Solar Panels for Home Lighing Solar Panel Kit 10w to 500w

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China main port
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500 watt
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20000000 watt/month

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Solar panel refers to a panel designed to absorb the sun's rays as a source of energy for generating electricity or heating. A PV module is a packaged, connected assembly of typically 6×10 solar cells. Solar PV panels constitute the solar array of a photovoltaic system that generates and supplies solar electricity in commercial and residential applications.

 Main Characteristic

1.Manufactured according to international quality and Environment Management

    System (ISO9001, ISO14001)

2. By the high transmittance, low iron tempered glass, anti-aging of the EVA(polyethylene - vinyl acetate), high-performance crystalline silicon solar cells, good Weather resistance TPT (fluoroplastics composite membrane) by pyramid , has a good Weather resistance and anti-UV, hail, water-proof capacity.

3.  OEM and customerized package are accepted

4. High efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells

Quality warranty

1.10 years limited warranty on material and workmanship

2. more than 90% power output in 10 years

3. more than 80% power output in 25 years

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Solar Panels for Home Lighing Solar Panel Kit 10w to 500w

Solar Panels for Home Lighing Solar Panel Kit 10w to 500w

Solar Panels for Home Lighing Solar Panel Kit 10w to 500w

Solar Panels for Home Lighing Solar Panel Kit 10w to 500w

Solar Panels for Home Lighing Solar Panel Kit 10w to 500w

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Q:P type and N type monocrystalline silicon chip difference?
The N type is an electronic conduction, and the P type is a hole conduction
Q:What is the harm of silicon chip into the fingers?
It is best to take out as soon as possible, otherwise easy to infection,
Q:How to make monocrystalline silicon solar cells
Diffusion bondingSolar cells require a large area of PN junction to achieve the conversion of light energy to electrical energy, while the diffusion furnace is a special equipment for manufacturing solar cell PN junction. Tube type diffusion furnace is mainly composed of quartz boat download four parts part, gas chamber, a furnace body part and a holder part etc.. Generally, the liquid source of three phosphorus oxychloride is used as the diffusion source. The P type silicon wafer is placed in a quartz tube of a tube type diffusion furnace, and three nitrogen oxychloride is used in the quartz vessel at the temperature of 850---900 degrees Celsius, and the phosphorus atom is obtained through the reaction of the phosphorus oxychloride and the silicon wafer through the reaction of the phosphorus and the phosphorus. After a certain time, the phosphorus atom from the surrounding surface layer into a silicon wafer, and wafer to internal diffusion through the void between the silicon atoms, forming a N type semiconductor and P type semiconductor interface, namely PN junction. The PN junction made by this method has good uniformity, the uniformity of box resistance is less than ten percent, and the lifetime of less than 10ms. The manufacture of PN junction is the most basic and most important process in the production of solar cells. Because it is the formation of PN junction, so that the electrons and holes in the flow is no longer back to the original place, so that the formation of the current, using the wire will lead to the current, dc.
Q:What is a silicon chip made of?
The silicon rod pulling ingot is finished, the silicon wafer, and then processed to solar cell sheet, processing factory is finished, then the solar street lamp assembly
Q:After cutting a few chips, mortar density is getting lower and lower
Iron powder and silica fume more and more, the density should be more and more big, unless it is your water content is higher and higher
Q:Why do monocrystalline silicon chamfer? Polysilicon film?
Chamfering is for this purpose, grinding and polishing are also for this purpose. As a single crystal practitioners, it is recommended that you take a look at the processing technology of silicon single crystal wafer > this book, written by Zhang Juezong, more comprehensive
Q:Why do they make so many transistors on silicon in an integrated circuit
Small size, low power consumption! This is the advantage of IC ah.
Q:What is the role of silicon wafer annealing furnace, what specific requirements
I want to be the temperature to more than 1 thousand degrees, and then clean the furnace
Q:What's the difference between a silicon wafer and a battery?
Silicon wafers are cut into pieces by wire cutting!The battery pack is a silicon wafer through the surface flocking, diffusion of PN junction, and then PECVD coating
Q:Why do you choose a silicon chip as a chip?
1M=1024KB1KB=1024B1B=8b (note, lowercase)The computer is used 1024 of the hexadecimal, real life is commonly used in the, which is why the 512MB card, plug in the computer but only about 488MB

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