AT540 Suspended Impeller Structure Submersible Pump

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products in this figure for my company independent research and development of new ultra high lift pump; the external structure can not see the impeller, impeller in the sleevea 16 manganese material, intermediate shaft, the impeller is sheathed on the shaft, the impelleris suspended state.

Altec Lansing QJ series suspended impeller structure of mine submersible pump, mine designfor pumping corrosive liquid, by YQS type submersible motor and QJ type submersible pumpdirect coupled components. Pump parts are all made of stainless steel material precision manufacturing, using mixed flow or centrifugal type single suction multi-stage pump bodystructure, with built-in oneway valve and a suction strainer; impeller is fixed on the pump shaftby the unified bond, and is equipped with a pump shaft protective sleeve. The submersible motors using water lubrication bearing, the upper end is equipped with a swing device and a skeleton oil seal, to prevent sand entering the motor. The series products have the characteristics of compact structure, safe and reliable operation, long service life etc..

Flow per hour to 2200 tons, the head can reach 2000m.

Material: guide housing, impeller for nickel cast iron (nickel content equivalent to 316L stainless steel)

Pump shaft of 17-4PH stainless steel

The 2 main purposes

* deep groundwater extraction, ore, gold, silver, can be used for iron ore, coal, construction sitedrainage emergency use.

* this product has small flow and high lift submersible pump: such as: 30 square, 1000 meterslift, power is 140KW. Energy saving, but also can solve the mine drainage

The problem of difficult.

The motor, pump body, into the water to run, no Mars, explosion-proof, safe and reliable.

* on the well pipe has no special requirements to the water pipe, so long as can bear thepressure can.

* installation is simple and convenient to use and maintenance, small occupation area, without the construction of pumping stations.

Application conditions

* pumping medium: similar to water, the proportion of solid content of not more than 0.02% liquid

* medium temperature: ordinary type pump 40 DEG C, hot water pump up to 125 DEG C

* medium pH value: 3 to 10

* power requirements: the frequency of 50Hz, 60Hz (can be customized), rated voltage 380V[660V, 1140V, 3000V, 10KV] + 5% power supply

Technical parameters

* flow range: 5 to 2200 cubic meters / hour

* head range: 2 to 2000 meters

* power range: 3 to 410kW

* speed: 2900 RPM

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Q:How can you restart a corroded well water pump?
the problem with the pump not running will be the motor only.....most likely the motor rotor has rusted to the winding core of the motor ....soak it down with wd40 on the inside ...should be vent holes to spray wd40 in...try to find some way to turn rotor ....on some pumps there is a screwdriver slot on the end of the motor...if it still wont run take it to shop
Q:i need to change the water pump in my car?
I don't know how hard it is to change the water pump on this car, but do know some are real hard. I believe you are a female by your other question and because of that they are trying to blow you smoke. $500 to change the water pump is very high and another $500 for a timing belt is just to much. To replace the timing belt at that point most of the hard work is already finished, Take it someplace for an estimate. Better yet have a male, Dad, Uncle, BF take it in. This is no excuse, but a lot of places will charge a female 25 to 50% more and that not right. By the way, if you get the job done for a lot more reasonable price... guess whose nose would get the bill shoved under and I'd probably tell them what a jerk they are and every one else, just cost them as much business as possible.
Q:how do i restart a shorted out water pump?
What kind of pump (ie sump,submersible,shallow well).If it just hums and the shaft doesn't turn its probably the capacitor($25 at johnson controls) or it could be one leg of your 240v breaker tripped(check voltage at breaker and wiring)
Q:how do you change a water pump on a 1993 nissan quest?
then buy a new one and get your self some tools and a repair manual at autoparts store not much to it once you see what it looks like you start removing parts that are in way til you can take it off clean the old gasket off well and but some blue selicone put on new gasket and put on new pump tighten it put back on all the parts you remove fill radiator start check for leaks should be able to do it on the weekend about three to four hours or lless... any of these will help all about the same as the other but it will give you a better ideal of how to do it and your sure to learn more about your car so doing it would be best not only you learn but you save money too... not hard to replace most parts hard part is knowing what is wrong to replace it so you got the hard part done knowing what is wrong
Q:Stop the engine immediately and stop the circulating pump and the condensate pump. What's the harm to the turbine?
The condensed water is also used to air pumping device, steam seal cooler as cooling water, according to rules of turn.The circulating water is also used to supply cooling water to the oil cooler, and the oil temperature will rise.Hazard: exhaust pipe, condensate pipe will burst tube, low pressure cylinder rising temperature for deformation, rotor (shaft seal) may be deformed.
Q:Timing Belt/Water pump replacement?
In these vehicles, the water pumps are located behind the timing belt. Remember that the MOST EXPENSIVE item on the timing belt replacement is the labor to do so. This being said, the shop is recommending the replace of the water pump you are already footing the bill for the LABOR to replace the belt and you want have that cost if/when the water pump goes out. Here's and example, let's say the timing belt replacement on your car came to a total of $250. The belt itself only cost $15 to $20, leaving the rest of the cost in associated gaskets and labor. If you don't replace the water pump and it fails, this time your cost will $300 with the difference in price being ONLY the difference in cost for the water pump and timing belt. It's not an absolute necessity to replace the WP when doing the TB, it is just a good idea! If your keeping the cars... change the WP... if not.. just the TB and sell it! Good luck and I hope this answers the question!
Q:pressure of a water pump?
you must use density*gravitational acceleration*height. density=1000kg/m^3 Gravity=9.8m/s^2 height=given=236 m 1000kg/m^3*9.8m/s^2*236m=2312800kg/(m*... = 2312800 Pa=2312.8Mpa hope this helps, looking at the units it all works out: N/m^2=kg*m/(s^2*m^2)=kg/(m*s^2)=Pa
Q:I have a mechanical well how to choose the size of the pump
First, determine the size of the electrical well and then the depth. Is it water injection or pumping?The pressure of water injection pump is much higher. If you pump water, it depends on how much water you need every hour Plus you enter the water depth of +10 meters, you can basically a good selection.
Q:What needs to be replaced with a water pump?
In Your Vehicle The Water Pump Is Run by the Timing Belt. If It Has been Leaking It Will have Contaminated the Timing Belt, Which Has to be Removed Anyway To Replace the Water Pump. So Replace Water Pump, Timing Belt and Tensioner And Coolant. It is Also Recommended To Replace the Thermostat At This Time.
Q:whats the route of coolant through the cooling system?
Most cooling systems pump the coolant out of the engine through the top radiator hose. In the radiator. Out the radiator through the bottom hose. A by-pass system can be found on most cars and it includes the water pump and smaller diameter hose.l these smaller hoses rout the collant to certain components such as the heater core (which provides passenger compartment comfort). There many other variables depending of the car. Engine oil coolers. Intake manifold warm-up passages, I may be leaving some info out here but that is pretty much your basic cooling system routing. Best wishes.

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