6 Inch Multi Solar Cell -- 156 x 156 mm

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100 watt
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10000 watt/month

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6 Inch Multi Solar Cell -- 156 x 156 mm

`Long Service Life
`High Efficiency Solar Cells
`Special Aluminum Frame Design
`High Transmission, Low Iron Tempered Glass
`Advanced Cell Encapsulation

Solar Module Specifications

  Mono 80W—100W


Type (36 Series)









Max power









Open circuit voltage







Short circuit current







Max. power voltage







Max. power current










Net Weight



Max. system voltage



Operate Temp. Scope



227g steel ball fall down from 1m height and 120m/s wind


Pm is no less 90% in 10 years and no less 80% in 25 years


(Standard Test Condition: 1000W/m2, AM1.5, and 25'C)

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6 Inch Multi Solar Cell -- 156 x 156 mm

6 Inch Multi Solar Cell -- 156 x 156 mm

6 Inch Multi Solar Cell -- 156 x 156 mm

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Q:The purpose and means of chemical etching of silicon wafers?
After slicing and grinding, the surface of silicon wafer has a layer of damage and pollution due to processing stress
Q:How to make monocrystalline silicon solar cells
Wafer inspectionSilicon wafer is the carrier of solar cell, the quality of silicon wafer directly determines the conversion efficiency of solar cell. This procedure is mainly used to measure the technical parameters of silicon wafer on line. These parameters mainly include the surface roughness of the silicon wafer, the lifetime of the minority, the resistivity, the P/N type and the micro crack. The device is divided into four parts: automatic loading and unloading, silicon wafer transmission, system integration part and. The silicon photovoltaic detector on the silicon wafer surface roughness were detected, and the size and appearance of diagonal parameter detection chip; micro crack detection module is used to detect silicon micro cracks; another two detecting module, a [url=] module [/url] online test mainly test wafer resistivity and wafer type, on the other a module for lifetime test wafer. The detection of the diagonal and micro cracks of the silicon wafer is needed before the sub lifetime and resistivity measurement. Wafer inspection equipment can automatic loading and unloading, and substandard products in a fixed position, so as to improve the detection accuracy and efficiency.
Q:What are some of the silicon wafer factory
The following is a silicon production company series positions distribution table, you can refer to the 1 equipment management department manager deputy manager of electrical equipment equipment maintenance engineer mechanical equipment maintenance Engineer Association and insurance technician equipment management maintenance team leader electric operation monitor operation duty electrician maintenance electrician maintenance mechanic subtotal
Q:Why do they make so many transistors on silicon in an integrated circuit
This means that you do not understand the meaning of integrated circuitsI suggest you go online to see what is integrated circuit
Q:Is a wafer a silicon wafer and a wafer?
Ion implantation, etc., can be made into various semiconductor devices
Q:How to extract silicon from silicon wafers
Chamfer: the annealed silicon wafer is trimmed into an arc shape, which can prevent the wafer edge from cracking and lattice defect, and increase the flatness of the epitaxial layer and the photoresist layer. In this process, the silica fume is produced by water leaching to produce waste water and silicon slag. [1]
Q:The metal in the silicon wafer
Monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon chip to askSilicon is an important semiconductor material, chemical element symbol Si, the silicon used in the electronic industry should have high purity and excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Silicon is one of the largest and most widely used semiconductor materials, and its output and consumption mark the level of a country's electronics industry. In the research and production, silicon materials and silicon devices promote each other. In the Second World War, the use of silicon to produce high-frequency radar crystal detector. The purity of silicon is very low and not single crystal. In 1950, the first silicon transistor was developed to improve the interest of preparing high quality single crystal silicon. Czochralski silicon (CZ) was successfully used in 1952. In 1953, the crucible free zone melting (FZ) method was developed, which can be used for physical purification and single crystal pulling. In 1955, four pure silicon was produced by zinc reduction method, but it could not meet the requirement of manufacturing transistor. In 1956 of hydrogen reduction method of trichlorosilane. The amount of impurities in silicon and after a period of exploration after hydrogen reduction of trichlorosilane method has become a kind of main method.
Q:Light doped and heavily doped silicon wafers
Otherwise, the light is mixed, N++/P++ said heavy doping, no plus is light, thank you
Q:What is the cutting fluid for solar wafer cutting?
Because in the China multi wire cutting machine was first used in semiconductor cutting, so that only the Swiss MB and HCT, the Swiss system thinking line cutting machine with special emphasis on power and environmental protection, so that this kind of machine in the cutting process of mortar viscosity requirement is relatively high, the most direct embodiment is to use the cutting fluid is oily, reflected in the raw material cutting fluid is used to peg, otherwise, the power will be the formation of excess waste machine. NTC is the rise in the solar industry on the occasion, we seize the opportunity, to imitate the Swiss line cutting machine design and production, but the Swiss precision machine modified to virtually out of order, the rapid development of the pursuit of efficiency of solar wafer cutting industry, especially to the rise of China solar wafer cutting industry thus, China quickly occupied the market leader, the share reached 65%. However, the company has done a little better, although the power system and the power of the machine to reduce a lot, you can use the machine in the use of cutting fluid on the Swiss machine standards. Oily cutting fluid cutting efficiency and surface cut out of the film is generally better than the aqueous solution of cutting fluid, but the performance of Japanese light wire cutting machine, which he used oily fluid will cause a burden on his power, so Japanese developed this kind of water-based cutting fluid. Regardless of the cost or the use of the Japanese machine are more consistent, and easy to recycle. This NTC machine oil cutting fluid and water-based cutting fluid can be used.
Q:1 megawatts of solar energy need how many wafers
It depends on whether it is a single crystal or polycrystalline, I only know that polycrystalline is about 3.8 mw.

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