AT540 Suspended Impeller Structure Submersible Pump

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products in this figure for my company independent research and development of new ultra high lift pump; the external structure can not see the impeller, impeller in the sleevea 16 manganese material, intermediate shaft, the impeller is sheathed on the shaft, the impelleris suspended state.

Altec Lansing QJ series suspended impeller structure of mine submersible pump, mine designfor pumping corrosive liquid, by YQS type submersible motor and QJ type submersible pumpdirect coupled components. Pump parts are all made of stainless steel material precision manufacturing, using mixed flow or centrifugal type single suction multi-stage pump bodystructure, with built-in oneway valve and a suction strainer; impeller is fixed on the pump shaftby the unified bond, and is equipped with a pump shaft protective sleeve. The submersible motors using water lubrication bearing, the upper end is equipped with a swing device and a skeleton oil seal, to prevent sand entering the motor. The series products have the characteristics of compact structure, safe and reliable operation, long service life etc..

Flow per hour to 2200 tons, the head can reach 2000m.

Material: guide housing, impeller for nickel cast iron (nickel content equivalent to 316L stainless steel)

Pump shaft of 17-4PH stainless steel

The 2 main purposes

* deep groundwater extraction, ore, gold, silver, can be used for iron ore, coal, construction sitedrainage emergency use.

* this product has small flow and high lift submersible pump: such as: 30 square, 1000 meterslift, power is 140KW. Energy saving, but also can solve the mine drainage

The problem of difficult.

The motor, pump body, into the water to run, no Mars, explosion-proof, safe and reliable.

* on the well pipe has no special requirements to the water pipe, so long as can bear thepressure can.

* installation is simple and convenient to use and maintenance, small occupation area, without the construction of pumping stations.

Application conditions

* pumping medium: similar to water, the proportion of solid content of not more than 0.02% liquid

* medium temperature: ordinary type pump 40 DEG C, hot water pump up to 125 DEG C

* medium pH value: 3 to 10

* power requirements: the frequency of 50Hz, 60Hz (can be customized), rated voltage 380V[660V, 1140V, 3000V, 10KV] + 5% power supply

Technical parameters

* flow range: 5 to 2200 cubic meters / hour

* head range: 2 to 2000 meters

* power range: 3 to 410kW

* speed: 2900 RPM

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Q:Intelligent pump controller, water is full water transfer automatically shows the next pool of water shortage, what is the matter?
The intelligent controller of water pump is full of water and automatically shows the shortage of water in the lower pool. The reason is that the sensor is out of order or the line is out of contact. First of all, make sure that the upper limit of your controller is normally open or normally closed. When the upper limit is reached, does this point change? If the original upper limit position is normally open, check the switch and pump insulation.A pump is used to increase the pressure of a liquid or gas, the flow conveying machinery, and "jump" or "flow" is a homonym, is a transliteration of the English pump, is a device used to move liquids, gases or special fluid medium, which is reactive to the fluid machinery. The heart of man and animal can be said to be a natural pump, which carries blood to all parts of the body.
Q:Difference between primary hot water pump and two hot water pump
A hot water pump is a water pump circulating between the boiler and the heat exchanger, and the two hot water pump is a circulating water pump between the heat exchanger and the user. That is, there is no relationship between a water pump and heating users.
Q:22KW pump motor direct start circuit breaker and contactor size? Concrete calculation method
Strictly speaking, eleven kilowatts or more is not allowed to start directly
Q:Does the IP55 indicate the lift on the water pump nameplate?
IP55 represents the waterproof and dustproof rating of the motor
Q:I have a mechanical well how to choose the size of the pump
Deep well pumps can be used. According to your parameters. 0. 75 or 1. The 1KW deep well pump is in line with your requirements. Elephant 0. 75KW head can reach 70 meters. The water output in an hour is about 3 tons.. I wonder how much you get out of the water every hour. If the amount of water is small, you can buy a larger power point. General domestic deep well pump 0. 75 or 1. The price of 1KW is between 500-700. In the case of ordinary brands. The price of imported goods is between 600-900. The products at this price are generally of good quality.. Of course they don't sell your shoddy premise.
Q:Submersible pump reverse impact on the pump
Small amount of water, large current, long running time, easy overheating, or even burning pump.
Q:Pump adapter joint net outside tube, what is the principle?
At once the room after the fire, the internal fire pool once water shortage, the water tank can be within the fire truck hit the water chamber through the pump adapter connected to the fire extinguishing effect.
Q:What does water flow mean?
The amount of water delivered by the pump during the unit time, that is, the flow of the pump. Generally, there are three kinds of time units, namely, seconds, minutes and hours. In our country, the unit of flow adopts the international metric units, liters, milliliters, cubic, thousand cubic meters, etc., and different units are used according to different usage environments.
Q:Why is the water pump smaller than the pipe diameter?
The size is only a matter of convenience or experience, and a small number of tubes are already available. As long as you can pick it up, you can use it.The so-called thick pipe to reduce resistance is a certain relationship. But it shouldn't be your decision to choose the big one. Then why don't you choose the big three? Four or the thicker ones?! @! The resistance will be smaller!!!!
Q:Does the pump accessories have a shelf life?
Yes, 3-6 months for wearing parts, 12 months for general accessories, 10 years for shell type. Specific depends on whether the materials and user use conditions are bad to decide.

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