58mm 0.43X Wide Super Angle Camera Lens

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Brand NameOEMModel NumberLL-9LogoOEM
Place of OriginChengdu ChianaMaterialOptical GlassFilter Ring aluminum
TypeWide angle lensSize58mmColorblack
Rear Threads 58mmFronts Threads82mmPackageleather 



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Q:What is the impact of the camera lens on the quality of the photo?
The effect of the lens on the imaging is very large, mainly lens lens permeability of the different, fundamentally affect the sensor to receive the light, so a good lens can really help the sensor to receive light, improve the photo quality.
Q:Will the SLR camera lens focal length the size
50mm - the focal length is said to be the most in line with the human eye to see the perspective so it has become the standard focal length, often 50mm lens called "header" is so come; 135-200mm - telephoto, suitable for character close-up, shoot some lotus, stage, etc .; 135mm above are considered telephoto, the commonly used is to 200mm on the date, but some people like to shoot wild animals, birds to use 300,400, or even 600mm such focal lengths; Macro - dedicated to shoot insects, flowers ah these small things macro lens.
Q:Can I use the glasses cloth to rub the camera lens?
dozens of hundreds of gadgets, thousands of heads or a lot cheaper than the big one. Really dirty that Mozhe, nothing else old rub, buy a bottle of good point of the lens liquid, light, slowly concentric so rub.
Q:Does the SLR camera's lens need to be stored in a drying cabinet? What is better?
It is best to use, but generally less than 5,000 yuan lens is not necessary to use Each brand has its own temperature and humidity balance box
Q:Camera lens divided into a total of several cameras divided several basic use of the camera more points
Two zoom lens: refers to the focal length in a certain range can be freely adjusted within the lens. 1. The type of zoom lens: A. Manual focus and auto focus. Depending on the focus mode, the zoom lens can be divided into manual zoom lens and auto zoom lens B. Zoom range, in general, 20-40mm called wide-angle zoom lens, 35-70mm called standard zoom lens, 70-200mm called COS-wide zoom lens, 200-500 called telephoto zoom lens. Of course, there are many lenses include wide-angle to the coke, and even telephoned range, such as 28-200mm, 28-300mm, etc. C. Zoom magnification. (For example, 35-70 mm), 3 times (e.g., 70-210 mm), 5 times (28-135 mm), 7 times (28-200 mm), 10 times (50 to 500 mm), and the like from the zoom magnification. In general, the larger the zoom range, the larger the volume, the picture quality is relatively low, the aperture is relatively small. D. Zoom mode. According to the different operation, divided into push-pull zoom and rotary zoom two. The advantages of push-pull zoom is easy to use, you can quickly zoom from the far end to the nearest end. The disadvantage is that when the pitch shot is easy to slide the lens. The advantage of rotary zoom is that the focus ring and zoom ring are independent, and the rotation operation does not interfere with each other. But the operation is not as easy as push and pull, especially when using the "zoom shooting explosion effect", it is better to push and pull zoom easy to achieve.
Q:SLR camera lens how to look at the optical zoom? The maximum number of times?
SLR camera lens does not look zoom, but look at the focal length. Generally divided into the following: The first is wide-angle lens. The traditional sense of the wide-angle lens is the focal length of 35mm in the following lens, such as 28mm, 24mm or even 16mm lens. In general, the lens below 24mm are called ultra wide-angle lens. However, because the vast majority of digital SLR on the market is not the full range of digital SLR, the lens of the focal length to multiply by 1.5 or 1.6, so for this type of SLR, 16mm can be considered ultra wide-angle lens.
Q:Sony camera dsc h50 lens how to clean
3, the lens is a high-precision professional devices, even if you clean up and then clean, re-assembly also need special advanced instruments to focus on the lens focus and many other important indicators to test, calibration, etc. Do not recommend self-cleaning machines, and sometimes the more clean the more chaos!
Q:Recommend SLR camera. How much good the lens is.
Entry, then the Canon 60D 700D, the lens can choose 18-135 or 18-200. Fuselage and the lens according to their own budget can be with each other.
Q:How the camera lens size is divided
   For the 135 specifications of the digital SLR, usually the focal length of 24mm below the lens called ultra wide-angle lens, 24mm ~ 35mm lens called wide-angle lens, 50mm ~ 85mm lens called the standard lens, 85mm ~ 135mm lens called medium Focus lens, more than 200mm lens we call telephoto lens, if the focal length reached more than 400mm, it is super telephoto lens.
Q:The current high-speed camera up to the maximum speed of how high-speed camera with how the lens
High-speed camera has a lot of series ah ycgk see you shoot what 6 thousand wolf high-speed camera in many types of estimated you need

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