Product list of Korea Doosan Engine type (DOOSAN) 18

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Powered by doosan,diesel generator power range 50-680kw 

ModelPOWER(KW)Engine ModelEngine Power
FKS-D5550 55 DB5854/59
FKS-D7064 70 D114677/85
FKS-D10092 100 D1146T108/117
FKS-D145132 145 P086TI-1149/164
FKS-D175160 175 P086TI177/199
FKS-D240220 240 P126TI241/272
FKS-D265240 265 P126TI-11265/294
FKS-D330300 330 P158LE-1327/362
FKS-D370320 370 P158LE363/414
FKS-D400360 400 DP158LC408/449
FKS-D460420 460 DP158LD464/510
FKS-D505460 505 P222LE-1512/553
FKS-D503456 503 DP188LA502/552
FKS-D525480 525 P222LE532/574
FKS-D550510 550 P222LE-S552/603
FKS-D559507 559 DP180LB556/612
FKS-D608550 608 DP222LB604/664
FKS-D664600 665 DP222LC657/723
FKS-D680620 680 DP222LA670/737

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Q:Does any one have experience with kubota generators?
Kubota diesel plants are being used more and more in industry, replacing some of the old standbys like Kohler, Perkins and even Caterpillar in lighter applications. I don't think you will regret buying a Kubota.
Q:Which Generator type, Gas Propane Diesel is best for a mobile trailer workshop?
if you have natural gas this is more convient. and all the fuels are about equal the cheapest fuel is one that you dont have to go a distance to buy but beware of the propane. they charge any price they want ok.
Q:Is it possible to see the difference between an electric train and a diesel train?
First off, all trains are electric, the only reason there is a diesel engine is to run a huge generator that supplies electricity for locomotive. but in a straight electric, first you would notice it is quiet and smoke free, no diesel egnines running. Second it has to have a way of getting electrictity to the motors while on the move, the most common and effective way is with overhead wires, the track will have lines directly over the center, and th elocomotives will have a device mounted on top that pushes gently upwards against the wires to conduct the electricity down into the control compartment of the locomotive. Look for the overhead device on top of the locomotive, very easy to spot.
Q:What are all the effects of diesel emissions?
Deisel emissions are evil
Q:Winter diesel generator should pay attention to what?
the no-load preheating time should be a little longer.
Q:can caterpillar diesel generator generate power for 1 month without any shutdowns?
Caterpillar Diesel generators are usually shutdown weekly for maintenance. Diesel generators are are usually run with Diesel Fuel for cheaper generated electricity. If the engine is run continuously without shutdown, the unit may break down prematurely. I recommend you utilize two units of Diesel generators with enough capacity to handle your load. The units may be run alternately while one unit is undergoing maintenance.
Q:onan generator code 33?
If it has a waterpump you might need to change that.
Q:What type of generator do I need to power a 180amp mig welder.?
It will probably take something like 6.6 KVA's to run it. Similar one's take a 220 VAC, 30 amp circuit. The Model 180 MIG welds up to 1/4 steel. 6 heat settings and infinitely adjustable wire speed control welds a wider range. Max. output 160 amps with 30% duty cycle. Requires 220 Volts 60 cycle 30-amp circuit.
Q:Generator prices? Diesel generator prices?
Unit configuration (optional unit configuration on charging) is an important factor affecting the unit price, unit optional configuration: split the daily fuel tank, integrated base fuel tank, battery charger
Q:OTEC usage around the world?

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