Polycrystalline Solar Silicon Wafer, Solar Wafers, 125*125mm

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100 Pieces PCS
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700MW/Per Year PCS/month

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Product Description:

Specifications of Poly Solar Wafers


Product name

Poly Wafer
Conductive type P Type
Square size wafer (mm)

Corner (mm)


Total thickness(um)  ≤40 
Resistivity ranges(Ωcm)  1-3
Doping elements  boron
Carbon content(atoms/cc)  ≤8*1017
Oxygen content(atoms/cc)  ≤1*1018
Lifetime(μs)  ≥2 
Surface quality    No crack, gap, missing Angle, perforated, window, microcrystalline
Warping degrees(μm)  ≤50 
Neighbouring vertical degree 90±0.5° 
Side damage(mm)   ≤0.5mm(length)×0.3mm(width),(not more than 2 per wafer)
Line mark(μm)  ≤15


Advantages of Poly Solar Wafers


1. High efficiency and High power.

2. Long-term electrical stability.

3. Lowest price and Fastest delivery.

4. Good quality and good service.

5. Bulk supply

6. Good Warranty

7. Big Sale

8. More than 25 years on the lifetime.


Usage and Applications of Poly Solar Wafer

Poly Solar Wafers mainly used to make Poly Solar Cells. Our wafers are your best choice of raw material, which can greatly improve the performance of the Solar Cells and Solar Modules.


Packaging & Delivery of Poly Solar Wafer

Carton Box Package and Deliver by air. It should be noticed that it should be avoid of water, sunshine and moist.


Factory of Solar Wafers


 Solar Wafer


Package Picture of Solar Wafer

 Solar Wafers

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Q:The purpose and means of chemical etching of silicon wafers?
After slicing and grinding, the surface of silicon wafer has a layer of damage and pollution due to processing stress
Q:How to convert photovoltaic silicon MW
Monolithic power conversion efficiency (x = 10000 x 1000, single area)More than and 156 crystal area: 243.34
Q:How is the silicon chip integrated circuit?
Description: the above process is only an example. The name of the process, in the name of different manufacturers have different. But roughly so. There are some differences between the process of MOS circuit and.
Q:Solar silicon wafer cutting fluid can burn explosion?
2, the glass can not be used as the bearing plate of the crystal rod, if the use of graphite plate, grinding down the silicon powder containing a certain amount of graphite, it is difficult to deal with the recovery of silica fume3, can only be used for single crystal cutting4, the cost of the problem, and now the price of diamond wire fell faster, diamond wire cutting costs should be close to the cost of cutting free abrasive
Q:What is the difference between the purpose of wafer cleaning and the cleaning of silicon material, what is the difference between the acid used
A technique used to reduce the reflectivity of silicon, which is cleaned only by hydrofluoric acid
Q:Why integrated circuit electronic devices should be integrated on silicon
Another image, that is, the integrated circuit is a combination of some electronic components and wiring, no insulation and insulation as a support. It is achieved by adding bias and other techniques to isolate.And for why it's cheaper to use silicon, it's not because of its semiconductor nature that it uses it. The formation of P and N, a multi hole, a multi electron, and thus the role of different doping. GaAs expensive, but the performance is good, mostly for high-speed circuits and military aspects.
Q:Polished silicon wafers can be most SEM substrates
In other words, only nano materials will consider the use of polished silicon wafer sample carrier. Micron submicron level, waste, direct double-sided conductive adhesive tape can be.
Q:8 inch monocrystalline silicon area?
Generally refers to the round wafer, 8 inch refers to the diameter of 8 inches, "=2.54cm", the area of the circle you will ask for 1.
Q:Begged monocrystalline silicon rod is to use what tools and equipment to cut into silicon
General loss of about 40%, the general thickness of about 190um silicon, cutting seam in 120um
Q:After wafer cleaning, how to change the film?
2, surface metal cleaning(1) HPM (SC22) cleaning (2) DHF cleaningMetal contamination of silicon surface has two kinds of adsorption and desorption mechanism: (1) compared with the negatively charged silicon high metal such as Cu, Ag, Au, from the silicon surface to capture electron on the surface of the silicon direct formation of chemical bonds. Has a high redox potential of the solution to obtain electrons from these metals, resulting in metal the ionized form dissolved in the solution, so that this type of metal removed from the silicon surface. (2) compared with the negatively charged silicon low metal, such as Fe, Ni, Cr, Al, Ca, Na, K can be easily ionized in solution and deposited on the silicon wafer surface natural oxide film or a chemical oxide film on these metals in dilute HF solution with a natural oxide film or a chemical oxide film is easily removed.3, organic cleaningThe removal of organic silicon surface cleaning fluid used is SPM.SPM with high oxidative capacity, metal oxide can be dissolved in solution, and the oxidation of organic compounds to produce CO2 and.SPM cleaning water can remove the surface of silicon wafer heavy organic contamination and some metal, but when organic contamination is heavy will make carbonization of organic matter and difficult to remove by SPM. After cleaning, the silicon surface residual sulfide, the sulfide particles is difficult to use to water wash out.
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