Cummins Disel Generator Set

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Product Description:

1.Brand new Cummins and engine

2. AC brushless alternator

3.Ratings: 380V to 415V, 3Ph, 50Hz, 1500Rpm, 0.8PF, IP23.

4.Radiator 40º C. ambient temperature mounted on skid.

5.AC/DC control panel consisting of:

Emegency Stop button,Voltmeter and selector switch,Ammeter and selector switch,Frequency meter

6.Circuit breaker

7.Rubber isolator for engine, alternator and control panel

8.24V Battery (maintenance free) with battery cables and rack

9.Industrial silencer

10.With 8 hours Fuel tank with fuel gauge integrated in the base frame of generating set

Disel Generator Set Widely use in shopping mall, ware house, factory, school, hospital for emergency power supply. Our generator use world famous engine cummins with stable running.

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Q:Why did the Japanese build Fukushima Nuclear Power Station right on Seaboard and with flawed Tsunami Protectio?
They know there would be tsunamis around the area, but they never expected the tsunamis of that magnitude. After the incident, the geographers dig the land and found there were tsunamis of that size about 700 years ago. It is difficult for ppl to predict the natural disasters that come in 700-year interval. They prepared for the earthquakes and tsunamis of the grade of every 70~300-year interval, but obviously, it wasn't enough for the preparation. Therefore, the gov. is asked the geographers to check the ground to find any sign of past disasters and to reassess the security measures. Obviously, the scientists have better methods to research the land compared to 30-40 years ago, so if any problem was found, the gov. says they would close up the power plants.
Q:Can you burn Home heating oil in a diesel engine if in a pinch?
yes you can
Q:Is it possible to convert a diesel car engine to CNG ?
you incredibly choose a sparkling engine altogether, one designed to reliably run whilst offering the intense compression ratios like 22:a million mandatory to assist combustion of diesel or different oils. gas engines are purely sturdy for 10:a million compression presently. If the vehicle is already a ordinary diesel vehicle, i've got self assurance all you pick is a few further gas filtering to run on so reported as bio diesel.
Q:Can anyone tell me if diesel/petrol generated electric is cheaper than my power supplier, SWALEC, in the UK?
Not practical if you have a reliable grid connection A small generator is much less efficient (costly) than an large generator using unrefined fuel close to source bought in bulk and maintained and run at optimum load and temperature, or a constantly running wind turbine or nuclear reactor. plus you have to pay full VAT and fuel tax; electric from the grid is only 7.5%VAT
Q:Diesel 3 phase 100 Kva electric generator shuts down?
Having unbalanced voltage will surely shut down your system, or it will destroy any load you put in the system. Have a look on the rectifier or voltage regulator section of your alternator.These might need a change. The 12 secs is just a time delay before giving out error message.
Q:Diesel generator sets which good?
When choosing a diesel generator manufacturers should also pay attention to: diesel generator is composed of a diesel engine and a generator,
Q:Diesel generator, hydro electric generator, or steam generator, is best to produce electricity?
Hydro electric is cheaper, cleaner and most cost effective. There is no operational loss because the fuel (flowing water) is free
Q:Can backup generators be recharged?
well, thats will need very big battery capacity and also inverter ofcourse
Q:Would the fukushima disaster had happened if the nuclear reactors had not gone into emergency shut down?
As you point out it was the double-punch of the earthquake and tsunami that caused the problems at Fukushima. The diesel generators were enough to handle the pumps to cool the reactor but then the tsunami came and swamped them. Shutting down the reactor after an earthquake is standard safety procedure. The diesel generators were designed to be a backup in the event of an earthquake. They functioned fine even after the huge quake. If the quake didn't occur, but instead the planet was just hit by the tsunami, the other planets in unaffected areas of Japan would still be operating so this means the engineers onsite could have jerryrigged something so that the pumps would be powered by the national power grid even if the diesel pumps were knocked out. Not shutting the reactors down would have resulted in even more radiation being released due to the damaged buildings and containment units.
Q:What are the main parts of a diesel generator?
I think you mean diesel-electric generator. Properly, a diesel generator is a factory that makes diesel fuel. And the parts (at a high level, as there are thousands of parts total) are a diesel engine, plus fuel tank. an electric generator or alternator and electronic and mechanical controls to adjust the engine and generator so that it outputs the required voltage and frequency as the load changes.

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