Monocrystalline Silicon Wafer, Solar Wafer, 156*156mm

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Product Description:

Specification of Mono Silicon Wafer


We can provide you solar wafer 156*156mm Mono Wafers for your raw materials choice.

Product name  Mono Wafer
 Conductive type  P type
 Square size wafer(mm)  156×156±0.5 
 Resistivity 1~3 ohm
 Corner(mm) 150±0.5;165±0.5 
 Thickness (μm) 200±20 
 Total thickness(um) ≤ 30     
Resistivity range(Ωcm) 1-3
 Doping elements Boron
 Orientation (100)±1° 
Carbon content(atoms/cc) ≤1.0E+17 
 Oxygen content(atoms/cc) ≤1.0E+18 
 Lifetime(μs) ≥10 
 Surface quality  No crack, gap, missing Angle, perforated, silicon fell and stress
  Warping degrees(warp/μm) ≤50 
  Neighbouring vertical degree 90±0.5° 
Side damage(mm)   ≤0.5mm(length)×0.3mm(width)(not more than 2 per wafer)
Line mark(μm) ≤15

Usage and Applications of Mono Wafers

Mono Solar Wafer mainly used in Mono Solar Cells with reliable quality and trustful efficiency performance. Our Mono Wafers should be your best choice for raw materials.


Packaging & Delivery of Mono Wafers

Carton Box Package and Deliver by air. Mono Wafers should be avoid of sunshine, moist, and water.


Factory Picture of Mono Wafers


 Solar Wafers


Package Picture of Mono Wafers

 Solar Wafers

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Q:How to deal with silicon wafer annealing
Another fact: if the same "complement", can be understood as: oxygen from the surface after the removal of impurities, near the surface of the reduced defects is also reduced, the mean free path of carrier mobility increases, also increases, which leads to the decrease of resistivity.
Q:Ultrasonic cleaning cleaning silicon?
3, the silicon wafer cleaning is very important in semiconductor manufacturing process, and the cleaning plate is the most difficult of all cleaning process. Due to the use of silicon ultrasonic cleaning machine, penetration through the physical, the pollution particles from the wafer surface, through mechanical and chemical corrosion of ultrasonic cleaning, the final removal of pollution particles, reached the purpose of wafer cleaning.
Q:The significance of silicon wafer heat treatment
The significance of silicon wafer heat treatmentHeat treatment temperature requirements: 650 + 5 c;The purpose of heat treatment is to restore the true resistivity of Czochralski silicon wafers;
Q:Why integrated circuits can be etched on silicon
And for why it's cheaper to use silicon, it's not because of its semiconductor nature that it uses it. The formation of P and N, a multi hole, a multi electron, and thus the role of different doping. GaAs expensive, but the performance is good, mostly for high-speed circuits and military aspects.
Q:What is a silicon wafer cutting edge material?
Because the cutting edge material particles have very sharp edges, and the hardness is far greater than the silicon rod or silicon ingot hardness, so the silicon rod or silicon ingot and steel wire contact area gradually by the cutting edge material particle grinding off, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting.
Q:What is the silicon wafer, the specific definition of what?
Silicon wafers are the raw materials for making transistors and integrated circuits
Q:Development trend of monocrystalline silicon wafer
The development of science and technology is driving the development of semiconductors. With the development of automation and computer technology, the cost of this kind of high technology product of silicon chip (integrated circuit) has been reduced to a very low level. The price of a mini computer is only a few hundred yuan. This paved the way for the computer to enter thousands of households. Make our life more and more modern.Of course, the changes in the chip to the family is far more than that, with the increase in the number of electronic households, a new production lifestyle - "home industry" and "home office" is being produced. In the future, sitting at home operating machines, command production and management companies and factories, will become a reality The day is not too distant when.
Q:After the velvet or the original silicon
After the wafer is not cleaned clean, you should be monocrystalline wafers
Q:Light doped and heavily doped silicon wafers
Is divided into light heavy doping, which is related to the amount of doping
Q:After wafer cleaning, how to change the film?
2, surface metal cleaning(1) HPM (SC22) cleaning (2) DHF cleaningMetal contamination of silicon surface has two kinds of adsorption and desorption mechanism: (1) compared with the negatively charged silicon high metal such as Cu, Ag, Au, from the silicon surface to capture electron on the surface of the silicon direct formation of chemical bonds. Has a high redox potential of the solution to obtain electrons from these metals, resulting in metal the ionized form dissolved in the solution, so that this type of metal removed from the silicon surface. (2) compared with the negatively charged silicon low metal, such as Fe, Ni, Cr, Al, Ca, Na, K can be easily ionized in solution and deposited on the silicon wafer surface natural oxide film or a chemical oxide film on these metals in dilute HF solution with a natural oxide film or a chemical oxide film is easily removed.3, organic cleaningThe removal of organic silicon surface cleaning fluid used is SPM.SPM with high oxidative capacity, metal oxide can be dissolved in solution, and the oxidation of organic compounds to produce CO2 and.SPM cleaning water can remove the surface of silicon wafer heavy organic contamination and some metal, but when organic contamination is heavy will make carbonization of organic matter and difficult to remove by SPM. After cleaning, the silicon surface residual sulfide, the sulfide particles is difficult to use to water wash out.
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