8mm F/3.5 Fisheye Lens For Canon Eos 7D T1I Xsi 50D 60D 40D 30D 20D

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  • Conforms to APS-C (1:1.5x) size digital imaging format

  • 8mm focal length

  • Diagonal view of 180 degrees for APS-C size

  • Produces both high resolution and high contrast at the center of the lens

  • Petal type hood and multi-coating help control flaring and ghosting

  • Stiff aluminum base offers robust durability

  • Lens is uniquely designed for CANON EOS SLR   cameras

  • Aperture ring allows you to adjust brightness efficiently



Aperture Range F3.5 - 22
Zoom/Focus ControlTwo-Touch
Angle of ViewDiagonal View of 180 degrees
Minimum Focusing Distance 0.3m
length 74.8mm  (2.94 In)
Weight.93 lbs 443 g without hood
Maximum Diameter75.0mm/2.95 In
CoatingMulti Coated



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Q:Ricoh film camera lens can be used on the digital camera?
Ricoh general PK mouth, that is, the first floor of the picture on the left. Pentax SLR can be used, you can buy the camera to take the time to try to download on the no Can be used on the equipment.
Q:SLR camera lens where there is water mist, is the damp it, how to solve!
The water mist is a moisture that contains warm air to the cold lens, which condenses on the lens surface. Put the lens in the oven for a day and a night. If you still can not be removed to the maintenance point to see, it is not a mist.
Q:How to choose a SLR camera lens
When the focal length is less than the head of the time, the lens can record a larger viewing angle of the image, so called wide-angle lens. The shorter the focal length the larger the angle of view. Wide-angle lens perspective is exaggerated, especially in the scenery photography can get more visual impact of the photo. The following are the same as the " Than the head of the focal length of 1.5 to 4 times the focal length of the lens called the focus. Generally the focus of the lens in the smallest, and designed to be relatively large aperture is relatively easy, so portrait photography is the best in the focus. General head of the 1.5 to 2 times the focal length used to shoot the whole body, half of the photo. More than 2 times the lens used to shoot close-up, the lens was called "portrait king" of several lenses are in this focal lengths. The following are the same as the " Greater than the focal length of more than 2 times the lens called the telescope lens. As the name suggests, telescope lens is able to achieve "telephoto" shooting, and more for sports, animals and other shooting, the scenery in the application of telephoto lens can make the landscape perspective is compressed.
Q:SLR camera lens life how to count how to identify the life of second-hand lens!
ens, most of the life without a say, second-hand lens mainly look color The first is the appearance, see whether the bumps, etc., aperture leaf with or without oil And then the lens, 1 to see whether the scratches, 2 to see the gray situation, the lens is usually into the gray, mainly to see if the dust is too large that will affect the imaging, 3 to see whether the film is stripping, Fog.
Q:Card camera lens has been open, can not be closed?
Camera for years? It is estimated that the battery to die. You measure the battery current, with a digital multimeter 10 security, the battery current should reach several amps (after charging). Otherwise it is bad.
Q:The camera lens focal length and aperture is how to adjust
The aperture range of the 1,18 end is 3.5-22, and this range is adjusted for you. 55 side is 5.6-32 this range of casual adjustment. Usually 1/3-level aperture for a file. 2, yes, you understand right, this lens will be the largest aperture with the focal length of the longer and reduced.
Q:What is the foot ring of the camera lens? What do you use
Tripod ring is a telephoto, wide-angle large-diameter lens, telescope set of a metal ring, used to fix the lens in the tripod (monopod, shaped tripod, etc.) on the device, so called the tripod ring, so Do not have to hold the camera, but the lens fixed to the tripod to shoot, to ensure that the shooting when the stability.
Q:Ask the master to introduce SLR lens camera focus principle?
1, why should the lens focus?     This is an optical problem. We have done this experiment before, as shown. When the position of the object is at position 1, if the image falls just on the photoreceptor at this time, the clear image will be in the image 2 when the object moves to position 2. At this time the lens must correct the optical path, so that the most clear imaging is still falling on the photosensitive element, so need to focus. Focus is to correct this optical path, by changing the overall refractive index of the lens to ensure that the distance, because the back of the lens to the photosensitive element of the distance is fixed.
Q:SLR camera lens focal length problem
70--200 refers to the focal length, focal length from 70 to 200. The larger the focal length, the more farther you can. Travel, if you shoot the scenery is still wide-angle, that is, the focal length is small, such as 18,24 and so on. So the scene is big.
Q:Double lens reflex camera can introduce
Dual lens mirror viewfinder camera, referred to as "double reverse camera". This system consists of two sets of lenses with the same focal length. The top lens is usually unable to adjust the aperture, only the use of framing; the lower lens with a shutter shutter adjustment device for the actual exposure. Double reverse system structure is simple and durable, has been widely accepted by reporters and the public. But because of its inherent parallax and lens restrictions, is now less production and use.

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