58mm 0.43X Wide Super Angle Camera Lens

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Brand NameOEMModel NumberLL-9LogoOEM
Place of OriginChengdu ChianaMaterialOptical GlassFilter Ring aluminum
TypeWide angle lensSize58mmColorblack
Rear Threads 58mmFronts Threads82mmPackageleather 



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Q:SLR camera lens when the picture is blurred how is the matter
Blurred picture is because the focal length is long, the slight jitter will lead to blurred photos. There is also a situation where the focus is not on the right position. Portrait to the eyes, the scenery should be on the first 1/3.
Q:Find the popular SLR camera lens
Such as digital camera: 3.6 times zoom; f = 6.7-24.0mm / F3.1-6.7 What is the meaning of these data? F = 6.7-24.0mm refers to the actual focal length of the lens, that is, wide-angle end (near focal length) focal length 6.7mm, telephoto end (far focal length) focal length 24.0mm. With telephoto end (far focal length) focal length divided by wide-angle end (near focal length) focal length, the number is the lens zoom, that is 3.6 times zoom. In the camera's manual generally shows that the lens is equivalent to the number of 35 mm lens. / Back F3.1-6.7 refers to the lens aperture size, that is, wide-angle end (near focal length) aperture is F3.1, telephoto end (far focal length) aperture is F6.7. The smaller the aperture value, the greater the amount of light through the lens. Ordinary home digital camera, shoot vision to use telephoto end, shoot macro with wide-angle end, and some cameras with macro shooting mode. If it is a SLR camera, it is possible to replace the lens, according to the need to choose telephoto, wide angle, fixed focus, macro and other professional lens shooting. Hope to answer to your help.
Q:Nikon digital camera lens back to show how to solve the lens error
Lens error is a quality problem if the warranty can be free to repair the scope of the warranty card is not a big problem on the phone and the address can be consulted in detail Can not shake the camera yourself
Q:Digital camera after the start of the lens telescopic non-stop
The lens that the components of the problem, need to repair. Not over the insurance soon to get to see after the sale
Q:How to use air blowing, lens pen, cleaning mirror cloth, cleaning mirror paper cleaning SLR camera lens?
nstalled on the UV mirror, the lens is to get a very good protection, basically do not have to clean, these tools, clean UV mirror on the line.
Q:Camera lens has a fingerprint how to do?
The correct way is:      1. First blow the dust with a blower balloon, and then use a lens paper or a soft cloth with a dedicated lens, gently rub out from the center of the lens, and then blow the dust again with a blower.
Q:Is the SLR camera lens easy to erase?
3. wipe with a lens pen: the use of the lens before the pen must ensure that the surface of the lens to ensure that there is no dust particles, and then gently pull the lens from the middle of the lens clockwise out, after a time to blow off the lens surface off Lens toner, and then observe the effect, then rub and then blow! Repeated 4-5 times the lens should be bright as new! The expert said that any of the actions of the lens are hurt lens coating! Although the lens pen is a relatively safe tool, you should also be careful to use, with the lens pen gently wipe, it should be noted that the lens pen is also life, when the brushed polished, it must be replaced. The lens will always blow more rub!
Q:Does the SLR camera's lens need to be stored in a drying cabinet? What is better?
It is best to use, but generally less than 5,000 yuan lens is not necessary to use Each brand has its own temperature and humidity balance box
Q:How many mm is the camera's lens length or lens diameter?
The lens of the camera is a group of lenses that can be understood as a single lens. When the light parallel to the main optical axis through the group of lenses, converge to a point, this point is called the focus, the focus to the lens center (ie, the distance), known as the focal length. Focal length fixed lens, that is, fixed focus lens; focal length can adjust the change of the lens, that is, zoom lens. The optical center of the lens, or the optical center, does not have a physical standard position, it can vary with the shape of the lens, even outside the lens. Understand the meaning of the focal length, to master the camera perspective, composition, depth of field, and then shoot out the excellent works have important significance.
Q:Camera lens 18mm a 55mm; 55mm a 230mm what it means
55-230, indicating that this lens allows the focal length to be selected from 55 to 230 in the middle of any number The focal length of the human eye is equivalent to 55 mm

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