8mm F/3.5 Fisheye Lens For Canon Eos 7D T1I Xsi 50D 60D 40D 30D 20D

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  • Conforms to APS-C (1:1.5x) size digital imaging format

  • 8mm focal length

  • Diagonal view of 180 degrees for APS-C size

  • Produces both high resolution and high contrast at the center of the lens

  • Petal type hood and multi-coating help control flaring and ghosting

  • Stiff aluminum base offers robust durability

  • Lens is uniquely designed for CANON EOS SLR   cameras

  • Aperture ring allows you to adjust brightness efficiently



Aperture Range F3.5 - 22
Zoom/Focus ControlTwo-Touch
Angle of ViewDiagonal View of 180 degrees
Minimum Focusing Distance 0.3m
length 74.8mm  (2.94 In)
Weight.93 lbs 443 g without hood
Maximum Diameter75.0mm/2.95 In
CoatingMulti Coated



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Q:Camera lens on a small amount of dust is not a little impact on the quality of imaging?
Specifically, the following two cases are included: 1, with a large aperture shooting If you shoot with a large aperture, the impact of dust on the imaging of the naked eye can not see the basic. And we routinely use a large aperture when the majority, which is a lot of people think that dust has no effect on the reasons for the image.
Q:Can I replace the lens of the camera called micro single?
Can replace the lens There are micro single (micro) There are also ancestral level SLR Because the micro-electric (micro single) although you can use the lens replacement, the function is also stronger than the card machine However, the SLR quick shutter action, the imaging of the delicate and special circumstances when the operation function Is what they can not match
Q:SLR camera lens how to remove from the fuselage?
In the lens around the root of a button different interface position is not the same press the lens can be rotated to remove the
Q:Hello, my Canon G10 camera lens can not be recovered after the opening, can not focus,
After repair, find someone asked the exact reason, the original is a chip pin caused by Weld, the camera detection signal instability, self-protection to stop mechanical movement. The problem is very high in G9 - G10. Should be the camera manufacturing BUG.     They can not get, find a hammer light some of the place to repair it After the repair is completed will not affect the quality and focus of the segment.
Q:SLR camera lens how to look at the optical zoom? The maximum number of times?
The second is the standard lens. In general, the focal length is 50 mm or 85 mm. 50mm lens perspective with the human eye closest, so called "head". But only because of this, would like to use the header is difficult, because it is not like ultra wide-angle or macro lens that can shoot the human eye can not feel the picture. 85mm lens is generally portrait lens.
Q:SLR camera lens bayonet size is the same
Bayonet uniform are F bayonet, the general Nikon SLR lens can be installed. But the lens has the manual head (AI-S) and the automatic head (AF, AF-S) of the D and G type. AI-S manual head in the low-end digital SLR and low-end film machine can not be a good application, because the metering, in the digital SLR only D200, D300, D700, D3, D3X and D2 series can use the manual head Metering, because the bayonet has a ring to receive the aperture size. Other cameras can also according to, that is, can not metering. There D5000, D60, D40X, D40 fuselage mount no AF coupler, can not use the AF head auto focus. Only use AF-S head.
Q:Nikon camera CPU lens is what the meaning of the best said some
Nikon and Canon, are using their own research and development of the lens, but Nikon lens compatibility is not very good, focusing is also a bit slow, personal or more like Canon, of course, also see the landlord chose ~
Q:What are the A and M on the SLR camera lens?
3, S: shutter priority exposure mode. Set an exposure time, the camera according to the light automatically give a suitable aperture value.
Q:What is the function of the wide-angle lens of a digital camera?
The main parameters of the optical lens and evaluation of the main parameters are focal length, field of view, object distance, aperture, shutter and so on. The most perfect evaluation of the lens than the MTF (Modulation Transfer Function). However, due to aberration (calibration reasons), each range of the lens has an MTF value. These ranges refer to: (1) the paraxial portion, (2) the off-axis portion, and (3) when the optical system has an asymmetric distortion, the two parts are sub-sections in different directions. Each part has its own corresponding MTF value for different radiation energy wavelength ranges. MTF is the most commonly used and optimal index of the imaging system, and it is also the optimal index to guide the integration of machine vision system.     In the shooting of the distant movement scene, play a key role is the camera shutter speed, which is closely related with the composition, such as children, walking the characters generally more than 1 / 125S can, if the high-speed sports Of the images such as cars and other general in the 1 / 500-1 / 2000S, in general, to be able to shoot the angle to decide.
Q:SLR camera lens which is divided into several?
(2) according to the lens of the condenser ability is divided into ultra-transparent lens, the relative size of the relative aperture of the camera should be more than 1: 2.8; strong transparent lens, 1: 3.5 ~ 1: 5.8; normal light transmission lens , 1: 6.3 ~ 1: 9; weak light transmission lens, less than 1: 9.

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