Monocrystalline Silicon Wafer,125*125, Solar Wafers

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Product Description:

Specifications of Mono Solar Wafer 

Monocrystalline solar wafer 125*125mm

Conductivity Type: P type

Dopant: Boron

Resistivity: 1~3 ohm

thickness: 200um.

Product name  Mono Wafer
Conductive type  P type
Square size wafer(mm)  125×125±0.5 mm
Resistivity  1~3 ohm
Corner(mm) 150±0.5;165±0.5 
Thickness (μm) 200±20 
Total thickness(um) ≤ 30     
Resistivity range(Ωcm) 1-3
Doping elements Boron
Orientation (100)±1° 
Carbon content(atoms/cc) ≤1.0E+17 
 Oxygen content(atoms/cc) ≤1.0E+18 
 Lifetime(μs) ≥10 
Surface quality  No crack, gap, missing Angle, perforated, silicon fell and stress
Warping degrees(warp/μm) ≤50 
Neighbouring vertical degree 90±0.5° 
Side damage(mm)   ≤0.5mm(length)×0.3mm(width)(not more than 2 per wafer)
Line mark(μm) ≤15


Advantages of Mono Solar Wafers

1. High efficiency and High power.

2. Long-term electrical stability.

3. Lowest price and Fastest delivery.

4. Good quality and good service.

5. Bulk supply

6. Good Warranty

7. Big Sale

8. More than 25 years on the lifetime.


Usage and Applications of Mono Solar Wafers

Mono Solar wafers is used to make Solar Cells. With high quality and stable quality. Our Solar Wafers can greatly improve the performance of Solar Cells.


Packaging & Delivery of Mono Solar Wafers

Carton Box Package and Deliver by air.It should be noticed that it should be avoid of water, sunshine and moist.


Wafer Factory Picture of Mono Solar Wafers


 Solar Wafer

Package Picture of Mono Solar Wafers

 Solar Wafers

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Q:Why do you use a concentrated sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide to wash silicon?
Because of the use of sand when the recovery of mortar used too much, resulting in increased viscosity and organic impurities
Q:Polished silicon wafers can be most SEM substrates
There are many kinds of polishing, mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing, ultrasonic polishing, fluid polishing, magnetic abrasive polishing!Beijing there throwing a new type of practical technology, science and technology can improve the Liz polishing efficiency and so on.
Q:Wafer size6 inches and 8 inches only refers to the diameter of monocrystalline silicon?
Refers to the diagonal length of the silicon waferBut you asked the wrong question, the wafer is divided into monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon wafer, you say is a square of silicon polysilicon film of silicon wafer, you ask in the four corner is a circular arc shape, so you should also count the length of the diagonal right. If not to shape the polysilicon film solution you can search the Internet search look.
Q:How to do on the silicon wafer
The general use of ultrasonic and pre cleaning (pickling) can be solved
Q:What is the role of the semiconductor wafer
The main role of the glue is coated with photoresist coated flat, the use of high-speed rotation of the centrifugal force
Q:There is a micro structure on the side of the silicon wafer
For solar cells destined to enter the market market (mass) products, the advantages of reserves is also one of the main reasons for the silicon photovoltaic materials.
Q:How much a piece of silicon on the board
Crystalline silicon solar cell has a characteristic, that is a piece of 0.48-0.6V, accustomed to call 0. 5V, how many V you want, can be connected in series or in parallel to achieve. As for power, according to the W=UI formula can be drawn,
Q:Is there anyone who knows how to choose a good glue
But the viscosity is so small. You can use UV or instant glue, curing is relatively fast.
Q:Process flow of wafer wafer ultrasonic cleaning machine?
Solar silicon wafer surface plasma cleaning processResidual plasma cleaning method of particles on silicon wafer surface, which comprises the following steps: firstly, gas flushing process, and then the gas plasma glow. The plasma cleaning method for removing particles of silicon surface easy control, thorough cleaning, no residual reactants, the process gas, non-toxic, low cost, small amount of labor, work efficiency high.
Q:What is the difference between the purpose of wafer cleaning and the cleaning of silicon material, what is the difference between the acid used
The silicon wafer cleaning is also known as the production of wool, chemical etching of silicon wafer surface, so that the light area
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