400KVA Standby Diesel Generator Set (Cummins NTAA855-G7A)

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Product Description:

400KVA Diesel Generator Set used as standby and emergency power


1. Features

1) Universal design and manufacture

2) Most widely used around the world

3) With most service terminals

4) Engineers are familiar with Cummins powered gensets

5) You could find spare-parts very easy

2. Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Genset model


Genset rated power


Rated voltage

230/400V (adjustable)

Rated current

576 Amps


50 Hz

Power factor

0.8 Lagging

Connecting type

3 phase 4 wire

Cooling system

Closed cycle water-cooled with fan, water tank

Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm


Gross weight (kg)


Diesel Engine





Engine type

6 cylinders in line,4 stroke, air-air after-cooled



Rotating speed

1500 RPM

Engine cooling system


Speed governing system

Electronic speed governor

Starting method

By 24V batteries 

Engine filter system

Dry type air filter ,fuel filter, oil filter, water filter





Compression ratio

14.0: 1

100% Load fuel consumption (l/h)


Lube capacity(L)







Excite type

Brushless self-excited AVR regulation

Connecting type

3 phase 4 pole

Steady frequency change


No load voltage


Steady voltage


Insulation class

Class H

Protection grade


The components of the genset

(1) Diesel engine; (2) Alternator; (3) Water tank & radiator assembly; (4) Control panel; (5) Base frame.



1.1 Each engine shall be tested at manufacturer’s workshop to certify the engine output and fuel consumption in accordance with the site operating condition specified by purchaser on the specification datasheet.

1.2 All relevant information drawings pertinent to the testing and test procedure shall be transmitted to the purchaser in advance of the test date notification.

1.3 The purchaser shall call for additional testing if test results are unsatisfactory or marginal. Any equipment rejected shall be repaired or replaced to the purchaser’s satisfaction and tests shall be repeated.

1.4 Any unsatisfactory material, equipment, installation, or workmanship shall be replaced or repaired to the purchasers satisfaction at the manufacturers cost.

1.5 The engine and generator shall be tested individually in accordance with relevant standards specified above.

1.6 The completed and individually tested engine and generator shall be assembled onto the base plate with all auxiliaries, instruments and controls for a complete test of the generator set.

400KVA Standby Diesel Generator Set (Cummins NTAA855-G7A)


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Q:What are the faults of diesel generator
Click the excitation button with the excitation button
Q:Remote, high altitude generator, 10 kW?
Well, okorder
Q:Can backup generators be recharged?
well, thats will need very big battery capacity and also inverter ofcourse
Q:How to convert old car into backup generator?
as Mark said anything is doable in exchange of some work! if it is economical, the answer is no as for the speed control you need a cruise control modify-it to keep the frequency constant as an example a Chevy truck 350 in³ is 200HP as a vehicle and 40 HP as a stationary engine! there are lots to modify such as cooling, lubrication to be compatible with new venture from an academic point of view it is worthwhile because you will learn a lot about engineering, and this is priceless information good luck Di
Q:I need help finding a small standby (back up) natural gas generator?
You can buy natural gas generators both new and used at swift equipments at various powers and fuel options
Q:If diesel engine generator stopped for long time, what the maintenance it needs?
First make sure the fuel is fresh periodically. Old fuel deteriorates makes it hard it start and run. Second check the oil see if it is clean, check the oil filter too. Third check the fuel filter, change once a year if not used because of bad / old fuel. Forth Check the out put of the engine / voltage / oil pressure / amperage / operating temperature / current fuses / transfer switches are working properly. Listen and make sure the engine is running smooth, no misses. Should be good to go then.
Q:What pulley sizes would I need?
The simple way to calculate the sizes of pulleys in you example is to use the following equation: RPMa*DaRPMb*Db Where: RPMa is the rpm of one end of the pulley system Da is the pulley diameter of the same end as RPMa RPMb is the rpm of the other end of the pulley system (opposite of RPMa) Db is the pulley diameter of the same end as RPMb In you case we have: RPMa3000 Da12 (we will use a starting point) RPMb1800 so: 3000 * 12 1800 * Db Db(3000*12)/180010 A 10 pulley should fit nicely on a 42 mm shaft so that should work as the pulley is much larger than the shaft.
Q:PC Makes way too much noise. Can anyone gimme a hand?
Go okorder
Q:diesel generator maintenance checks schedule?
Hi It is the same as a gas engine to maintain. Except for the fuel has to be water free. There will be a bowl some where to empty the water. Changing the oil etc. depends on how much you use it.
Q:There are several ways to start the diesel generator set?
will be cut to the automatic control switch (AUTO), and with automatic switching power switch (ATS) control switch shall be placed in automatic position, when the electricity stopped,

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