetic effect of kaolin?
Kaolin is a nonmetal mineral, good quality products for whiteness high component, high temperature resistant, soft texture, good acid and alkali resistance, no stimulation to the skin, and has certain adsorption ability, remove skin dirt, grease on the skin absorption and waste etc..
Q:I only know that is a kind of raw material, and sell them where to sell, and I can have to contact the white mud!
There are reports that Japan has also used kaolin instead of steel, cutting tools, lathes, drills, and internal combustion engines. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of modern science and technology, the application of kaolin is more extensive, began extensive use of kaolin as new materials in some high-tech fields, and even nuclear reactor space aircraft and spacecraft components with high temperature porcelain, made of kaolin.
Q:What's the difference between kaolin and kaolin?
Clay resources are mainly distributed in the Hengshan area. The main ore bearing horizon is the upper Cretaceous silty clay, the third century, eluvial slope area, Pleistocene Qi mouth group silty clay. The Quaternary deposits (points) sampling analysis: silica containing 65.18-71.86%, three 15.02-17.99% 3.27-6.61% two aluminum oxide, ferric oxide, calcium oxide 0.75-1.68%, Magnesium Oxide 0.89-2.07%, LOI 4.19-6.20%.
Q:What's the use of kaolin mask powder? How about hot water or cold water?
Powder dissolution method1. Apply proper amount of powder to the container;2 add cold water or warm water equal to 2 times the powder weight, stir until the paste (cream);3, if the time is enough, you can not stir, put it for 3 minutes, you can get a more slippery feel
Q:What is the use of kaolin?
Kaolin is a kind of fine grained clay with kaolinite or multi water kaolinite as its main component. It was first discovered in kaolin village near Jingdezhen, china. According to historical records, the village area of the Jingdezhen kaolin clay mining heyday in the early Qing Dynasty, to Guangxu was gradually fading to white and delicate famous open world, as an indispensable raw material for billet. So when the town was used in the name of the village "porcelain industry Gaoling" named for him, producing clay from premises. After the extension of the same, and kaolin kaolin produced by the same place and the purpose of use, are called kaolin, such as stars, kaolin, Fuzhou kaolin, etc..
Q:Can kaolin be used for cosmetics?
Kaolin is mainly composed of two oxygen silicon and three aluminum oxide two. Do high-end cosmetics, kaolin requirements of pure white, fine granularity (1250 mesh).

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