Solar Silicon Wafer

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IC grade mono silicon wafer
1.Used in various discrete devices
2.High Purity 11N
3.Growth Method :CZ

IC grade mono silicon wafer

IC grade mono silicon wafer
Growth methodCZ
GradePrime grade
Diameter100±0.4mm / 125±0.5mm / 150±0.5mm
Oxygen Content18 New PPMA
Carborn Content1 New PPMA
Thickness200um, or according to your requirement
OthersTTV10um, Bow35um,Warp35um
SurfaceFrond side polished,back side etched.
PackagePacked in cassette,and sealed in vacuum bag,25pcs/cassette.
PriceAccording to your specification,especially resistivity and thickness

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Q:How to make a resistor on a silicon chip (integrated circuit)
Method for making the Baidu transistor circuit.Simply by laser, and method of mixed batch chemical piling up complex circuit
Q:How to avoid or reduce the fragmentation of thin silicon wafers without wax polishing?
You can use the U.S. ZeroMicron wax free polishing template to solve the problem of non wax polishing fragments
Q:The significance of silicon wafer heat treatment
What will the resistivity change after heat treatmentBecause oxygen is the introduction of single crystal silicon at about 1400 DEG C, so the manufacturing process in general device temperature range (less than 1200 C), with the gap state of oxygen is in a saturated state, thermal cycling in the process of oxygen impurity in these devices due to the lower solid solubility will produce oxygen precipitation. Generally speaking, the higher the concentration of oxygen, the easier the oxygen precipitation is, the more oxygen precipitation is formed. On the contrary, the less oxygen precipitation. Especially when the oxygen concentration is less than a certain value (5 x 1017 / cm 3), the formation of oxygen precipitates is hardly observed.
Q:Seeking for the video: manual insert silicon wafer single crystal insert method
To solve the finger print is very simple, as long as the requirements of employees can not in the whole process of operation of the silicon bare hand contact can be, no debris is not possible, but to see the machine or man-made debris or before the procedure is cracked as, if it is man-made debris, to do a a standard specification, as long as the control that would reduce the rate of fragmentation. Or artificial debris to staff assessment, but also meet the results. I used to track debris for a long time, when all of the pieces are controlled by the descendants of the debris is very low. The main road is the most hidden crack. If the semi automatic equipment under normal circumstances will not produce debris, such as automatic equipment, such as degumming equipment will produce debris, mainly the spray pressure is too large, but the pressure is also very little fragmentation of the right. I think the main thing is to see if you have asked the staff how to do it, followed by the implementation of your employees are required. You can look at these lines on the line!
Q:How is the wafer appearance caused? The performance of the chip half white, a class of black! Seek help!
You first check the silicon wafer TTV, as well as doping concentration distribution.
Q:What is a silicon wafer for unidirectional and bidirectional cutting? What is the difference between the two?
The cutting line is cut in one direction, and the wire is cut into the waste wire wheel from the discharge wheel
Q:What is the silicon area of the 125 diagonal of a single crystal of 160?
- 125 - (125*1.414-160) - =15344.4375mm - =153.444cm -Note: the chamfer angle is 45 degrees
Q:After the velvet or the original silicon
After the wafer is not cleaned clean, you should be monocrystalline wafers
Q:Light doped and heavily doped silicon wafers
Whether it is N or P type, doping, resistivity is low, that is RE doped
Q:The meaning of various names
Need some wafer to test the state of the art production equipment, such as particle, etching rate, defect rate and so on, these are often called wafer control chip, the control plate is also used to group together with the normal production process to test the quality condition of a process, such as the CVD film thickness. Production equipment in the maintenance or repair immediately after. Production batch of wafer, easy to cause the scrap, and usually use some very low cost wafer to run the process to determine the quality of maintenance or repair work, this type of wafer is called dummy wafer, of course, sometimes dummy wafer also can be used in the normal production process, such as certain machine wafer must process to a certain number the problem with dummy wafer. And some machine must be a form of dummy run in the process of a certain number of wafer, otherwise the process can not guarantee the quality and so on and so on many of the wafer are Dummy. can be called a wafer chip can be basically regarded as a dummy.Dummy wafer, control, block and so on are usually recyclable

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