58mm 0.43X Wide Super Angle Camera Lens

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Brand NameOEMModel NumberLL-9LogoOEM
Place of OriginChengdu ChianaMaterialOptical GlassFilter Ring aluminum
TypeWide angle lensSize58mmColorblack
Rear Threads 58mmFronts Threads82mmPackageleather 



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Q:How to clean the camera lens dust
First of all to be protected. Immediately cover the camera with the camera cover, do not use the camera in dusty occasions, try to use the camera bag, buy camera dust cover, etc. Camera lens has been dusted when the first use of air blown away on the lens blowing dust.
Q:I SLR camera did not shut down on the lens for what hurt
4 [SLR camera did not shut down on the lens] is purely dangerous operation. Should not only shut down, it is best to remove the battery and then change the lens.
Q:Nikon camera lens g ed vr what does it mean
VR: Vibration Reduction electronic shock absorption system, and Canon's IS lens anti-shake system similar to the current development has been developed to the second generation, about 3-4 times to reduce the shutter speed.
Q:What is the SLR camera lens motor?
Generally installed in the camera motor has several roles, the film over the film, drive the focus, drive zoom. And now the digital age over the chip has long been useless, so there is no, the focus motor installed in the fuselage and the lens of the two drive, electric zoom only in some individual brands of SLR models appeared, now Has no one used As for the Nikon machines that eunuchs do not need to be too much emphasis on the problem, Nikon is the first to use the body-driven focus mode, and the old lens is not built-in drive motor, the use of the fuselage motor drive, I think you buy this machine Too likely to buy the old lens why do he have no body motor? And the best digital camera to buy a new type of lens, the old lens can not be considered temporarily, then do not affect the use of Do not worry
Q:Lengthen the camera lens focal length is zoomed in or out
2, the shorter the focal length of the optical zoom lens smaller, the shorter the focal length of the lens the greater the perspective. the focus is reduced, the subject changes from far to near.
Q:What are the digital camera lenses?
Smaller than 50mm is wide-angle lens, because his perspective is relatively wide. Suitable for scenery photography. Larger than 50mm is the focus or telephoto (to 100mm limited), suitable for portrait. Macro and landscape photography.
Q:What does the camera lens's ccd mean?
In principle, the digital camera uses a photographic device containing color photographic elements (hereinafter referred to as photographic elements) to record the light intensity and image color taken by the lens, and then generate a color image through the processor in the camera Calculate the complete color value of each corresponding pixel in the final image file, through which the digital photo similar to the film photo is formed. However, not all of the sensor photographic elements can play a role in the final formation of the photo. Because the digital camera will be the outside edge of many "black" (light is blocked) photography as a reference. They are not sensitive to themselves. Since each pixel needs to retrieve data from all the directions around it, there are some "black" photographic elements that provide the edge pixel values, but they do not appear in the final picture, which is the difference between the CCD pixel and the CCD effective pixels
Q:SLR camera lens into the dust how to clean?
First to determine the shadow does not affect the imaging, if not affect the amount of strength do not rub, because the lens above a layer of fluorite coating, old wipe bad. If you really want to rub the gray position, it may not be on the lens, perhaps on the CCD or mirror or viewfinder.
Q:Is the SLR camera lens easy to erase?
4. With the lens cleaning solution to remove stubborn stains (caution): on whether to use lens cleaning solution to clean the lens of a lot of controversy, some poor quality of the brand-name cleaning solution does cause damage to the lens, so we recommend that if the use of suede and other tools You can wash away the stubborn stains on the lens, then you can not use the cleaning fluid, when the last resort must also pay attention to the use of the amount should not be too much, and do not put the cleaning solution outside the lens, because some of the cleaning solution Ingredients are acetone, it is easy to make the black lens fade, serious will make the lens around the deformation, remember to remember! The lens has oil or fingerprints, blowing, brush are invalid, it is necessary to use a very soft clean cotton swab (or mirror paper) stained with a little lens water gently wipe. It is not recommended to use lens cleaning solution, cleaning fluid is often used, will wash away the coating. On the other hand, the cleaning fluid in the dry when it is inevitable and then stained with dirt.
Q:Canon camera lens error
Second, the treatment: 1, unplug the SD card again. Reload the battery 2, for a new battery or charge. 3, gently tapping the lens or to force, do not be too hard, the lens inside a small card astringent foreign body can be eliminated. 4, the above can not be resolved that is a permanent fault such as transmission gear, track and other jam had to repair the.

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